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Nadia Alterio Lemmon's Women's Fitness Tips

Article care of Don Lemmon

Why Setting Goals Is Important For Success... In Everything We Do!

In a nutshell, without goals, we are at a loss for direction.  It's that simple. Setting goals in every realm of our lives is something that will help us to stay focused with all that we wish to accomplish.  Start out by setting small, short-term goals that will eventually lead up to your desired long-term goal.  Most important, be realistic.  Telling yourself that you're going to lose 10 pounds by the end of the week in NOT realistic. Unrealistic goals are a waste of time and fool us into thinking that making the changes we want just isn't possible.  Wrong ladies, we can do anything that we put our minds to, I know it's a cliché, but it's true.  Once, I was told that I would never be able to follow a diet.  WELL, that comment only made me more determined and I ended up coming in the most ripped for my very first physique show.  It was a great feeling, and you too can feel the same way if you just stay positive and believe in yourself.

Time & Patience:  Two Key Ingredients For Success

Success, with ANY goal that we set for ourselves, is going to take time.  Very few people, who are what we might consider to be a success, did not achieve that success overnight.  Those who have were probably into the stock market or just very lucky.  Ladies, getting into shape and staying in shape is really a gradual change in lifestyle.  There is no magic cream that you can rub on your body that will make fat disappear and there is no fat burner that will work after only using it once. What are we left with?  We are left with those women who naturally have a fast metabolism and can eat what ever they please.  These are the ones we envy, but it doesn't mean we can't make our metabolism just as efficient. And it doesn't mean their engines will last forever. It is also very important to understand that not everyone will receive the same results with any one supplement or fat burner either. Patience is absolutely mandatory if you are really serious about lowering your body fat.  Just because your friend got wicked results with a certain fat burner does not mean that your body will respond in the same way to that same product.  Do your research with every supplement that you decide to take and experiment if you can to find what fat burners work best for you and are the safest for you.  Be smart ladies and follow the recommended dosage.  Doubling or tripling the suggested dosage of any supplement may intensify its effects,  but it may also lead to a long night in the emergency room. Diet is the only proven sure fire way to succeed.

Knowledge:  The KEY Main Ingredient.

We have all heard that saying, "Knowledge is power".  Ladies, it really is.   The more knowledgeable you are about a certain subject or topic, the more likely it is that you will be able to accomplish your goals.  So, my advice to all you ladies wanting nutritional and training advice is to READ, READ, READ!  There's always magazines lying around at the gym that you can find helpful information in and a trip to the library can be beneficial as well. I don't think that everyone would go to all the trouble of publishing so much information if some of them did not feel that it would be helpful to those of us wanting change. Further,  I know time spent surfing the net may be a lot to ask for from some of you, but it might actually mean quicker results than what you had intended, and not to mention a smarter you.  Research, something that we might rather not do, but can you really think of any really successful person that hasn't done research in their area of expertise?   One person that may be of great help to you via the internet in his area of expertise is of course, Don Lemmon.  At his site, you will discover that he has nutritionally counseled and trained many of the most physically fit people that we know of today.  It's definitely a site worth visiting twice, especially for those of you looking for reliable nutritional guidance.  Another great site to check out loaded with tons of fitness and nutritional links for bodybuilding is that of Paul Becker's site.  Here, you can find just about anything that you wish to know with regards to just about everything Don doesn't cover, and it even has a section designated for ladies only.  Great stuff! So, pick up those magazines ladies, get to the library, or start surfing the net because knowledge really is power. There are no free rides in this world. Time spent researching may seem like work at one point, but may mean the difference between a healthier and leaner you.

Listen To the Experts

If you are confident about your goals and you wish to seek assistance from those in the bodybuilding and fitness industry, then see to it that the person you do choose to assist you is a professional.  There is nothing worse or more unsafe than seeking help from someone without certification or credibility. Ladies, the most reliable help will come from a professional, not the 'new' boyfriend with the six pack. Sure, he looks great with his bulging muscles all glistening, but the first thing that we need to realize is that he is probably not in tune with his body's nutritional requirements.  His work out and nutritional plan may not work for you too, so if you're in doubt, then seek a professional.   Men and women differ tremendously in their physical anatomy, so it only makes sense that they train and diet differently too. Do not hesitate to ask for certification from any instructor or consultant that claims him or herself to be a professional in the field. Even question your physician's knowledge. This is your body that we are dealing with and you deserve only the best.  If he or she is hesitant to give you what you are asking for, then by all means seek help from another in the field. On a personal note, since I began nutritional consulting, I've noticed that the majority of my clients have been female, rather than male, simply because they feel more comfortable with me as a woman and they know that I can relate to what they are saying and the goals in which they have chosen for themselves.   I'm not saying that the great looking boyfriend isn't knowledgeable, but sometimes it is best to start out with someone that you feel most comfortable with.

A Few Tips That Worked For Me

In today's world, it really is tough at times to stay focused with your goals, especially when everywhere we go we are faced with temptation and the stresses of everyday life.  Sometimes, giving up altogether seems like the only way out, but I can assure it is not.  Of course consistency will guarantee you success, but it is not uncommon to get discouraged along the way.  This is why I feel that by allowing yourself certain pleasures, you are more likely to stay focused and free of guilt.   The following are some tips that will help you stay on track with your goals. In your time spent researching, you will learn that our bodies need fat for proper and healthy functioning.  Do not deprive yourself from the joys of life.  Just because something you really enjoy is high in fat, doesn't mean you have to disregard it from your diet completely.  Have that glorious food, but eat it in moderation.  Learning how to eat cheat foods in moderation will keep you happy, satisfied, and sane. Allow yourself treats every now and then, just be smart about the quantity and how often you choose to have it.  It's mixing certain foods together at specific meals that we should be more concerned about, for if we eat like that too often, it will lead to weight gain, especially if we aren't doing anything to burn those poorly digested calories off. Ladies, I can not emphasize enough how important adequate rest is.  Rest is absolutely crucial for muscle growth and healthy functioning.   It is so important to have days off from the gym to allow your muscles adequate time for recuperation.   Working out means hard work.  Too many hours spent in the gym can lead to over training and this can potentially do more harm than good, especially if our diet is not consistent with out work outs.  Be smart ladies and rest up.  Take days off every so often and don't be afraid to take a good week off when you feel the need to do so.  When you return to your training, you will return stronger and healthier.  Trust me, your body will thank you for it.  And finally, stay away from the gym if you are ill.  It's hard on the immunity system.

I hope that the information that I have provided to all you ladies who read this will help motivate you into starting out the New Millennium with the right frame of mind.  Don't be afraid to challenge yourself at the gym this year, who knows, a smarter and more confident you may not only mean success physically, but mentally too.  Just remember, knowledge, time, and patience is of essence.  Like Ma always says to me, "If hard work wasn't a factor for success, everybody would be rich."  On that note, I would like to leave you with this statement.  If you do not believe, you will not achieve.  Good Luck Everyone!!

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