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Don Lemmon's Nutritional and Exercise Know How

This is Mike Malloy of Kamloops, BC
Real People. Real Results. Just 9 Weeks.


Paul: What is Don Lemmon's "Know How" program in a nutshell?

Don: This is an ALL FOOD program. You learn to EAT WHATEVER you want and use that to your advantage in getting TONED and it is as simple as a trip to the kitchen. All it takes is keeping certain foods away from others at some meals. This works for Mr. and Mrs. Jones as well as a competitive bodybuilder. The secret in how to LOSE A LOT OF FAT is in what I call FOOD SEPARATION. Besides that, the diet is so successful, it allows you to exercise only TWICE a week for less than 20 minutes and reach your goals faster than when you exercise more. Ask yourself... Can you stand in front of the mirror and be happy?

Paul: Who endorses your program?

Don: Oh geez...I am known to name drop because I am asked this a lot but there's many fitness stars, pro bodybuilders, martial artists, athletes, models, actors, etc on this program. But most importantly, thousands of average folk just like us have used it successfully. Sad thing is, because many of my name clients are under contract to 'endorse' supplement lines and need to do so to earn their living, I cannot tell you all of them.

Paul: What kind of results have people gotten following the "Know How" program?

Don: Have you ever heard all those unbelievable ads about "he got these results and this saved his life" and "I did this diet and grew 30 pounds" and "this guy dropped a hundred pounds of fat" but these people looked awful? My clients end up looking tight, not flabby. I've seen so many people gain the 10-20 pounds they wanted while dropping their fat too that I can't even count anymore. I have worked with people who weigh literally over 500 pounds drop half their weight and other people who weighed 150 pounds gain half their weight in muscle. It depends on your goals. They're all attainable through efficient nutrition.

Paul: After I read your "Know How" book, the first thought I had was that you have taken some very complicated biological processes and made this a very easy program to follow. It kind of reminded me of Vince Gironda. He was decades ahead of his time, but he just told you what to do anyhow... and it worked, if you did it, whether you understood why or not. He didn't waste hundreds of pages explaining WHY it worked. Most people wouldn't understand it anyway if he did, and most do not care about all the complicated physiological terminology. You somehow make all of the intricate details interesting.

Don: Thanks! But I never read any of his stuff outside of an article in Ironman magazine here and there. I know he suggested drinking whole raw cream and I thought that was interesting because so do I.

Paul: Your book struck me as similar to the way Gironda presented his information. Not to compare it entirely, but it was refreshing and not much is like that since him. You don't waste the reader's time with all the big, fancy words and long, drawn out explanations. You do not seem out to impress and yet when you use a big word, you explain it with such simplicity I almost kick myself for not already knowing! You explain exactly what to do to get results quickly and that's the best part. An education and the ability to start seeing results the first day.

Don: It's a big and heavy 300 page, 8 x 11 inch book. I started with a 30 page booklet. But the demands grew for more so I delivered. WARNING: While I do have professional medical training and work as a nutrition specialist (I refuse to say dietician or nutritionist as most of those folk are fat, mal-nourished, or unhealthy in way too many areas) yet, I am NOT a professional editor! There are some typos and slang filled aereas with a few errors. I think it lends to the character of the book. It's by no means sloppy. I wanted it to be 'raw' and to the point.

Paul: Was this straightforward approach deliberate?

Don: It's just me. I always hated needing to work so hard in finding a good book so I eliminated all the search for other people and cut out all the crap.

Paul: What can people expect when first starting the "Know How" program?

Don: To be bloated the first few days. Possibly even miserable until the body regulates its neglected processes and eliminates all the toxic waste you have accumulated. Then a few days later, for some the same day, you feel the positive settling in. You KNOW then it's gonna work. You feel it. But don't stop for a moment because those first days are tough. Suffer a couple days no matter what your mind tells you. It's more than worth it. You get to eat more food and in a week, you will drop more fat than you thought possibly no matter what you are feeling.

Paul: What kind of results did you personally get from this program?

Don: As per bodybuilding I went from 190 to 270 drug free with abs. Not Olympia abs, but I didn't have to search for them either. Anyone could see them. After that I tore my rotator cuff in a freak accident explained in the book and in the same 6 months, my father died. I got depressed, stopped eating right, sat around, didn't exercise and got fat. I mean REAL fat. My waist went from nice at 270 to FORTY THREE INCHES at 250! However, losing my mind for a bit was good as I went from 250 to 210, gaining 10 pounds of muscle in the process, after snapping out of it. That took just 2 months. I really do not work out much, so when I was up for the Star Wars role and had to drop to 180 from 210, I ate like a bird for a while instead of training, because they didn't want me bulky. When I modeled, I was 190, so that was low. I am currently 230. I have seen and done it all on and off of this nutrition plan of mine and so have my clients.

Paul: Thank you, Don. I really appreciate your time.

Don: You're welcome.

Order The Book Of The Year!

THE KNOW HOW PROGRAM! Let me give you a little history. The original KNOW HOW book was written over a long weekend in spring of 1996. It is now considered a classic because it cut through all the media nonsense and gave you only what you needed without all the fluff. That book was only 30 pages in content and started a fitness craze World Wide. It is however, in essence, a lifestyle. That book is now 300 pages. There are step by step guidelines for off season and pre-contest body building diets, professional exercise tips, sections for the novice and weekend warriors plus fat loss, detoxification and a lot of stuff you probably will never need to use but no one else has ever bothered to offer so we do. Teenagers, business people, elderly, and housewives are all covered in this latest edition.

The book has 12 chapters. All chapters are at least 20 pages long and cover: The introduction, over Q&A, the 12 Food Groups, getting started, eating right, fat loss, weight gain, exercise, supplements, health, a getting to know you chapter and a re-cap that gives you a complete summary of the entire system. We give you enough guidelines so any food you select is easily recognized as a 'this or that group' in a flinch. Sure, it is easy to assume that you are already "Eating Right" but you're not, and to top it off, we have included a 6 month menu section filled with dozens of delicious menus and other acceptable food combinations.

AND IT'S GUARANTEED TO WORK! I offer a NO RISK, 100% Unconditional Guarantee that it will work. This way you can order without feeling like this is an internet scam. I guarantee you will realize significant and tangible results, if you adhere to the exercise and nutrition plans in the book for just 30 straight days. You will learn what most people never will. However, if you disagree and decide upon a refund you will get it. But you do have to try the system for the full 30 days first, and provide proof (training and diet journals) that you gave it an honest try.

The Know How manual is an PDF Book, also known as a digital book and there is no shipping charge because you download it instantly after you order! You then have the option of printing it out on your computer printer. This is the COMPLETE 300 PAGE BOOK, all download-able and ready to read, available for a limited time for only $27.00

You will be sent the download information within 24 hours of the time you order! And then you'll be on your way to your new body!

You will need the Adobe Acrobat viewer to view the PDF books.
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