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John Gleneicki Interview

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DON: Besides this of course, what interview have you done that you felt deserves a noteworthy mention?
JOHN: It was an interview I did a few years back with that no-good, rug-wearin', ABC correspondent, Diane Sawyer. Wait, she's the one with the false teeth and onion breath... It was Sam Donaldson. That no good SOB actually accused me of using illegal substances. As he said, and I quote, "No one could actually be this funny 'naturally' therefore, you must be 'on' some kind of 'performance enhancement'." It was actually a pretty good interview until the cops came to pull me off of him.

DON: Right! What can you tell me about yourself and that you think most people do not realize.
JOHN: That I was the first male contestant ever on the Price Is Right to kiss Bob Barker on the lips.

DON: There have been others since? Per bodybuilding. Tell me the best, and the worst experience you have ever had in this field? Maybe the experience was with another person or happened to a friend or because of someone else's nonsense.
JOHN: The best experience was easily getting a call from FLEX magazine Editor-In-Chief, Jerry Kindela, in 1992. Jerry was very impressed with the MUSCLEHEDZ® cartoons I had sent him and wanted me to work exclusively with Flex magazine. For a guy who was, at the time, living in Toronto, Canada, I figured I had a snowball's chance in hell of getting interest from a magazine like FLEX. Jerry had nothing but great things to say about my cartoons, so that was very overwhelming for me. The worst experience was when he told me what they were going to pay me.

DON: Tell me about the different fad diets you have tried. Why did they fail?
JOHN: That Dick Gregory and his 'Bahamian Diet'... what a joke. Thankfully, Richard Simmons came along with his glorious Deal-A-Meal. So far, I've lost 540 lbs. while following Richard's eating plan. I still have another 350 or so to go, but let me tell you - I'm startin' to look REALLY good in spandex! (The KNOW HOW is the bomb!)

DON: And no longer need a crane to move to the toilet either! What different exercise routines have you tried? Split routines, full body workouts, and what really showed the best results? What was your last session like?
JOHN: Whether it be bodybuilding, or trying to come up with funnier and funnier cartoons, I've long been a believer in pushing yourself farther than you ever thought you could go. Having said that, I'm a big believer in the Arthur Jones theory of high-intensity training. To me, it makes perfect sense. It's the only real training concept I practiced until getting the Know How!

DON: What was the last movie you saw, video rented, cd bought, concert saw, fancy meal ate?
JOHN: I can't remember the last movie I saw, it's been that long. The last video rented was "Love Stinks." My wife and I rented it the other night... funny. The last CD I bought was Tony Bennett Unmasked - that's the one where he takes the make-up off... ya know... for the fans. Last concert? The same... Tony Bennett Unmasked Tour. I'll tell ya, all those years of wearing those weird costumes and clown white make-up have really taken their toll on the ol' geezer. Still, he put on a pretty good show... that is, until his hair caught fire.

DON: You're alluding to KISS's farewell tour. Just 4 years ago, it was a reunion, now supposedly the retirement tour... What supplement lines do you use or cycle and when? What one should never be neglected (or more than one)?
JOHN: I'll be honest - I used to be somewhat of a supplement junkie. I'm not sure if I used the stuff I did because I believed it's gonna be the miracle-gro that everyone else is lookin' for, or if I bought it cuz I thought I may get a great cartoon idea out of it. I think probably the latter. As far as which stuff should never be neglected, I make sure I take my Flintstone's Chewables.

DON: Is Fred Flinstone your inspiration and what got you started in cartooning? When did you first realize you were on to something with this?
JOHN: The crazy thing is I never set out to be a cartoonist. I started out trying to draw people in proper perspective. Unfortunately, I was always drawing their heads either too big or too small (I guess this explains my characters' small heads). In reality, I'm a failed artist who turned his negative ability into a positive. I come from an artistic family, so naturally I was FORCED to draw!... 'Draw or your Father will beat the livin' tar outta you' is on our Family Crest. I think I realized I was onto something when I was probably 9 years old. I can remember on one of my report cards, my teacher wrote that I should stop drawing when she's talking. Nice, huh? I got even with her by drawing her naked and showing the class. Let's just say, the drawing depicted her as a woman who didn't care much about waxing or hygiene.

DON: What is your crowning achievement? Who cheered you along all the while and who said you couldn't that you proved wrong?
JOHN: Beating Ernest Borgnine as Best Supporting Actor in 1973 and winning the Oscar was a very special achievement. I mean, he was damn good in the Poseidon Adventure... I guess the Academy felt I was better that year. Thankfully, Phyllis Diller was there by my side most of the way giving me 'chin tuck' money when I needed it most. Ya know, Don - winning an Oscar, you really find out who your friends are and let me tell you, Bob Hope is NO friend of mine.

DON: Friends? What is your full name, age, location, actual job title now and how long have you been doing it? What was your first and last job working for someone else?
JOHN: My full name is Elmer Jasperella Fudd... John Gleneicki's just my 'stage' name. I'm 35 years old and my actual job title is 'That lucky bastard who gets to work at home.' I've been 'That lucky bastard who gets to work at home' since 1991. My first job working for someone else was, I was Dennis The Menace's stunt double. I took the slaps and punches, stood close to the pyro, fell outta the windows, and that little nose-picker got all of the credit. My last job working for someone was... I was Sonny Bono's ski instructor.

DON: What do you want to plug besides MUSCLEHEDZ® that makes it unique?
JOHN: WRESTLEHEDZ - Wrestling's Funniest Cartoon Series!... https://www.wrestlehedz.com ... In a style I like to think is completely unique and all my own, WRESTLEHEDZ will be a very successful cartoon series.

DON: Describe to me your current eating plan and what you should do to change it?
JOHN: Whole milk and ice cream all day. Have I mentioned I'm lactose intolerant? The gas is why I don't have co-workers. Seriously, I am now on the Know How....

DON: What is your favorite 'good for you' meal and favorite cheat food?
JOHN: My favorite 'good for you' meal doesn't exist. I only enjoy food if it's bad for me. My favorite cheat 'meal' is The Caribbean Steak from The Cheesecake Factory in CA. If you live in Southern CA, you probably know the Cheesecake Factory.

DON: I do! Is there anything you think we haven't touched upon here yet you'd like to?
JOHN: Ya... What am I gettin' paid for this?

DON: Turkish millions! What is your educational background? What or who did you study the most to do what you do today?
JOHN: Some college... more importantly, I graduated with honors from the school of Hard Knocks. Nothing beats real life experiences... they don't teach you in a classroom what to do when you get screwed in a business deal... or when you don't get paid for the job you did... I think they should. As far as who I studied, I'm a huge fan of Looney Tunes® - definitely, they are my biggest inspiration. That stuff is unbeatable as far as concepts, characters, voices, and humor. I aspire to create greatness like that. Whether I have or will, I don't know. But I know I try to out-do every cartoon I do... that's all I can do.

DON: I am curious what is your most frequently asked question. I am also curious if you prefer a certain line of exercise equipment or not.....
JOHN: My most frequently asked question - "I'm putting up a web site and I wanted to know if I can use your cartoons on my site? Of course, I'll put a link back to your site!" ...I get about 5 of those a day. Favorite equipment?... Hammer Strength and Cybex for machines. I still prefer free weights... and free meals... and free tickets to a hockey game... anything free for that matter.

DON: People do not realize how serious being an artist is. They just don't get it. Your top five favorite web sites are:
JOHN: https://www.toonoftheweek.com - Not only because it's my work, but because it offers people within the industry something they won't find anywhere else. With new toons every week as well as a great selection of the latest and greatest sports supplements. Same goes for the free e-cards - I use them myself all the time. If you haven't been there yet, check it out. https://www.netrition.com - Best site online to buy supplements from. He's got everything. https://www.labrada.com - Great company and great products. A company you can trust when it comes to putting out real quality products and not just doing whatever is hot at the time. Website's pretty damn cool, too. https://www.macromedia.com - Great company and web site if you're a web designer. Top-notch software... industry leader. https://www.wrestlingobserver.com or https://www.prowrestlingtorch.com - I'm a fan of bodybuilding but I'm a bigger fan of wrestling! These sites feature some of the most respected and unbiased wrestling reporters around giving you the inside scoop on wrestling today. Good sources for me when I'm brainstorming on cartoon ideas for my newest cartoon series - WRESTLEHEDZ!

DON: What makes you cringe? What makes you smile so wide your jaw aches?
JOHN: Cringe? Fat men in tank tops with really bushy under arms... anyone who goes on national television to air their family's dirty laundry... bad exercise form... the 80's glam look... Smile?... Looney Tunes® and my wife!

DON: Paint the final picture of your goals in life. Of all the highs and lows, what is your desired final destination?
JOHN: I would like MUSCLEHEDZ® and WRESTLEHEDZ to be recognized as great cartoons in the same way that The FAR SIDE®, and Calvin And Hobbs® are. Unfortunately, I don't think that will happen, primarily because I'm targeting niche markets that seem to be unpopular topics to the rest of the world. So, let's just say, I'm not banking on the National Cartoonists Society honoring me and my work... EVER! I'd like to have a couple of kids and live a healthy, wonderful life with my wife and family, and finally, I'd really like to continue to be... 'That lucky bastard who gets to work at home'.

DON: What needs to be changed in bodybuilding or fitness... mainstream or industry related and what do you suggest could make this change?
JOHN: Ask the general public about bodybuilders and the sport of bodybuilding and they'll say, "They're all on steroids!" They're turned off by that stuff. Ask those same people about the wrestlers (some of whom are obviously on drugs and gassin' big time) and wrestling and they'll say, "He's cool!... He swears and gives everyone the finger!" I'd say, if you want the sport of bodybuilding to become more popular and widely accepted, there's the answer - it should be mandatory for the bodybuilders to come on stage and one-by-one, swear their asses off, gesture to their crotches, and give the judges and audience the finger. Maybe the occasional smashing of a beer can against the head would help too.

DON: Finally, Musclehedz. The cartoon that never really ends because it is in your blood. What would you like to make perfectly clear that you are that the 'other' guy, the only other muscle cartoon, is not?
JOHN: Quite honestly, there isn't anything like MUSCLEHEDZ®. There are guys drawing comic book style bodybuilding art, but as far as a bodybuilding cartoon series where you laugh at a cartoon, I haven't seen it... MUSCLEHEDZ® is the only one of its kind.

See John at www.musclehedz.net

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