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Grace Grimes Interview

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DON: Tell me about this new comic book character of yours and has she hurt anyone yet?
GRACE: The premiere issue is not out. We will introduce her at the Midwest comic convention in November. (So cool... I get to meet "Mary-Ann" from Gilligans Island... LOVED her as a kid!) So, our first issue will be out in late November in print.  I have read the script, and I will say that she is not called "Wicked" for nothing!

DON: Just as Long as she isn't into Pokemon or Metrx, can you give me a hint as to what her powers are and how she got them?
GRACE: She absorbs some funky crystal. It is more Sci-fi based. She gets the "ice claw" and an "attitude" when she is transformed into "Wicked Angel".

DON: You were on Bay Watch recently. Did you get to run in slow motion on the beach?
GRACE: Hahahahaha I DID!! What a crack up!

DON: Without name dropping, tell me what the eating habits were of the people you saw on the shoot that day. Were they really very conscious about that?
GRACE: You would just die.  The union is required to have snacks available on the set.  Mind you this was a fitness episode.  The cast was mesmerized at how much FOOD (yes... the "BAD stuff") these fitness chicks could chow down!  They would literally "park it" at the snack bar! As for the 2 regular cast members that we worked with ... they ate pretty healthy!

DON: Define healthy please.
GRACE: When we had lunch, it was catered on the beach.  I saw Brooke order the fresh grilled fish with only steamed veggies (A Know How client?).

DON: What do you do on days like that when you really cant predict the schedule?
GRACE: I always try to be "doing something" ....so if my schedule is up in the air, I will usually bring my laptop and answer mail, or catch up on reading.  At home I make my list of things that I have to do, which is usually 2 weeks worth, then I choose things that will move me ahead.

DON: How do you prepare?
GRACE: My list... write it down to be able to cross it off!

DON: I meant food and diet. How do you prepare for a trip?
GRACE: OHHH... duhhh... Well I take a tupperware container with all of my vitamins, and take packets of my Met-rx foods, bars and a shaker.  This way I can have a mini meal anyplace. I also pack some veggies or a piece of fruit for the plane. I take some of the low carb bars, but use those in small doses. I remember one time when I was on my way do Florida for competition, I packed some hard boiled eggs and chicken in a small cooled lunch sack. Well when I opened it to eat... the eggs smelled like a BIG dirty BUTT! That was the last time I packed hard boiled eggs on a plane! I had tears in my eyes from laughing so hard! The people in the front of me were dying!!!

DON: What is a typical day of food or eating like for you?
GRACE: I usually eat 5-6 times a day, and eat mini meals. I minimize starchy carbs, "bad fats," anything processed, and  keep sugars to a minimum. I eat primarily a higher protein diet, low carb and moderate my fat. Carbs come from oats and clean starches. I also record my food intake which helps to let me know where I am during the day!

DON: What is your current training regime?
GRACE: "Off season" when I am not training for competition, I do my cardio in the morning usually 45 minutes first thing. I try to do different things like bike, stairs, jog, and change intensities as well. I weight train at night and work each body part for 15 minutes a week INTENSELY.  I do legs and glutes 2 times a week though because I feel that is where I need it most.  When training for competition, I incorporate more plyometrics and fast twitch muscle training, and of course get on an obstacle course to practice technique!

DON: What? You do have an obstacle course in your back yard? Do you really feel morning aerobics work as much as a good diet does?
GRACE: I wish that I had a course in my back yard!  Some girls do, and it really shows up at competition time... I personally have to go up to Columbus, or find one in another city where I am working ot traveling.  With me morning cardio seems to help get rid of body fat. I do it immediately before I have eaten.  There are some mornings however that I feel the need to eat first. I do this, and work with my bod! But I don't really know now that you mention it.

DON: Where are you from, where are you located, what kind of upbringing did you have?
GRACE: I was born in Marion, OH and grew up in Worthington, OH which is a suburb of Columbus.  I had a great childhood!  I would always go to summer camp be it girl scout camp, church camp, horseback camp or SCUBA camp. All were very positive learning experiences.

DON: That explains the catholic school uniforms in some of your photo shoots! Listen, tell me the most fun you had on a shoot and without names, what was an absolute nightmare?
GRACE: There is a WELL known celebrity/fitness photographer in LA that I work with a lot. After one fitness competition, I  was able to book a big boat for free. The captain and the first mate knew that there would be fitness models on there shooting!  We had a BLAST on this shoot!!! I am sure that some of the images will be seen in upcoming mags! The WORST was a shoot that I was well paid for. It was at the beginning of my career.  It was a "group shoot" where there were several photographers and several models. Well, either way, the photographers totally outnumbered the models, and there were up to 20 people shooting me at once!!!!!  I felt like it was deer hunting season and I was the deer!!!

DON: What foods do you turn to in time of cheating?
GRACE: It is usually something chocolate.

DON: What food do you find you just cant give up?
GRACE: I think Chocolate and also I love to have my glass of wine or a drink!  I would give up the chocolate before my wine.

DON: So you're a lush. What wine is your favorite?
GRACE: Ha Ha Don! Well, I love Chardonnay... Kendall Jackson Reserve!

DON: Where did the turn from a fitness lifestyle to a fitness competitor take place and why?
GRACE: I wanted to try to compete.  I never want to look back and say "I wish I would have" I also felt that it would add credibility to my training business.

DON: I think you are a walking poster child for your business either way. Have you always been competitive in nature? Explain.
GRACE: Well, yes... I have always been competitive somewhat. It really bugged my mom. She is the most non-competitive person that I know!

DON: Who is your motivation then?
GRACE: Rachel McLish.  I have always thought she was the BOMB

DON: I did too (when I was 15) I do not know her but witnessed one of her public hissy fits and that kinda did it for me. I am sorry but unless you have contributed to mankind in a manner that nearly saved the planet, you are no better than anyone else. Speaking of prima donnas... Who are amongst your favorite competitors these days?
GRACE: You know.. I was bummed too. I just read an article on Rachel and granted, she didn't write it, but it went on and on about the tangibles that she has.... cars, the house, her exercise room... even jewelry... YUK... That was a turnoff for me.

DON: Nobody is perfect I guess BUT no Christian would live like that. She says she is but when God provides, he doesn't provide one for 100 without reason.  So who competes now you find as a positive inspiration?
GRACE: I adore Lisa Marie Veron. She is classy, and one of the nicest people you will ever meet.  I don't see how she puts up with Mr. Touchy Feeling Grabby John Parillo.

DON: I am laughing right now HARD. Tell me. Last book read, CD listened to, movie saw, video rented?
GRACE: Last book read: The Life You Were Born to Live by Dan Millman (read this!!)

DON: Why? What was it about.
GRACE: It is about life paths based on when you were born. I am a spiritual person.  I don't take it to extremes mind you. I just soak it all in. The last CD was a PURE FUNK mix of disco 70's music  (love to dance!) and the last movie in a theater that I saw was  "Armageddon" The last video was Eddie Murphy in the "Nutty Professor" (I was rolling )!

DON: What supplements do you use besides that dreaded Met-rx you feed yourself intravenous daily?
GRACE: HEE HEE. I have tried everything really.

DON: If I were to take everything away but one supplement, what would you keep? And don't say Metrx!
GRACE: But Don, I am a Metrx 'athlete'!

DON: Tell me that's not your ultimate goal in life, in business, in fitness.
GRACE: This may sound trait. But "happiness" is my biggest goal. If you have that in every area of your life then all is in "chi."  More specifically in life, and in business I want to feel that I have given back to society, to the people that have touched my life in a special way. More specifically I want to develop my acting to where I am in large roles in movies.

DON: What scares you?
GRACE: Failure. It is such a scary thought sometimes, but usually when I am "scared" of something (the unknown) I try to tackle it.  OK... I will leave out things like mean pit-bulls, hornets nests, all-you-can-eat buffets, and disgruntled postal workers. These are KNOWN things that scare me and yes I will always run from them!  In fitness I want to always have "mini goals" for my body. I want to always strive to be the best, and FEEL the best.  A super strange goal of mine is to water-ski when I am 100  Hey... I don't even love skiing that much. Am I a freak or what?

DON: You're a freak. And after reading all that, I think probably psycho too. But I like it. You have been in and out of town a lot lately. What have you been up to keeping you so busy?
GRACE: I have had endless amounts of photo shoots. I am very fortunate and I am looking forward to all that's slated!

DON: Have you heard the rumor we are brother and sister yet?
GRACE: Since birth you twit.

GRACE: Doesn't hurt half as much as the time I...

DON: Shut up Grace!
GRACE: Laughs.

DON: What new supplements are you taking besides that Met RX junk?
GRACE: HAHAHA you are always a laugh a minute.. Besides my oh-so- tasty Met-Rx, I also like Beverly International vitamin packs, Ginko, St. Johns Wart for my fierce mood swings ( HA! ) and I cycle various thermogenics ( Met-Rx has a new one). Hey Don... want another Met-Rx bar? ( Yeah.. he was chowing on them while I was in LA... where was my camera when I needed it?)

DON: I was desperate in traffic. If you weren't such a slow poke getting ready to leave! I really DIDN'T enjoy them you know. What is it you are trying to do different from everyone else in your field?
GRACE: I've always had a knack for being "different" I guess. What I hope to accomplish is to use my personality, and fitness body/background for acting. It seems to be working as I have been in meetings with some of LA's top TV people I also see it on the internet as part of my success. As the media's become one, my career should heat up as well. WE SHALL SEE. What I do know is that I have to enjoy the journey. Hey man.. life is too short not to.

DON: There is being an actress and being a fitness model... Where do we cross the line with bodybuilding and fitness? Fitness America and the NPC or IFBB?
GRACE: Well, I have always wanted to compete in NPC events. This is my dilemma. While photo shooting with JM Manion (awesome person!!!) he asked me why I have not competed in NPC events. I would love to do bodybuilding, but to win, I don't want to look like the "Irish Spring" slogan "manly yes... but I like her too" ... you know? I love my femininity. As for the fitness events. I love to watch the routines to music, but I don't aspire to do them. I would love it if NPC had an event similar to the Galaxy, or Ironwomen...... Tests of strength, agility, etc., but no hip hop... I would love that. ... I told Al Rosen that the Ironwomen tri-fitess event should be an NPC event.... That went over like a ton of bricks.... YIKES! Then again, if things go the way that I would like, I may not have time for competitions.

DON: I hear you loud and clear on that one. Have you heard of any new trends that are on the horizon many of us aren't aware of yet?
GRACE: Well Don, as you know, more people are becoming internet savvy, and that seems to be the latest trend. This emulates into all areas of my career, and personal life.

DON: If you could achieve one huge thing in your field, what would it be?
GRACE: Which field Don? I wear so many different hats (and ice claws) these days! For acting, I would like to have a role where I am a feminine "tough girl". I want to focus most intently on my acting. For fitness and modeling, I would like to continue making appearances in the fitness magazines, and eventually be published in mainstream magazines too. Hopefully I will avoid ones like the "National Enquirer" for a while. ...laughing. Of course with the internet, I am working on an extension of my site. I already have several well known fitness personalities that will be involved in web-cam chats. It will be later the year but the team involved will delve into this project with a vengeance. It will be the first of its kind . So in a nutshell, I want to make that dreaded crossover from fitness to mainstream that so many people have not been able to do. I feel that the media integration will help me immensely with my goals.

DON: It is not impossible. It is simply put, that those who have tried before you surprised themselves when they realized a fit body IS NOT all there is to it. You need talent. Confidence means nothing if you can't deliver a line on camera without looking like a puppet. If success is measured in means of money earned, what truly is success and why do you feel those with more than that want more and more?
GRACE: Quite honestly I don't view success in terms of $ earned... I know many a rich unhappy souls. Don't get me wrong, I do appreciate nice tangibles, but I am looking forward to the day when I can be in a position to give back to society. I think that those with more just want more, because it is true that the more you have the more you spend to maintain it... It is all relative.

DON: What fitness star, bodybuilder, male and female do you admire and want to work with?
GRACE: Of course I do want to meet Rachel McLish... I heard that she is a spiritual person, and perhaps so, that article that was written was slanted by the columnist (the one where she sounded WAY surface). I have been fortunate to work with the top people in fitness... I adore Bill Katzmeyer (Worlds Strongest Man). He is such a puppy dog. I am disappointed that I haven't met Cory Everson. I was flying down to Georgia to meet with the company that manages her "Cory Clubs" and spend a day with her... but the weather was not cooperative.. Maybe soon!! Of course, you bro... are the fitness GURU extrodinare...... I am happy to be related!

DON: What would you have them do different?
GRACE: You? Oh, nothing.... Them? They are their own people.

DON: In the real world, we have what you do. Some go freelance because the clients demand it. Others do this because the powers that be are a pain in the ass. Why is that?
GRACE: I would think for the love of $?

DON: What would be the ideal work environment?
GRACE: One that you can feel that it really isn't work... One that you enjoy seeing people everyday... For me that is new sets and locations!

DON: What are your latest and most immediate plans?
GRACE: OOH my.... well I will be reading for 3 new shows that just sold this year... and also working on some walk-on parts of current shows.. I also will be working at trade shows in Vegas.. They are great $ and shows like the "Italian Shoe Convention" are a woman's DREAM... Free samples anyone? I also will continue to train a select few, and of course keep up with my site.

DON: What are your fees for seminars?
GRACE: I have not had a lot of seminar offers, but when myself and Henry Osti (CEO for "Landroller". ..an all terrain roller blade) trained an Army Brigade at Ft. Bliss TX, we charged $1000/day. It was a "mind muscle connection" seminar for the soldiers to get them to train and think outside their paradigm.

DON: One hard selling point so my readers will say "WOW" and head to your site for more info.
GRACE: I am one that can say that my site is constantly changing... I keep my sexy, sassy attitude, I know that my site members will LOVE the new chat... my online comic book will be out soon... and in print too. it will feature fitness personalities.

DON: When you were your best, what was your routine?
GRACE: Eating CLEAN... no additives, or refined garbage... and doing a six day split... getting 6-7 hours of sleep, planning my work and working my plan...

DON: Clean except the aspartame in the Metrx. When you were in your best shape, what was your diet?
GRACE: About 15% fat, 35 % carbs, and the rest protein. I would eat about 5 times a day, and consume about 1800 calories. I would avoid a lot of starchy carbs, and refined foods especially at protein meals. Lately I have been not lifting as much weight because I was becoming too bulky looking for film.

DON: I know. I had to lose 20 pounds for one audition and gain 20 for another. It's tough yo-yoing around. What did you think I would ask?
GRACE: Don't know Don... Cause you think I am a bovine beauty who knows? Hahahahaah... watch it bro.. or I'll nail you with my Ice Claw!

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