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Torrie Wilson

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I was born in Boise, Idaho on July 24, 1975, but really grew up in a small resort town 100 miles north called McCall. This town is a small town of about 2,500 and I have great memories of my life growing up there.I have 3 brothers who are all pretty protective of their sis, and of course regularly picked on and beat me up growing up. Maybe this is why I am not a wimp! I was EXTREMELY shy when I was young and I feel that growing up in a small town really helped me to break out of my shell. Why? I feel that growing up in a small community gave me a sense of security and I tried things that I probably never would have tried had I grown up in a larger town. For example, had I gone to a large high school I would have never tried out for the cheerleading squad or track team for fear of failure in front of all those people! I excelled at cross country running and long distance track and field, and that helped to boost my confidence level. I believe it was competing in track that helped me to really see that if I want something bad enough and work hard enough for it, I can attain what I want.

When I was a sophomore in high school, my mother took me to a modeling agency and I figured I probably didn't have what it took but went anyways. The owner of the agency told me to lose 10 pounds and come back. Well, I lost 10 pounds and a lot more and this is where a four-year battle with an eating disorder started. I traveled to New York to model and meet with agencies and had offers to work with agencies in Miami, Los Angeles, and New York when I graduated from high school, but ultimately decided against it. The thought of being in a big city away from what I knew at that time seemed much to scary for me, and I started to think that fashion modeling was really not for me. I knew that I didn't want to live the way that I was for the rest of my life, and I really wanted to be healthy mentally and physically.

Let's just say that there are only two reasons why I have mentioned my short four year stint with an eating disorder. Number one is so that hopefully I can be an inspiration for others that might be spiraling down the wrong path and number two is because it is so instrumental in my getting into the whole fitness lifestyle. You see, the whole time I was busy trying to be a stick figure I was also admiring the curvy, fit models I saw in all of the fitness magazines. I even had pictures of beautiful Amy Fadhli posted on my walls as a source of inspiration! Getting over my fixation to be a stick was hard in the beginning, but when I set my mind on something I see nothing but my goal and I had set my mind on living a healthy lifestyle and getting that same look that Amy Fadhli and many others had worked so hard to achieve. Quite a turnaround indeed!

I knew that I needed a goal, so I made a pact with myself to compete in the Ms. Galaxy competition being held in Cancun, Mexico. I had no idea what I was in for or what I was doing, but I did all the research I could and followed most of the sample diet and exercise routines I read about in the fitness magazines. Only 9 months later I entered my first fitness competition and place 33rd out of 105 competitors. Not too bad for my first, but I had now decided that I was going to win that competition the following year and I was going to do whatever I could to achieve that goal. I worked with a coach, trained really hard and the following year I competed in 3 more competitions taking the physique title in all three. I also took the overall title in the Ms. Galaxy competition held in St. Petersburg, Florida!!! Amazing what determination can do huh?!!! I made alot of contacts during my competing days and shot for alot of fitness magazines and have been on over 20 magazine covers all around the world...some of which I haven't even gotten to see, only hear about.

In 1998 I finally decided to move to Los Angeles. I was definitely ready to explore my options away from Idaho at this point. There were alot of things that I could do in the fitness industry there and I had also always wanted to pursue an acting career. I immediately enrolled in lots of acting classes and a friend introduced me to a top notch agent. I clicked immediately with this agent and I have been a client of his ever since. Not only was I lucky to find an agent, but God was looking over my shoulder because he is a genuine person and friend and has kept me away from alot of possible negative situations that can easily arise in that business.

How I got into the pro wrestling biz...

Well, my ex-boyfriend happened to be a HUGE wrestling fan and a friend of ours, Rich Minzer , happened to know alot of professional wrestlers. WCW was in Los Angeles for a house show (which is a non-televised event) and our friend Rich got tickets for us to all go to the show. I had never watched wrestling before, so I didn't really know what to expect...... Well, Rich came to pick us up and there was this huge 7 foot tall guy with him named Kevin Nash. Kevin took us backstage with him and I got to meet all of the wrestlers. Scott Steiner asked me to walk out with him and so I did just for fun. Wow! The minute I walked out in front of that huge crowd, I knew that it was right up my alley. I had so much fun out there and all I did was walk somebody out to the ring and prance around a little bit!

Kevin got my phone number from our mutual friend and called me the very next week with an idea to bring me on to the show. Originally, I thought it was only going to be a couple of days of work but they just kept using me! One year later I signed with them. My stint with WCW lasted about 2 years and I enjoyed it very much.

Currently I am not working for WCW and am taking this time to take lots of acting classes and learn my craft a bit more. I have a little dachshund named Holly (short for Hollywood!) and a new puppy Jack Russell Terrier named Max. I am madly in love with both of them, but they can also be major pains in the REAR sometimes too....that's their job though!!

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