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Blake Kassel Interview

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Nadia Lemmon Of www.nadia-alterio-lemmon.ca Interviews Blake Kassel, Founder & President of BodyLastics Int'l!

"Ever since Don Lemmon first gave me my BodyLastics Home Gym, it has proven to be the most beneficial and convenient piece of exercise equipment I have ever owned. I use it ALL the time! There are days that I'll choose to stay home and work out using my BodyLastics Home Gym over going to the gym because I know I can get the same work out exercising within the comfort of my own living room. Further, since home is also my place of work, the luxury of being able to take a 20 minute break at any time of the day to work out with my BodyLastics just makes life so much easier. Having my Bodylastics with me when I am away on business takes the cake, the fact that I can pack it in seconds and work out in a hotel room is just so handy! Just doesn't get any better than that!" - Nadia Alterio Lemmon

Blake Kassel is the Founder and President of Bodylastics Int'l and the designer and creator of the Bodylastics Home Gym . He is a true veteran in the field of fitness with over 20 years experience and personal training certifications from NASM (1994) and A.C.E. (current) and other accredited universities.

NADIA ALTERIO LEMMON ASKED: How did The BodyLastics come into existence?

BLAKE KASSEL OF BODYLASTICS REPLIED: I actually started to tinker with the idea after I was certified in personal training. The instructers for the certification course repeatedly talked about a great tool to use with your clients if they did not have equipment. The tool was surgical tubing. Although I found it useful, it was also very limiting. So, I began to work on a brand new design that would be versitile and effective. After several prototypes and a year and a half, the Bodylastics was born.

NADIA ALTERIO LEMMON ASKED: What makes The BodyLastics Home Gym so unique when compared to all other home gyms available on today's market and how can one tell if it's an authentic make?

BLAKE KASSEL OF BODYLASTICS REPLIED: What makes the product unique is that it can help the user recreate the best of the gym exercises in a 1.5 pound bag. Not to mention costing less than $50. So far as comparing the product to other resistance bands, we were the pioneers when it comes to the adjustable elastic clip system for the home market. If you want Bodylastics - you must make sure that it carries our name. There are some other poor imitations out there - don't be fooled. If it is not called Bodylastics - Don't Buy it.

NADIA ALTERIO LEMMON ASKED: You boast that Bodylastics is the $50 alternative to a Bowflex. How is this so?

BLAKE KASSEL OF BODYLASTICS REPLIED: I will take them on anywhere anytime. I guarantee that if we take a person and put them through a workout with both products - they will have as good if not a better workout with Bodylastics.

NADIA ALTERIO LEMMON ASKED: And an alternative to Soloflex or even Jackie Chan's Cableflex as well?

BLAKE KASSEL OF BODYLASTICS REPLIED: I make the same claim in regards to these 2 products.

NADIA ALTERIO LEMMON ASKED: What changes have been made to the BodyLastics since it's beginning?

BLAKE KASSEL OF BODYLASTICS REPLIED: First, we widened the handles. The standard for elastic tubing handles is about 4 inches. That is way too narrow. 80% of users end up rubbing their hands raw on the nylon webbing which is on the side of the handle. Our handles are wide enough to accomodate almost anyones hands without irritation. Second, we improved the system which attached the elastics to the clips. The new way greatly decreases the chance of an elastic snapping.

NADIA ALTERIO LEMMON ASKED: Who is The BodyLastics target user?

BLAKE KASSEL OF BODYLASTICS REPLIED: Advertising people would hate to hear me say this, but everyone. Due to it's versatility and efficacy, the product is great for the highschool student or the Bodybuilder or even the 80 year old grandmother.

NADIA ALTERIO LEMMON ASKED: Last year you had a booth at the Arnold Classic Fitness Expo in Columbus Ohio. During the expo you challenged male athletes, some huge and some average size, to curl all four elastics (the max resistance) 40 times. Out of about 1000 athletes, only about 30 could do it. Tell me more about this experience and will BodyLastics Int'l be returning to this year's Arnold Classic?

BLAKE KASSEL OF BODYLASTICS REPLIED: It was a blast! These guys with HUGE arms would walk buy and either read our sign (which had the challenge) or respond to us challenging them. They would laugh at the challenge until they tried the first Biceps curl. They knew that they were in trouble right away. These guys were screaming and yelling trying to complete the 40 reps - which we loved because it drew HUGE crowds around the booth. This year we will not be returning since I am developing another business which will need my attention at the show.

NADIA ALTERIO LEMMON ASKED: How many exercises in total can be performed with the BodyLastics System and what components come with your system when you order it?

BLAKE KASSEL OF BODYLASTICS REPLIED: There are 20 core exercises that we recommend people to perform with Bodylastics. All of these exercises are biomechanically correct which means that they follow the bodys natural movement. What does that mean for the user? It means that there will be a decreased chance of injury and a greater chance of success in developing the intended muscle group. The bodylastics super system comes with 4 different color elastics of varying tension levels, 2 handles, 2 ankle straps, one door anchor, the user manual and travel bag to keep everything together.

NADIA ALTERIO LEMMON ASKED: Aside from being a home gym, how compact is the BodyLastics? Is it good for travelling and can it fit in luggage?

BLAKE KASSEL OF BODYLASTICS REPLIED: This is the best travel gym on the market - period! It is 1.5 lbs and the size of a pair of shoes so it can easily fit in a any suitcase.

NADIA ALTERIO LEMMON ASKED: What types of other new equipment does Bodylastics Int'l. have in store for the future?

BLAKE KASSEL OF BODYLASTICS REPLIED: We will probably come out with some new attachments for exercises like squats in and maybe a bar for people who perfer to exercise with one

NADIA ALTERIO LEMMON ASKED: Is the BodyLastics Home Gym system available exclusively through Bodylastics.com or can you find it in Fitness Equipment Stores virtually anywhere? Are there any other websites that carry your line of equipment?

BLAKE KASSEL OF BODYLASTICS REPLIED: We only sell direct to consumer. The best place to get our equipment is from us directly.

NADIA ALTERIO LEMMON ADDS: Thanks Blake, for both the interview and for creating such a wonderful product. I use my BodyLastics ALL the time!

" Ever since I was 10 years old and attended my first bodybuilding show (I will never forget it, the first Night of Champions in NYC) I have been fascinated with shaping and honing the human body. Resistance training has helped create who I am today. It is an essential part of my being and soul. Before that, I really didn't know what I was missing. I set out to design this product so that I could share this intense love I have for good health with the rest of the world. You are going to love this product, I promise you that! Not only have I come up with something no one else can compare to, but now we also offer you the best nutrition the industry has to offer. It's a ONE TWO PUNCH that K.O.'s the competition. Come on, is changing your life for the better too much to ask? Nah!" Blake Kassel - President of Bodylastics Int'l, 2002

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