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Pam Germain Interview

Article care of Don Lemmon

"I teach 2-3 fitness classes a day, beginning sometimes as early as 7 am. I teach several sessions of college PE - group fitness type classes. I also teach for a fitness club - do group strength training, mind/body and flexibility classes, as well as group cardio classes - like step training, sport training, kickboxing inspired, and one day a week the dreaded "D" word (dance)."

"After a shower, I run my business errands and then am in my office. I offer certifications in Personal Training and Group Fitness Instructor through the National Association for Fitness Certification (NAFC) and continuing education courses for certified instructors (ACE approved) through BodyBasics Fitness Training.   I spend my afternoon answering e-mail, phone messages, eating, filling orders for courses, writing new articles and courses, marketing, and having a great time. Well, this lasts til 5 p.m. with the exception of Wednesday nights when I teach a college nutrition class.  I as a rule end my work day at 5 pm, make dinner, and enjoy my family. I weight train with my husband and son 2-3 evenings a week, and try to do some yoga and/or meditation before bed."

"Weekends are NO work and NO Formal Exercise - only fun stuff - biking, hiking, hang gliding, riding ATVs, camping, family and friends."

Q: When did you pick up on taking care of the way you look and why?
A: I have danced all my life - always active - learned about formal exercise - aerobics and weight training- after having two babies - fit ever since - in the fitness business since 1985!

Q: Be honest, what have been your hardest moments in getting your body the way it is and have you had trouble maintaining it? Everyone here thinks you've always looked this way!
A: When I took a job that was managing a fitness retail store/studio - all management, very few classes to teach very stressful, no energy. Second hardest time was the year I spent recovering and rehabing a broken arm - two surgeries, metal bracket, 8 inch scar, the works! I kept teaching, but had to bring the intensity level way down.

Q: I noticed you offer products on your page. What could you say to me, the guy who thinks he has all the answers?
A: If you REALLY want to learn how to be a fitness instructor or personal trainer, the instructor training/certification courses from the National Association for Fitness Certification (NAFC) teach you how to be a good instructor - how to communicate and really help other people succeed in their fitness goals. I train novice instructors and trainers through as many teaching aids as possible in a home study course - books, workbooks, videotapes, phone assistance, e-mail assistance, whatever they need to become a REAL teacher. I also find that many certified instructors love the convenience of home study continuing education. They can earn all their CECs without the travel expenses and at a convenient time for them. In fact, the ULTIMATE convenience for certified instructors who enjoy the internet is online continuing education courses that they can take right at my site, BodyBasics Fitness Training. (https://www.body-basics.com/onlearn.html). If you are interested in any courses from BodyBasics or NAFC, make sure you let me know that you learned about them from Don's page!

Q: What is upon the immediate horizon for you?
A: My 1999 goal is to study and become certified as a clinical exercise specialist - the instructor who can work with post rehab patients and people with special medical conditions. I also plan to wrtie a continuing education course about Nutrition and Special Populations.

Q: Ok, name drop, who do you know that's on a program like what you do or maybe some one you know that's on something different and what do they and or you do? ----Anyone famous!?
A: The people I most admire in the fitness industry - other "instructor educators" are Ronda Gates/Lifestyles by Ronda Gates, Karen Woodard of Premium Performance Training, Bob and Bobbi from Fitness Resources, and Buddy Macuha, voted the best fitness instructor in San Francisco, 1998.

Q: If there was one person in the World you could be OTHER than yourself, who would it be and why? They have to be still alive. Ok, someone from this century, alive or dead.....
A: What a hard question! Every person I admire for a different reason. Every person has their own struggles, challenges, hardships, victories, successes, and every person worth admiring is beautiful for a different reason. I'd rather just be myself and mirror the lovely examples I receive from the many people I admire.

Q: Finally, one simple thing you do while exercising that no one else you know does, that you believe will turn all our progress around for the better and we dont even realize it.
A: Stop stressing over the results (end product) and enjoy the movement (process) Live and exercise in the present moment

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