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Article care of Don Lemmon

No longer just a Hollywood or celebrity fat loss secret, WELCOME to Don Lemmon's KNOW HOW! According to this Las Vegas, Nevada native, radio show and television personality, it doesn't matter what diet you follow or where your beliefs lay. No one wants to be underweight or overweight because it causes us daily concerns and makes us vain. Starving ourselves or being gluttonous is more than a sin, it is embarrassing. We all want fat loss...

Be it in 40-30-30 nutrition like the double chinned Barry Sears' Zone diet, Food Combining Diets like Suzanne Somers, or Michel Montignac's Method, Low Fat dieting and/or protein powder based routines ala Scott Connelly's Metrx and Bill Phillips Body For Life, low carb or ketogenic diets like Dr. Atkins' or even if you are currently a vegetarian, you are in the right place for nutrition information and in for a real eye opener!

"When you look at your legs, your back side, or your belly and it is bigger than you want it to be.... Or if your muscles aren't what you would like them to be... Even though you are exercising... Sometimes A LOT... Do you really think for a second it isn't your eating habits that caused this? Trust me. What is in most protein powders cause you retain fat, not burn it and it isn't about counting carbs or cutting your calories back. Not all carbs or fats are equal either. Of course downing liters of Coca Cola, smoking Marlboro cigarettes and guzzling Budweiser beer doesn't help much but most of what you think is doing you good... Is exactly what is holding you back." - Don Lemmon

Diet Comparisons & Reviews...

Zone Diet

If you are on a Zone Diet, or a 40-30-30 nutrition plan, then at the end of an average KNOW HOW day, your calories as a whole will naturally be in the TRUE and CORRECT 'zone' for your individual body weight. Despite what 40-30-30 nutrition advocates or Barry Sears wants you to believe, there is a different 'zone' for EVERY WEIGHT CLASS. Ask Don how he knows that (ANSWER: The gentleman who claims he wrote a nice chunk of one of Barry Sears' books, he said the Zone Factor, worked with Don both before and after he wrote it)!

Atkin's Diet

If you are on the Atkin's diet, ketogenic diet or possibly considering something like that, the style and breakdown of the low carb meals Don suggests for you are much more effective, less limiting and EASIER to follow than Atkins Center or Carb Solutions recommends. Yes, that means you can still be on a low carb diet while following the KNOW HOW principles and we assure you, these principles will not send you to the hospital.

Low Fat Diet

If you follow a 'low fat' diet or eat 'nonfat' or 'fat free' foods, even if all you do is add the Don Lemmon Essential Oil blend (just one tablespoon per 100 pounds you weigh) to your meals, your diet will remain low fat but will finally begin to show progress. That's because you need essential fats if you want your hormones to regulate, skin to be healthy and digestion to optimize, etc, etc. It's basic physiology folks. If you want to keep your 'Body For Life' you will take care of it.


If you are a vegetarian, you can continue to live that lifestyle, we won't twist your arm to do anything you do not want to. No problem there, but we will show you the smart way to do it and make some rather essential suggestions we hope you will be wise enough to consider. If you listen, you can avoid the number one killers of vegetarians. Heart disease and stomach cancer. We CAN remain meat free using KNOW HOW principles.

Food Combining

If you 'food combine' you too are in for a real surprise! You'll be thanking us for sure. It isn't what foods are eaten together but what foods are kept separate from one another that makes it all work. Despite what the "Quebec Quack" as they call him says, artificial sweeteners have NO place in the human body.

Teenagers And Children

If you are a teenager, this program will not only make your body look great but it clears the complexion. Acne is the result of your eating habits. There, we said it and it's a fact. If you get it together, no more zits!

None of us can really afford to ignore the truth about the way the body works.

What doesn't digest properly, like burgers and fries, meal replacements or anything else that gives you gas, will also not nourish you even if you look outwardly 'OK' because you're taking fat burners or drugs (supplements do not work unless the diet is correct either).

Take A Step Back & Analyze Your Current Status

What you are doing now, like it or not, is slowly destroying you inside... Sooner or later, it will catch up to you. This is why people eventually turn to 'health food' crazes when they get older and fat. It isn't just a phase people go through. Some things just don't work like they used to after we spend years abusing ourselves. Just like a car. Run it up hill too often without proper fuel, cleaning filters or other maintenance and well, see how long that lasts...

This is also the reason why everyone ends up with high cholesterol, unsightly cellulite and ulcers. THEIR PAST is catching up. But it doesn't have to....

And Lipitor is NOT for when diet and exercise fails as the ads say to help lowering your cholesterol. No, only YOU can control YOUR cholesterol. Diet and exercise doesn't fail YOU, YOU fail YOU... THAT too is covered on this program, so are 'custom' diets like Radar Programs which is simply Nutri Systems renamed due to their bad reputation.....

Before We Go Any Further, Remember:

Your body requires more than 4 Food Groups. It requires 12 and over 100 essential nutrients, only 20 of which are vitamins and there are more than 8 essential minerals. Being fat or skinny depends on your choice of eating habits not the number of exercise sessions per week you perform. We advocate 5 thirty-minute sessions every 2 weeks and that includes aerobics.

Essential fatty acids help the body to not only burn body fat but they help build muscle. The type of fat you eat MATTERS. Stress makes you fat even if you eat right. So learn to relax. Don't spend your life making mountains out of molehills. Vegans, low fat, low carb, high protein, and Zone dieters will progress faster than ever before by applying our less known but effective rules our software applies automatically.

Despite what you see in our videos, you do not need to be a fitness star, model, body builder nor athlete to see quick, safe and permanent results. The more fat you have to lose, the faster it will disappear. The leaner you need to become, the leaner you WILL become. Once you eliminate digestive disorder, anyone can become healthy, fit, attractive and more confident about all things in life.

Eliminating sugar and lard is important. It's not only in junk food... It's hidden things in most health food products. Drinking soda, nondairy coffee creamer and sweetened drinks like ice tea is only part of what causes cellulite.

Don Lemmon's Nutritional and Exercise Know How

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