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Paul Becker Interview

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DON: What is it you are trying to do different from everyone else in your field?
PAUL: I don't know about everyone else, but I am strongly trying to push drug free bodybuilding. There are others doing the same thing, but of course there are many that aren't.

DON: Now that female bodybuilding is all but dead and the IFBB has come down and told the fitness competitors to soften up, where is the future?
PAUL: I hope towards a more sane, drug free standard for bodybuilding.

DON: Have you heard of any new trends that are on the horizon many of us aren't aware of yet?
PAUL: I will tell you this, the drug situation in bodybuilding will come to a head in the next 10 or 20 years. It can't keep getting worse like it has and not eventually blow up.

DON: If you could achieve one huge thing in your field, what would it be?
PAUL: Bring aesthetics back to bodybuilding. Who cares if a bodybuilder is close to 300 pounds if his waist is huge and he just looks like a big block. Let's see bodies like Bob Paris, Frank Zane and Steve Reeves again.

DON: If success is measured in means of money earned, what truly is success, and why do you feel those with more than that want more and more?
PAUL: Success would be turning out a valuable product or service that gets people closer to their goals. I don't know why, greed is a fact of this world I guess.

DON: What fitness star, bodybuilder, male and female do you admire and want to work with?
PAUL: Don Lemmon, of course.

DON: What would you have them do different?
PAUL: Get a haircut and get a real job.

DON: In the real world, we have what you do. Some go freelance because the clients demand it. Others do this because the powers that be are a pain in the ass. Why is that?
PAUL: I wish I knew why people act the way they do. I guess fear that they will lose out.

DON: What would be the ideal work environment?
PAUL: Where the whole group shared the same purpose and worked together in a well organized push towards those goals.

DON: What are your latest and most immediate plans?
PAUL: Just to continue to research training, diets and supplements that give results for drug free trainees.

DON: One hard selling point so my readers will say "WOW" and head to your site for more info.
PAUL: I'm not really the hard sell type, but I am there to help, I answer all my own e-mail and I do my best to give recommendations on programs and supplements.

DON: When you were your best, what was your routine?
PAUL: The Truly Huge program, of course.

DON: When you were in your best shape, what was your diet?
PAUL: The Know How diet, what else?

DON: What did you think I would ask?
PAUL: Name, rank and serial number?

DON: What is your favorite breakfast?
PAUL: Steak and Eggs with spinach.

DON: What web sites do you frequent?
PAUL: I really don't, I am always surfing for new sites to see.

DON: Last movie saw, last video rented?
PAUL: Man On The Moon, Entrapment

DON: What was the funniest thing about my 97 minute demo video?
PAUL: Tiger saying he's owes his success to Ostrim meat snacks.

DON: What was the best part?
PAUL: The belly button rings.

DON: Ok, I knew you'd have a silly answer, so what was the most informative part?
PAUL: The workouts were great, intense and result producing.

DON: Last CD bought, concert saw?
PAUL: Garth Brook's In the Life Of Chris Gains for my wife, Bruce Springsteen

DON: If I were to leave you with a set of barbells in a cave and allowed not one, but two pieces of equipment, Nautilus, Hammer, or whatever, what would you choose?
PAUL: Nautilus Pullover and Southern Exercise Tru Squat.

DON: I had a secret desire to be _____ growing up?
PAUL: Spider-Man

DON: The most alluring of the fitness babes?
PAUL: Jamie Eason.

DON: The best of the modern bodybuilders?
PAUL: Bill Davey

DON: Do you know your ABC's backwards (this would be a DUI question)?
PAUL: zyxwvutsrqponmlkjihgfedcba (hic, Buuuuurrrrrpppppp!!)

DON: Describe to me your hardest workout. The one where you had a partner and you didn't give up for fear he would eat you.
PAUL: Well I was training with this cannibal once, he was eating a clown, and he passed some to me and asked "does this taste funny to you?". Really my hardest workout involved 20 reps squats, when I felt like I was going to die at 12 reps, but somehow got all 20.

DON: I saw "Any Given Sunday" the other day and it was a huge promotional tool for Metrx. That **** BLOWS. Not out of envy, out of plain disgust for junk being sold to us as good for you. What product gets under your skin?
PAUL: Weight Gain Powders, that are so high in sugar that you gain weight all right - fat weight.

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