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Rob Kreider Interview

Article care of Don Lemmon

Don: What did you eat yesterday and today?
Rob: I pretty much eat the same types of foods each day...I just alternate the foods each meal. Always have a big portion of meat (steak, chicken, eggs,etc.) and moderate amounts of a complex carb food (yams, rice, potatoes, etc.) I don't keep my fat intake too low. I like to keep it around 20-30%, which is usually in the form of nuts, oils, and from my protein sources. I usually eat about 5-6 times per day...and some of the meals are liquid protein drinks with about 100gm of protein!

Don: Why do you eat like this?
Rob: I eat this way because, it helps me recover more quickly and build more lean tissue as well. I am a very active person with my training and also my personal training business. I need the level of calories that my diet provides me. Once I begin dieting for a show...the carb intake becomes less, but I replace the lost calories from them in the form of fats and proteins...and I increase my activity levels increase with the cardio.

Don: What are the obvious weak links (you don't eat like this year round)?
Rob: The weak links are not taking in enough calories or missing meals....I dont have a problem with keeping my diet clean. The biggest problem is not eating enough throughout the day at work.

Don: What did you do last in the gym?
Rob: I trained legs...and MAN was I sore for a few days!!

Don: What is the next training session like and why?
Rob: I will train chest and biceps, which is actually today as I am typing this!

Don: Tell me something you think everybody should learn about you.
Rob: I try to be a balanced person at all times. Dont go to extremes, because once one extreme is experienced the opposite extreme is sure to follow!

DON: What is the single most aggravating thing that comes to mind when someone brings up 'what they know' about weight gain?
ROB: Individuals these days tend to complicate their routines by reading magazines and taking advice from amateur consultants. They do not have The KNOW HOW!

DON: I'm telling you, it's almost funny. People come to me all the time with "I read this and I read that, so it must be" kind of attitudes. Or they say to me "I have tried everything and NOTHING works. It has to be STEROIDS!" It's so fantastic. The bridge between what the media sells them, and what actually works. They get fed up with one product or one routine not working and blame it on genetics or drugs.
ROB: Physique and health progress should be continual and consistent not occasional and inconsistent. Success is achieved through the same means for each and every individual. Forget about the excuse of having below par genetics.  We are of the same species.  We all breathe the same air, digest food virtually the same, share vital organs of life, and grow muscle tissue through the same processes. Some are slower than others but when I hear this is an excuse for drugs, I know they aren't eating right nor adhering to either exercise technique or training frequency.

DON: Tell me more brother!
ROB: A muscle has to be stimulated to respond and the response is and can only can be growth (hypertrophy), maintenance, or loss of tissue (atrophy).  Weight training is the preferred stimulus for muscle growth but low intensity weight training will only minimally stimulate the muscle to maintain its current disposition. If you are satisfied with your current progress, work easily, maintain easily, sure. But work easy too long or too hard too often, you'll regress. Want to grow? Work HARD. Work infrequently or at least pay attention to your ability to recover between sessions.

DON: Here is one magic system. Pick a routine. Follow it EVERY day until progress halts. Now, begin training every other day until progress slows. When this occurs, train only every third day. The final phase when you see no positive result is a twice a week training schedule. When that dries, start a whole new routine. This could last you a month, or even two months, but it allows for all the obvious.
ROB: Well, exactly, because after stimulus, the next piece of the puzzle is recovery which ONLY takes place if adequate rest and nutrition are adhered to.  Resting is the easy part of it. You just stay away from weights between sessions until you progress.  You do not return to training the muscles at least until the pain from your previous workout has subsided once you reach the level of a truly advanced athlete.  Just because soreness is gone, doesn't mean you're ready for more! That only means that the nerve endings have partially recovered! The muscle still has not overcompensated from the prior weight training, and has thus, not grown.

Don: You have a modeling career going as well right now. Tell me a little about that. A funny story and a horror story.
ROB: Honestly...I wouldnt call it a career. I have just did a photo shoot with Eric Jacobson of Impact Photography who works with a lot of physique atheletes. This may open up more opportunities in the modeling business for me from the work we produced. So I really dont have many stories to tell about modeling..YET!! LOL

Don: What do you do for your guns?
ROB: I keep things pretty basic. 2 exercises of choice for both biceps and triceps. My arms have always been a genetic gift. Im not saying I dont train them like an animal, but they respond very easily. I keep my rep range between 6-10 for each exercise and only ONE work set for each exercise. Slam..bam..thank you Maam...get out and grow bro! The actual exercises vary depending feel and mood.

Don: You mean if one head of the bicep or tricep feels overtrained or lagging, you hit a specific exercise that day? Calves. How do you get Joe Pencil Neck to grow his calves the fastest?
ROB: Yes. One trick I have found to be pretty successful is to use rest pause repetitions. For example..seated calf raises done to failure and rack the weight for 10-15 seconds...unrack it and do as many as you can...rest again...and repeat. Another thing I have used is to super set seated calf raises with standing calf raises...making it a pre-exhaust type of exercise.

Don: How much do you charge a session?
ROB: I charge $60 an hour

Don: Yeah but Heavy Duty sessions dont last an hour so is that a weekly rate? What one female movie star do you want to meet and why?
ROB: Nope. It's per session. Probably Madonna.

Don: Ever since she boinked her trainer and had the baby every trainer in the World thinks it's their turn!
ROB: No, laughs, man! Because she has been so successful in life in whatever she chose to do, which of course is because she did it "her way". I would also like to show her what a "REAL" personal trainer can do...LOL

Don: See what I mean Big Boy? Laughs.
ROB: There ya go bro.

Don: So when are those hardcore videos of yours due out?
ROB: Soon. Very soon. You will be the first to know. It is being edited by GMV video in NYC and will be out and ready shortly.

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