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Linda Cusmano Interview

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DON: Who was the first person to tell you to get into better shape?
LINDA: Me!  I was overweight then decided to go the Anorexia route, so first I became sick, then I became healthy!

DON: What directed your attention to your first diet?
LINDA: AT 16 years when it is told you are supposed to be thin, which is gorgeous, so I was fat and wanted to be considered pretty, pressures of high school, but no diet worked so it took years of body damage before I learned.

DON: Your 5 favorite websites are....
LINDA: Lisa Marie Varon has one of the nicest Fitness competitor sites, but the sites I reaaaaaaaaaly like, not related to fitness are:

You need some time to play around at some of these sites, but what a blast!

DON: Cool! What do you want to plug up front here?
LINDA: Kappa, Aubrey Organics, Basic Sports Nutrition, Compassionate Mall... and hmmmmmmmm, I went Pro last year.

DON: I know! Congrats a million times! I like Aubrey too. Ever buried something somewhere secret?
LINDA: Yup!  Within my home which is over 100 years old, of course unless I forgot anything, I dug em all up, but you can see my little 'tags' all over the place from when I was small.

DON: What's your craziest groupie story?
LINDA: I had a guy following me around a show, he was a sweet person and not threatening at all but very persistent and I can bet he needed some attention.  I gave him my autograph and he had a photo all ready to go, but he did not leave my side and finally I had to put my sport car to some use to lose him once the show was over, luckily this was in my home city so I know where I can lose him!!

DON: That's actually pretty scary. Anything embarrassing happen when you were trying to look cool?
LINDA: Yeah, here I am walking around on my hands, warming up for a photo shoot, at the World gym and out were my boobs hanging all over the place while the gym watched me!!!!!!!!  Some tops just were not made for fitness!!!!!!!

DON: Laughs. I wonder if some of them thought you did it on purpose or felt bad about it? Your biggest lie...
LINDA: "Who me?"

DON: Grossest thing you ever ate....
MEAT!  I had been veg (not vegan though) for over 10 years and decided to go back to red meat for the year of 1999, just to prove to all these people telling me "you would be bigger if you ate meat", to prove that is all crap.  Well I had to struggle to keep the fat off, where as normally I can eat more sugars and fats than most competitors without it even showing, just as long as I am off the meat.  I am allergic to eggs and poultry as well.  I am back to my 'veg' trend, and stay lean without trying, and yes gained more muscle this year than last, although I lost it all due to a car accident that had occurred late Aug 2000, just 2 months from World's.  I placed 4th where as I know the muscle losses were the result, I can bet I would have had 1st place but I am awaiting the tally sheets as it can be pertinent to my case against the fellow that had rear ended me (I was a passanger too)!!!

DON: There is something to eating clean most meat eaters ignore for sure. Ever attacked a defective vending machine? What one?
LINDA: Yes,  coke machine in Whistler, in my younger 'drinking' years, of course it won!

DON: Your actual job title is...
LINDA: Canadian Fitness Champ and Vancouver's best trainer!

DON: How did you meet your significant other?
LINDA: Funny, he fed me back to life during my worst stage of anorexia by feeding me daily bites of food until I could eat a whole slice of pizza.  We had known each other through my half sister (he hung around with her younger cousin) and we were both to be in her wedding party but since I had a guy at that time, we were best of friends until I was free and then he asked me

DON: What is your education?
LINDA: Some college and university all pertinent to training.

DON: What led you into this field?
LINDA: Striving for my own perfection and needing a jog change where I could help people and become more positive.

DON: Your most frequent question asked is....
LINDA: What do you eat???  Seems when you're a vegetarian who is 'buff' it confuses the shit out of people!

DON: I can almost see that, laughs. Is there a piece of exercise equipment you hate to use?
LINDA: Seated Calve raises, the toes always slip off!!!!!!

DON: What makes you smile the widest?
LINDA: My pitbull Niko, he is such a card!

DON: What was your best workout routine ever like?
LINDA: 6 days per week with weights on a 6 day split, 3 sessions per week of plyometrics, gymnastics 2 times a week and kickboxing when there is time! And all this in a private gym!

DON: Your crowning achievement?
LINDA: Overcoming my ACL reconstruction and getting back in training, because of which I had to miss Nationals and Internationals!  Here I am again, neck and back ruined from this rear ender, lost a world title I worked for all year, and lots of my muscle is gone.  I still can't really train.........this sucks!

DON: Don't get mad, but when you are falling apart like that, it's a protein deficiency. Tell me a joke:
LINDA: I hate to say this but our contest arena is becoming a joke!

DON: Favorite good for you meal:
LINDA: Garlic mashed taters -no fats or salts, mixed wild greens with a orange vinaigrette, also I love raw oysters!

DON: Favorite BAD meal:
LINDA: Restaurant???  HA HA HA HA HA, about 5 lbs of gourmet Fanny May and Purdys chocolates!!

DON: Your first interview was...
LINDA: High school, I was a breakdancer, gymnast and dancer and that had me interviewed all the time!  Even our local papers and news stations as girls in Break were really new then.

DON: Tell me something not sexual about your body...
LINDA: I am completely, 100 % me, no plastic surgery or 'Hard' supplements.

DON: What would you change about your industry if you could without hesitation?
LINDA: Judging criteria!  50 percent on fitness routine, 50% on physique, but no points for facial beauty or skin tone, especially no points for plastic surgery.  No extra points for acrobatics (although I am a gymnast).  Girls should not have to do those things, they need to be appreciated for individual talent, if it happens to be gymnastics then fine, but the next girl should be looked at without comparison to 'oohh aaaaaahh' flips.  I do agree flexibility is a must but let us get a point system that does not have such 'opinion' oriented judging. Let us get a score sheet that is blank and show the girls can know what the judges want.

DON: Ever peed in a pool?
LINDA: I don't do pools!  Probably as a kid I did, but I don't use them now for years!!!

DON: Who got your vote? Bush or Gore (I know you are Canadian)?
LINDA: To be honest, they tell us what they want us to hear, who really knows what the heck they are all up to, like anyone really cares about the people????  They care about the income they will get in office!!!!!!!!

DON: What diets have you tried and why did they fail?
LINDA: Scarsdale, lemons, vinegar, X-LAX.... They fail cuz diets are bad, eating is good, but eating properly and being in tune with your bodies individual needs is best!

DON: Can you do the macarena? Electric slide? Line dance?
LINDA: Yup, but I won't!  Can you?

DON: No! When was and what was your last workout?
LINDA: I do just physical therapy ttreatments right now, I should start working out again soon but I still suffer a lot of pains.

DON: Ever been knocked out?
LINDA: No, I do the knocking out!

DON: Ever knocked someone else out? Wanted to? Who?
LINDA: Yup, many times, grade school to present (I kickbox now) usually loud mouth bullys who think they are invincible and pick on the smaller, meaker guy.  I never really wanted to knock a girl out though, just guys.

DON: Last movie saw....
LINDA: Something new all the time!

DON: Last video rented....
LINDA: "Frequency" with Denis Quaid, but it is cuz I have seen all the other latest releases.

DON: Last cd bought...
LINDA: Get real, I have Napster now!  I burn my own!

DON: Last concert attended....
LINDA: Boys to Men - a few years ago, but I want to see Ricky Martin!

DON: E-Gads Linda! And the TV show you most watch?
LINDA: VIP or Charmed, girl power! Oh, and the WWF!!!!!!!  Just kidding, I do catch that sometimes, depends whats on when I am home...........OOOHHHHHHHH  Hockey!!!!!!!!  NHL for sure, that is what I watch most!!!!!!!!!!

DON: Sounds like a lot of TV overall! What supplements do you take?
LINDA: Right now, nothing, nausea from the car accident has royally messed me up! Normally soy protein, glutamine, vitamins, minerals, herbs, some trendy stuff to see if it works - on and off.  I have lost a good inch or so off my arms since the accident!

DON: What supplement do you really miss when you forget it or what supplement did you notice the most results from?
LINDA: B-complex believe it or not.  Next is the Soy.

DON: The worst pickup line ever...
LINDA: Can you body slam me?  Pulllllllllllllleeeze!

DON: If you were anyone else who would you be....
LINDA: Janet Jackson, she is soooooosooooooooooo pretty, and what a business gal eh?

DON: Your last dream...
LINDA: Literally?  Too weird to describe, but my goal is to pick them 6 numbers!!!!!!

DON: What next?
LINDA: I wanted to do bodybuilding this year, I will next, but I still want that World title, and was confident it was mine, so you know- unless more SHIT like that car accident hits the fan, it is mine next year!  For now I am entertaining some casting, anything you got to throw my way???

DON: Maybe! Bonus round. Rant.
LINDA: Rant???  I lost my natural muscle I worked so hard to get all year, in a matter of weeks it was gone, gotta get it back!
To visit Linda online go to www.lindacusmano.com

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