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Mary Castro

Mary Castro Video

Mary Castro Fitness Model Stats

Birthday: April 14, 1981
Birthplace: West Covina, CA
Irish/ Mexican/ Spanish
Sign: Aries
Height: 5' 7"
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Shoe: 9
Skin: Olive

I grew up all around Southern California. I went to many schools. At an early age I had a passion for the arts. I discovered my talent of voice at the tender age of 14, when I tried out for the school choir to make my friend happy. I had no idea what would come...I didn't exactly excel right away, but I was learning, and little did I know my voice was beginning to develop. At 15 years old my voice was mature and powerful, it would fill any room . At 16 , I was awarded a vocal music scholarship to The University of La Verne. I graduated from 11th grade with my diploma. I finished up my junior and senior year with in a couple of months so I could accept the scholarship and enter college.

College was fun but I didn't continue after my first year. I moved to Austin, TX and well I think I was kind of lost. I was 18 then, and was really trying to do some soul searching . I did make a couple of good friends. So it was worth it. Austin is a beautiful city. I decided I really wanted to model and act. Besides, I missed the California sun. I had to follow my dreams, so I moved back to L.A. to pursue them.

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