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Laurie Donnelly Interview

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I have known Laurie Donnelly for quite some time now. She is one of the better versed of the fitness girls. If you saw her on ESPN, with the exception of Rick Valente rattling off his nonsense and pawing all over the girls that were on the show, you know Laurie was a class act. Not that the other girls weren't, Laurie just has the ability to shine. That's how she is. I do not think she can help it. We keep in fairly regular touch and so I asked her to do a quick Q&A with us. She of course agreed. We met a few years ago and ever since I have been prodding her about projects she has been neglecting! What's up with that Laurie? In time I am sure she will get to them. A woman under this much scrutiny has got her hands full enough already. The funny thing is that we have attended the same conventions over the past 3 years and never seem to cross paths. Since she lives in Colorado, it will probably be by accident on a ski slope this season. Who knows. Read on! Here is PART ONE.

DON: So what have you been up to since last being on ESPN regarding the fitness industry?
LAURIE: My main focus has not been the fitness industry in the same sense as it had  been.  I am still involved in personal training and fitness consulting, both in "real life and in cyberspace."  I have been working on an integration of balanced holistic approach to fitness and to life.  I hope to have some things ready to share via the internet and a book in the future.  I plan to attend this year's Fitness America in Redondo as it is the 10th Anniversary (my how time flies).  I have had a number of requests to "Get back on TV," but as of yet have no immediate plans.

DON: How is YOUR training coming along? Any new goals achieved?
LAURIE: Training is actually great!  I no longer train because it's what I think I need to do to stay in shape.  As you know - most of that is through diet! I am going more for enjoyment and gearing up for some competing - but not in fitness shows! In a few trail races and off road triathlons (you know I used to compete in running).  I have also recently started teaching kickboxing!

DON: Laurie the Jedi! What is upon the immediate horizon for you?
LAURIE: Depends on the day!  Both of the goals mentioned in the above questions are my immediate goals in "fitness"  I am also planning to return to school for my Master's - I love to learn and continuing my education is quite important to me.

DON: I know your 'real' job is in the business world. Beauty and brains. Question. If you have one food that gets you every time, what would it be?
LAURIE: I suppose you are referring to what I love to eat - and hate to pass up - if that's the question, the answer is:  Iced sugar cookies - not one good thing about them that's good for me though!

DON: Mine is peanut butter pie. Problem is I haven't had but two restaurants serve a good one and both no longer do. So I cheated a lot for nothing! Laughs. If you could change one thing about mainstream fitness, what would it be?
LAURIE: The amount of BS that is out there!  I can't believe all of the infomercials on TV selling crap!  And the part that gets me the most is that there are so many people who will believe almost anything in regards to an easy way to get in shape!

DON: Well, that goes more to the theory America is kept stupid so the rich can steal their money from them. You have an extensive resume in this field. You were a tremendous marketing tool for ESPN. What is one thing about you that people do not realize but you feel they should know?
LAURIE: This is a rather tough question ... One thing that continues to come up when I meet people is their surprise that I am a "regular person" without an "attitude."  This makes me wonder if a number of people that have "public exposure" have an "attitude" or whether this is an assumption those that haven't met them make.

DON: No, it is more like the average person feels so insecure about themselves being left in the dark so much that they tend to forget we all wear pants and shoes and walk on the same earth. This is back again to the theory America is better off this way. Control. Speaking of the 'truth' when is your book for women's exercise going to be made available?
LAURIE: HMMM... Now I have to wonder if this is your way of "motivating" me to get going!!

DON: You bet your butt. Is there a chance of doing a video to accompany it?
LAURIE: This project is a bit further down the road.  As you may know I participated in Body Shaping's videos, and quite honestly I didn't think much of the production.  Putting together a top quality video is an enormous project that doesn't work real well "on the side."

DON: I hear you. Oh do I hear you. What was the last movie you saw, the last video you rented, the last book you read, the last CD you bought?
LAURIE: Movie in a theater (I hardly go out to movies): Big Daddy, which consequently was also the last CD I bought - I liked the sound track.  We rent movies quite a bit, so I've probably seen almost everything out there that might be decent - no horror films though!  I am currently reading a book by Russell Blaylock called Excitotoxins: The Taste that Kills.  If you have not read it, I think it might be one you would find interesting and alarming!

DON: I am familiar. People are scared enough though Laurie! Besides Adam Sandler and Russell Blaylock and Judge Roy Bean, who are three people you want to meet in this lifetime and why?
LAURIE: Oh boy, another tough question: Dali Lama- to learn more about his views on profound wisdom and peace. Depok Chopra- to see if he practices what he preaches (which is quite profound) as some of those out there who preach motivation and health, do not practice it. Those are the two that come to my mind first.  I enjoy meeting people in general as I think everyone we encounter in life adds interest and dimension to our lives. Sounds like everything in your life has gotten interesting.

DON: What have you been doing since your last public appearance for fitness? You know, television, etc.? I know you came down for the Fitness America. How was that?
LAURIE: Since my last appearance (who even remembers when that was?) I have been working on developing my career in marketing (which is going very well). Although I still maintain my web site and train a few clients, I am not very involved in the public fitness arena.  I am currently enjoying training for triathlons, playing soccer, and trying to learn yoga which as I am sure you know, are all far different than training for a fitness competition.

DON: Did you enjoy being a part of the fitness industry?
LAURIE: The Fitness America was great.  It was fabulous to see everyone and "stand in the limelight" again.  Part of the industry I miss, part I don't.

DON: What exercise equipment line do you prefer? You know, like Nautilus, Cybex, etc.
LAURIE: For gym exercise lines, I prefer Cybex.  For home, I think Pacific Fitness is doing a good job with their equipment.

DON: What form of aerobic exercise do you prefer and how is it best manipulated to lose fat?
LAURIE: For aerobic exercise, as you may have guessed from above, I enjoy running, biking, and swimming (soccer is not bad for staying in shape either  :)  As far as controlling body fat goes, these types of activities are very conducive to warding off body fat.  As long as I keep my diet 80/20, I've found I don't need to worry about it.

DON: Women's bodybuilders didn't used to be as muscular as today's fitness competitors. Now the bodybuilders are bigger than men. Where can we draw a line here?
LAURIE: In regards to the line, I would have drawn it along time ago.  You couldn't pay me to compete now if it meant gaining as much muscle as the competitors have today.  My health is far more important than being big and ripped as a women, and since it takes precedence as a priority in life to be in that condition, I'm no longer willing to sacrifice every other area of my life that I enjoy.

DON: Ever considered getting back on a stage?
LAURIE: I believe my answer above has adequately answered the question of whether or not you'll see me on stage competing!

DON: How is work and what is it you are doing these days?
LAURIE: Work is great.  I am Marketing Manager at a health related catalog company. It is challenging and the people I work with make nearly every day fun. Certainly I feel like I have a much more balanced life with regard to working out, my personal life, and my professional responsibilities. Just to make everything more interesting, I am going back to school to get my MBA in the fall.

DON: What types of supplements do you use and how do you cycle them?
LAURIE: The only supplements I take are vitamins, not very interesting stuff.

DON: What type of a workout split routine are you following and what are some of your strongest lifts?
LAURIE: My workout split... frankly a joke.  I train full body with weights 2-3 times per week, and it's nothing strenuous.  I am very happy with how my body looks and performs.  I do what works for me.  My strongest lifts ended years ago!

DON: What friends have you made in the industry and who are you regularly in touch with?
LAURIE: I wish I could say I kept in touch with everyone I wanted to.  I'm not real good at staying in touch.  I have made some great friends in the industry and I'm embarrassed to admit my lack of contact with them.  By the way, tell Madonna I said hi (I think she's great) and that I need a new move to practice (she'll know what I mean).  Some of the girls I wish I would keep in touch with more (in addition to Madonna) are Sherri G., Marla, Debbie Kruck, Carol Semple, Mia, Monica Brant, Alphie (I have no idea where she is or what in the world she's up to) this list could be long, you get the point.

DON: If you could set up an organization of your own, how would you run things differently?
LAURIE: An organization of my own - NO WAY - not something I'd be interested in doing.  :)

DON: So what now my dear?
LAURIE: You, keep in touch with me and let me know how you're doing. Tell everyone you come in contact with that I know, I said "hi"! What are you doing this week?

DON: Being busy as a bee. Was working with Madonna Grimes at her studio for a while and am now in Vegas preparing for the Weider Awards.
LAURIE: Hopefully see you there!

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