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Madonna Grimes Interview

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MaDonna Grimes is a friend of mine in Los Angeles. Most of you know her by face if not by name. She has been literally every where at one point or another. From OSU as a cheer leader, to dance schools from NYC to LA, Broadway, around the World and back to take over the illustrious Karen Voight Dance Studio, MaDonna Grimes has come a long way. She not only dances but is a seasoned gymnast, actress and singer. We met through mutual connections in the fitness industry and hit it off quite quick. She is an amazing woman and on the go at all times! Slow down girl! With a passion and zest for life, I believe she can achieve whatever she sets her sites on. We all have our weaknesses but as far as the public's eye and what it perceives, MaDonna is nothing but smiles and joy.

DON: You've been asked to interview for donlemmon.com with some other cool people. Are you excited?
MADONNA: Laughs. Don. You know I am!

DON: Is this more exciting than being on television or in a magazine?
MADONNA: After being on all the magazine covers I have, yes and no. An interview is nice. I like to speak my mind.

DON: Do you care I receive millions of visitors though?
MADONNA: Do you? That's good right?

DON: What can you tell me about your body and the shape it's in that you think most people do not realize.
MADONNA: I am mostly the product of years of dance and gymnastics not bodybuilding.

DON: Per modeling or fitness or bodybuilding. Tell me the best, and the worst experience you have ever had in this field.? Maybe the experience was with another person or happened to a friend.
MADONNA: Oh wow. I have had a lot of fun times in modeling. And again, with all I have done, I have met some weirdos too.

DON: Tell me about the different fad diets you have tried. Why did they fail?
MADONNA: I have tried this and that. Your diet makes the most sense to me. But I honestly do not believe 'diet' is the right word to use. Eat good. Eat right. Take concern for what you do. Don't 'diet', yuck.

DON: What different exercise routines have you tried? Split routines, full body workouts, and what really showed the best results? What was your last session like?
MADONNA: Depends. I might go in and do whatever. I really do not weight lift. I do not even know the names for most exercises! I have been re-habbing a knee I twisted lately though.

DON: What was the last movie you saw, video rented, cd bought, concert saw, fancy meal ate?
MADONNA: I saw Talented Mr Ripley with you. I have rented in a while. I like my Jerry Springer and Andy Griffith shows. Concerts? Too crowded for me. I like to relax at home. Fancy meals? I dunno, when I eat with you and all you have are whole eggs and cottage cheese with a salad, anything seems fancy! Laughs.

DON: What supplement lines do you use or cycle and when? What one should never be neglected (or more than one)?
MADONNA: You put me on rutin and minerals and I like that but again, I need to remember to take them honestly. I am human. A multi vitamin is good I believe but I don't like protein powders. Too pastey.

DON: What is your crowning achievement?
MADONNA: I suppose the Ms Fitness America championship but I like being an aunt too.

DON: Who cheered you along all the while and who said you couldn't that you proved wrong?
MADONNA: My mother and I don't like to give negative people the attention they crave.

DON: How long have you been running a studio?
MADONNA: A LONG time. I have two now.

DON: What was your first and last job working for someone else?
MADONNA: Geeze, I was a cashier and aerobics instructor. That's how I started. Teaching, teaching, teaching and then taking control.

DON: What do you want to plug and what makes it unique?
MADONNA: Go to my web site! madonnafitness.com and come to my class! I will personally greet you there!

DON: What you would change if you saw an inch creep up on your waistline?
MADONNA: Ask you what to do, laughs.

DON: What is your favorite 'good for you' meal and favorite cheat food?
MADONNA: I love chicken and greens. Probably cookies! Chocolate chip!

DON: Is there anything you think we haven't touched upon here yet you'd like to?
MADONNA: Not really. You're doing fine. Let's continue!

DON: What is your educational background? College. Certifications. What subjects were the most important in getting your mind set where it is today?
MADONNA: I went to school in both at Ohio State and New York City. I have a Masters in Dance and Choreography. I think I am what I am today because I have always wanted to and tried to move forward in everything. I have so much I want to accomplish in life. And I will most of it!

DON: I am curious what is your most frequently asked question.
MADONNA: Laughs. "Excuse me. Are you MaDonna Grimes?" Laughs. You know it! You were there!

DON: Your top five favorite web sites are:
MADONNA: Mine, yours, um, laughs (I don't surf much Don).

DON: What makes you cringe?
MADONNA: Not getting my way!

DON: What makes you smile so wide your jaw aches?
MADONNA: Getting my way!

DON: Paint the final picture of your goals in life.
MADONNA: I will be an old fat and happy mother of three one of these days!

DON: Of all the highs and lows, what is your desired final destination?
MADONNA: I just want to look back and know I did something with myself. I left no stone unturned. No regrets.

DON: What needs changed in bodybuilding or fitness mainstream or industry related?
MADONNA: Drugs. I wish the girls wouldn't take drugs. They look like men! And I wish they would take up gymnastics as opposed to just learning a routine for show. It really will balance their physiques out a lot!

Visit MaDonna at www.madonnafitness.com

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