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Choice Skinner Interview


STAR INTERVIEWS ONLINE MAGAZINE ASKED: First of all, what is a day in your life like? What do you do from waking to hitting the hay each day?
CHOICE SKINNER REPLIES: In the morning I have to sometimes do certain things not pertaining to the industry that upsets me. Working and training martial arts with my students is one of my favorite joys. Unless there's an audition I'm usually writing. It's the same thing everyday unless I book a role on a film or television.

STAR INTERVIEWS ONLINE MAGAZINE ASKED: What would you say is the highlight of your career so far and how does it compare to your overall career goal?
CHOICE SKINNER REPLIES: The highlight would have to be working on the lead role in the film "Cryptz". It was a thirteen day shoot and I was the lead actor. It gave me a taste on what I will be dealing with in the future in regards to my objectives. I don't really like the word goals. Working on film after film is what I want to do.

STAR INTERVIEWS ONLINE MAGAZINE ASKED: Who was the first person to tell you getting into this profession was a crazy idea? At what point did you agree (even if it was momentarily)?
CHOICE SKINNER REPLIES: My mother. She always wanted me to be a lawyer or computer programmer or something. I think it was mostly because she worried about my future. I guess the time I thought it was a crazy idea was when I went to my first audition and I saw how many people were auditioning for the same role. It was kind of intimidating.

STAR INTERVIEWS ONLINE MAGAZINE ASKED: Have you made some contacts using the internet that you know you wouldn't have made if it weren't for the web?
CHOICE SKINNER REPLIES: No, not really. I've just recently got DSL. So I've been surfing lately. I guess that time will come.

STAR INTERVIEWS ONLINE MAGAZINE ASKED: Funny how it usually works. We grow up wanting to be firefighters or nurses, then due to the glory of media, rock stars, actors, or millionaires and then reality sits in. What's your story? How did you get into what you do?
CHOICE SKINNER REPLIES: I owned a Martial Arts school in Georgia. I was also into doing music production at the time. An R&B artist named Rome was doing a concert in my town. I met with him and let him listen to some production tracks and he liked them. He flew me to LA to become one one of his producers in his camp. Not too much became of it though. I never had a desire to act, but I had to do extra work in order to pay the bills. I decided to learn fight choreography and took some courses from Eric Lee and Art Chamcho. Art told me I needed some acting classes. So from listening to Art, my brother Keith, my friends Barry Bowles and ND Brown I just jumped in.

STAR INTERVIEWS ONLINE MAGAZINE ASKED: What would your dream project be?
CHOICE SKINNER REPLIES: Working with Denzel Washington, Anthony Hopkins, Cate Blanchett, Giovanni Ribisi, Charlize Theron, Mekhi Phifer, Laurence Fishburne and Angela Bassett all in the same film.

STAR INTERVIEWS ONLINE MAGAZINE ASKED: Tell me one of the negatives aspects of your field. Do not say there are none!
CHOICE SKINNER REPLIES: Agents that don't recognize real talent bother me. I can't tell you how many people I met that had a story on how they heard Denzel Washington or somebody got turned down beacuse they didn't think they could do anything for him. Come on guys. Greatness recognize greatness.

STAR INTERVIEWS ONLINE MAGAZINE ASKED: What are your 5 favorite websites?
CHOICE SKINNER REPLIES: There are two of yours that I like. Don Lemmon's "You Gotta See This" and The Jesus web site. Imdb because of it's valuable information. aintitcoolnews.com and christianfilmaker.com

STAR INTERVIEWS ONLINE MAGAZINE ASKED: Tell me something people do not realize about you, maybe it's not a secret, maybe it's not anything special, but it could be something no one else has ever asked you about until now.
CHOICE SKINNER REPLIES: How loving I am. If anyone comes up to me the first time we meet each other I will hug you. I firmly believe in the commandment "Love Thy neighbor".

STAR INTERVIEWS ONLINE MAGAZINE ASKED: What's the craziest thing you have experienced in the industry? Maybe it's something you witnessed and didn't participate in that would shock us, make us laugh or show us another side to things besides the obvious.
CHOICE SKINNER REPLIES: It's real weird to see how some actors act like babies on the set. I remember working with one actor who cared more about getting to Vegas to play a basketball game than to finish the shoot he was in. Mind you this was on a major network television show. He also came to the set thirty minutes late and asked if he could go to the bank. Then he came back from the bank an hour late after they let him leave. What?!

STAR INTERVIEWS ONLINE MAGAZINE ASKED: Anything embarrassing happen when YOU were trying to look cool? What?
CHOICE SKINNER REPLIES: Never. I'm working on constantly being me. There's no room for embarrasment in life for me anymore.

STAR INTERVIEWS ONLINE MAGAZINE ASKED: The biggest lie about your industry ever is:
CHOICE SKINNER REPLIES: Acting is about technique. It's about being real.

CHOICE SKINNER REPLIES: Getting paid to do what you love.

STAR INTERVIEWS ONLINE MAGAZINE ASKED: Have the people around you changed since you've gotten recognition for your work? Sometimes those who weren't so supportive in the beginning, suddenly became supportive or possibly vice versa; they became less supportive. Do fans freak you out?
CHOICE SKINNER REPLIES:Not relly. I tend to only keep real people around me at all times. I kind of weeded out the bad ones. I never have a problem with a fan. Without them there wouldn't be anyone to buy tickets to our films or buy records. Word of wise to other actors... Be nice to everyone!

STAR INTERVIEWS ONLINE MAGAZINE ASKED: What is your most frequently asked question and/or what question makes you crazy whenever asked but you somehow remain composed enough to answer?
CHOICE SKINNER REPLIES: I haven't been asked the question yet. Figure it out and ask me.

STAR INTERVIEWS ONLINE MAGAZINE ASKED: Who do you see in the media, on TV or hear on the radio that just makes you wonder how in the hell they got there or who in the hell does this person know?
CHOICE SKINNER REPLIES: Sixty if not seventy percent of the film industry.

CHOICE SKINNER REPLIES:Did you know that sixty to seventy percent of the actors in this insdustry cannot act their way out of a paper bag?

STAR INTERVIEWS ONLINE MAGAZINE ASKED: What is your favorite music album and what music group do you listen to most often?
CHOICE SKINNER REPLIES:Anything 80's. Anything of Prince before 1997. Anything Gospel. Especially "Voices of Praise"

STAR INTERVIEWS ONLINE MAGAZINE ASKED: Who should hang up their hat in this business? Why?
CHOICE SKINNER REPLIES: Ben Affleck and Luke Wilson. They try but they just can't get it.

STAR INTERVIEWS ONLINE MAGAZINE ASKED: Tell me your favorite movie genre, name a few titles, and the video or dvd you have watched the most:
CHOICE SKINNER REPLIES: I love Dramasand action adventure. Films like "The Gift", "The Color Purple", "The Silence Of The Lambs","The Matrix", anything Bruce Lee, "Training Day" and "Aliens". I can't tell you how many times I've watched those films at the theater and on video and DVD.

STAR INTERVIEWS ONLINE MAGAZINE ASKED: What is the TV show do you miss from childhood... I used to love Land of the Giants and Dance Fever (kidding)....
CHOICE SKINNER REPLIES: "Three's Company", "Dynasty", "Happy Days", "Mork and Mindy" and "New York Undercover".

STAR INTERVIEWS ONLINE MAGAZINE ASKED: Ever had someone from school or an odd job back in the day try and track you down after realizing what you do for a living now?
CHOICE SKINNER REPLIES: No. I can't even find anyone from my old high school.

STAR INTERVIEWS ONLINE MAGAZINE ASKED: If you were anyone else besides yourself, who would you be (even for just a day, on a good day) and did you emulate them growing up?
CHOICE SKINNER REPLIES: I would be Jesus Christ. Can you imagine what it's like to love perfectly? I tried to emulate him when I was growing up but couldn't live up to his standards. Funny thing is I'm still trying to be like him.

STAR INTERVIEWS ONLINE MAGAZINE ASKED: Who is the most intriguing person in your business today besides yourself? Why?
CHOICE SKINNER REPLIES: There are several: Denzel Washington because of his acting ability, Anthony Hopkins because of his intensity, Giovanni Ribisi because of his internal power, Mekhi phiffer because of tersness, Bobbie Chance my acting coach because of her love of actors and the craft, Kiko Ellsworth for his pursuit, freedom of truth, and self and Allen Maldonado for being so young and appreciating his gifts as an artist.

CHOICE SKINNER REPLIES: Hi mom, Jerome, Jermaine and Keith and everyone else. I love you!

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