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Bridgett Riley Interview

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DON: Hi, you are a true women's boxing champion. Someone building a legacy. I feel like you came from another Planet though. You don't look like a lesbian or a tom boy. What gives?
BRIDGETT: Yeah, some of my opponents have had that buzz hairdo, chewing tobacco in the back pocket, deep voices, were flannel shirt wearing, held lifetime subscriptions to Playboy, were male bashing.... NOT THAT THERE'S ANYTHING WRONG WITH THAT....  To each their own, and I'm not mad at em. Smiles, but come on,  it's a lose lose situation. Women who are a bit on the "rugged" side, get slammed and don't promote us well. Women who are on the "pretty girl" side get reamed too but even so, it's not about being pretty. It's about being a woman.  I  like being a GIRL, and having said that,  I like just as much, knocking my opponents OUT. I just happen to be a competitor. But all woman.

DON: I hear you loud and clear. It's not about appearance as in what you are born with, it's about class and having a dime's worth of manners. Let's not forget that in July this year you were ranked number 2 in the World. So you're no pushover. What supplements or product lines do you use or who are you signed with?
BRIDGETT: Products I use.... TONS of makeup products. Laughs. I LOVE makeup. I love clothes too.  Too many to name, I'm bad! The top hair products are all I use.  Equipment, I like Nike, Adidas, and Fila. But I prefer Reyes boxing gloves.  They rock Don! Supplements? I did an Iron Man Twin Lab commercial once.  Cha - ching.  I need more of those babies. :)  Met-rx bars? (I know you hate them) but the Java Chip is yummie.  I need a sponsor so I can get a GRIP on a bunch of bars! Several other supplements are on my hot list, like amino acids, minerals, fatty acids and vitamins which are all a big part of my nutrition. I'm not signed with any one at the moment obviously, and I'm looking to change that... pronto. Smiles.

DON: Metrx blows and if you read my article on fake sugars you'd never eat them. If they taste like candy and you're cheating, THEY ARE CANDY! Laughs. Total junk. I will spread the word for endorsements. Tell me.... Today's diet was.....
BRIDGETT: Today's diet... Oatmeal for breakfast. Home made chicken vegetable soup later and yogurt for lunch. Chicken and veggies for dinner. Fruit to snack on at some point. BORING? No  not really it's not so bad. I use spices and I feel good about myself.

DON: Most people do not realize that diet has a lot of variables in it. You can rearrange cereals, have eggs instead, different meats, veggies, etc., so.... Your typical exercise routine is.... What? And how does that differ when traveling?
BRIDGETT: Typical exercise for Bridgett is... Road work (running) w/ my boxing team at 6:30 am - (2 to 6) days a week. And we go anywhere from 2  to 6 miles per session too.  It varies as does the duration  and endurance requirements of a boxing fight changes from round to round. My boxing training is 3 to 6 days a week. And my weight training is 2 to 3 days a week up until a couple weeks before any scheduled fight. When traveling, I try to run as much as I can if I cant get to a gym.

DON: Its not everyday you get to escape work and have a relaxing experience then. But honestly I think most people believe you spent 8 hours a day everyday training. But you do not. What do you do to relax?
BRIDGETT:  To relax... I love going to the movies. I like saunas, hot tubs, and massages - BIG TIME.  SUPER SIZE that on massage. I like lighting a bunch of candles, listening to my music and just kicking  back. Oh. To really let loose.... Play Station's Tomb Raider!  That's good!

DON: Music? What kind? Last CD Bought and last concert saw?
BRIDGETT:  Nothing relaxing! The last CD I  bought was Methods of Mayhem with Tommy Lee from Motley Crue. That cut, "Get Naked" Is off the hook!! The last concert I was at ... wow ... let me think here...  Many many moons ago when I was in Sidney, Australia filming the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Movie. (That's a mouthful to say.)  We saw BOYS 2 MEN.  They were great!

DON: I am friends with Jason David Frank. The former 'leader' of the Power Rangers. Tell me something funny about him and more about how you were involved with the movie in OZ!
BRIDGETT: Something funny about Jason David Frank... Jason is just plain funny.  He had me busting up laughing all the time! He was really eager to work w/ the stunt team and try new things too, and he always just 'went' for it, and gave 100% while trying.  Jason's cool people. I was involved w/ the movie mainly to do gymnastics, stunts, and fighting as the Yellow Power Ranger. But I also worked as one of the purple "OOZE" bad guys. I was a bird too.

DON: What?
BRIDGETT: Hey there's no shame in my game! We actually had a lesson on proper squawking and how to move more ... Ummm... birdlike. This was like freakin comedy central at its best.  I squawked w/ the best of em Don! I filed this one under: Due paying. I even doubled the "jungle woman" who taught skills to the Rangers.  It was a great experience and I learned a lot about many things on this film.

DON: Speaking of films, what was the last movie you rented and the last you went to see....
BRIDGETT:  I really don't rent movies anymore because I have that satellite gizmo that gets all the PPV movies.  The last one I saw there was... BIG DADDY... I NOW am an Adam Sandler fan. I wasn't before but I liked it a lot. The last movie I saw in a theater was... YIKES, I can't remember.  It has been  a while because I am in training and in bed early. I read though, does that count?

DON: YES actually. Name the last book you read and if you had one too many books in your library, who would be the most predominant writer in your collection?
BRIDGETT:  The last book I read, I am still reading is... Into The Garden.  I read ALL V. C.  Andrews books.  I'm hopelessly devoted!

DON: It's a funny mix of boyish traits but total feminism you have. Interesting. I liked how we started this off with the differences between you and other or at least some of the other boxers. You think women's boxing is losing it's spark or is it gaining it's edge because....
BRIDGETT:  I think women's boxing is losing it's spark because promoters won't give SEVERAL of us that DESERVE it... TV.  We need to be seen.

DON: EXPOSURE huh? What's the solution?
BRIDGETT:  We need MORE women  fighting on televised cards.  Not just one or two, but MANY more. This must happen. It's the only way to educate the general public. There are VERY talented female fighters out there who are being kept hidden.  IT REALLY STINKS.  I am fighting outside the ring as much as I am inside there to remedy this disease!

DON: Speaking of disease, do you have brain damage? I wouldn't want to fight for a living no matter how good I was! When people meet you, what is the one thing you are asked the most besides "Can I take a picture or get an autograph"?
BRIDGETT:  I am asked repetitively... WHY DO YOU WANT TO BOX AND MESS UP THAT FACE? I wish I had a dollar for every time I heard that one.

DON: It's a definite compliment. I saw how people looked at you when we were at the convention in November. I had to remind them you were a fighter. Funny huh? And, you must be good, I haven't noticed any scars. What one thing makes you cringe? Not necessarily in boxing. But it could be....
BRIDGETT:  I will be frank ... One thing that really makes me cringe in the most cringiest of ways of cringing... It is when a woman does not get the same opportunity to display her talent let alone receive equal compensation for that talent as a man... Especially when she excels and if she works just as hard, if not harder because of the same facts... There is an awful lot to prove it seems. Having said that... I'm not bitter. They are facts. It's frustrating. But it's what we do in the face of challenge that makes us leaders isn't it? I'm just going to keep working my booty off and make positive change.

DON: I think you already have just with this interview. In twenty years, where do you see yourself?
BRIDGETT:  In 20 years.... I see myself... God willing... HAPPY. And, oh, and HEALTHY and definitely REGRETTING NOTHING!

DON: I love your views on this sport and I can't get enough... In men's boxing we have what? And in women's boxing, we have what else?
BRIDGETT:  In men's boxing we have... Many televised cards.   Many many many more athletes, period, in that 'half' of the sport.  They have much bigger pay days.  Are better organized (if I can seriously use the word 'organized' in the sport of boxing). THE OLYMPICS. The men have the Olympics. In women's boxing we have... ACTION ACTION and a little more ACTION. Fighters trying to prove themselves. I see women athlete's becoming more and more skilled at their craft. Limited exposure in a consistent manner pertaining to televised  fights on male cards is tough, but it's ok. At least we know who is doing it for the love of the game don't we?

DON: What do you think of Muhammad Ali's daughter fighting now?  Is it all hype?
BRIDGETT: I know Leila and she seems to carry herself well.  We train out of the same gym but at different times, so I haven't been able to see a whole lot of her  ability. What I have seen, is that she shows promise.  As far as hype, I had heard she made $50,000 for her FIRST fight.  YIKES!  Somehow, I found the strength to not throw myself off a very tall building.  I'll  just file this one under: Life is  not fair, deal with it! Laughs, and turn the page.  Not to mention that this girl has serious NAME POWER, and that goes a LONG way. I do think that she can bring an enormous amount of attention to female boxing in a positive manner, and hey, I'm all for that. I've come to terms that this game and life in general is not always fair and I cant get caught up in what others are getting and what I'm not. I will just work to improve upon myself and keep stepping forward.  I encourage other female athletes to not get discouraged either by the unfairness of opening up unbelievable doorways for someone that hasn't earned their stripes. It's not about being better or worse. It's about working for it.

DON: Speaking of exposure. And EARNING that exposure... How about the Playboy playmate?  What's her name? She now boxes too? What is going on here? A face lift for Women's Boxing?
BRIDGETT: Exactly.  What's her name?  That's funny you do not know her name! OK Here we go.  I know Mia.  In person she is so sweet to me that I get cavities shortly after just walking past her. She has always been nice to me when we are face to face, and very humble. I do think she tries.  Her promoter does not approve of female boxing, and I think he backs up his opinion by placing a fighter of this, less than amateur ability and level, on TOP TOP HIGH PROFILE fight cards like he does. Boxing is not what  Mia's promoter is trying to sell.  Anyone w/ half a clue can figure this one  out for it does not take a rocket scientist to see what's going on here. Mia of course is laughing all the way to the bank.

DON: You mention earnings a lot. I know your envy comes from your working so hard so long for so little pay just to get a title and earn that pay. Then here comes a puppet for the public to stare at. It's not like Oscar DeLaHoya who just happens to be a pretty face, like you are too. These are puppets. It's a 'work' I think too.
BRIDGETT: I guess you can't blame her, she's raking it in. This is a manipulation of the sport of boxing though.  She is queen of the four rounds.  Hence the word "four."  Why does she not fight ten rounds?  Hmmm... or at least six to eight.  I hope I'm not collecting social security by the time she would miraculously fight someone who knew how to throw a punch.  I have no clue where they have found that many opponents that practically fall down during the stare down but some people have no shame. Once in a while, yes, a fighter is brought a long, but NOT every single time and not just to takes a fall as soon as you step in the ring.

DON: Funny how now, we do not even hear anything else about her. Did her publicist give up? Was that her choice?
BRIDGETT: OK, on the Playboy spread... "Spread" - That's funny - no pun intended.  We are all responsible for the choices we make in life, and I judge NO ONE.  I will leave that up to God.  I do take my position as role model serious and I  have a completely different message I want to send out to our youth and ladies than Mia and her manager do.  I want people to use their minds and get an education.  To work hard using persistence towards goals. Not trying to take a short cut, easy routes and that, because when it's all said and done, there is a price to pay for selling out. Women who choose to do Playboy, do so because they want to.  When Mia states that she did it to bring more exposure to women's boxing - to expand the perception of female  fighting... PUH-PLEASE! Save the drama for your mama.  ALL she brought exposure to was her body, and all she expanded was her bank account. I'd rather flip fries at McDonald's than exploit what many many other females have fought tooth and nail for. And that's all I've got to say about that.

DON: I personally think because boys in America are told to defend girls they feel threatened by a self striving woman. I also think because MORE boys WANT to fight, it's more profitable to market to a larger customer base (so to speak). You sound like you are on top of things though. Confident and feeling good about just being you. That's a great thing. Self secure. When you looked your absolute best however, who wrote up your routine and diet?
BRIDGETT:  When I looked my best... My fitness trainer wrote up the diet and weigh lifting routine. I wouldn't get by without that portion of the fight prep. My boxing trainers however were obviously in charge of my running, sparring, and fight training.  I recently joined up with Javier Capetillo, an amazing boxing trainer, to really stay on top and get better at boxing.

DON: You said no regrets earlier. If you could go back and redo one thing in life it would be....
BRIDGETT:  Hmmm.... If I could go back and redo one thing in life... I really don't live to regret anything because I feel it is all part of growth and the process of becoming a better person. But If I could redo one thing... I'd have taken Spanish ALL FOUR YEARS OF HIGH SCHOOL. Laughs. Coming from the Midwest, I had NO idea I'd EVER need or use Spanish.  Now my entire team are Spanish and I am in dire a crash course!

DON: Good thing they aren't Canadian so you'd need French and Spanish living here in LA! Your fight against Lahsen in 98 was voted fight of the year.... I have to ask. What the hell made you want to fist fight for a living?
BRIDGETT:  Laughing out loud! What the hell made me want to fist fight for a living? Point blank huh? Because I'm good at it.  And I like being good at things. Laughs.

DON: If you had your way......
BRIDGETT:  If I had my way... I'd be a female Michael Jordan with so many endorsement deals that I wouldn't know what to do with them all and all the little girls in the world would know who I am and then men would understand it's ok to be whomever you really are.

DON: WOW! Ok, I like that. What's your favorite food or meal?
BRIDGETT:  My favorite food is PIZZA. Hands down! It has been 2 years since I've had it though. I like the idea of the pizza prep you recommend. If I really eat like that I can't get fat? Amazing. I gave it up as a sacrifice for my dreams. UGH. Junk food.  It's actually not as difficult as I thought or should I say convinced myself at first it would be. I do love Ben and Jerry's Chocolate Fudge Brownie Yogurt. YUM. I like pasta too but fat free carb meals aren't bad, right?  I like a lot of the bad food that I'm not allowed to eat any ways.  I think that stinks. I really do. But I don't want fat or ugly or out of condition for work either.

DON: Plus it's healthier. It's about health. You can look good, feel good and BE good if you do it right.
BRIDGETT:  Yeah. Plus, when I was a kid I could eat ANYTHING and EVERYTHING and stay thin. Now it's a totally different story.  I do know I need to eat healthy to perform and train the way I do. But it's crazy how as kids we can eat it all. Maybe it's our activity at that age. It cant possibly be good for us either way.

DON: It's not. That's for sure. Ask any fat kid. If you could change one more thing in this sport it would be.... And even though you've said a lot already... I want to know also because why.....
BRIDGETT:  If I could change one thing in this sport it would be... ONLY ONE THING... This is tough.  There are SO MANY things that NEED to be changed and cleaned up in a BIG way.

DON: Tick, tock, tick, tock, the timer Bridgett....
BRIDGETT:  Laughs! SHUT UP! The sport of Boxing needs a big fat face lift period.  It needs uncorrupted organization.  Promoters totally need reality checked and regulated.

DON: What did you think I would ask during this interview?
BRIDGETT:  I don't know... This was one of the funniest interviews I've done! That is wicked cool about all the traffic you get at your site, I am looking forward to people reading this. SO RIGHT ON!!!! Thank you so much for taking an interest in me.  I truly appreciate it!

DON: So. What's next?
BRIDGETT: Well, I may be fighting Jan. 23 in Vegas for America Presents on Fox Sports.  It is not

a done deal yet. I don't believe it until I hear the bell ring. My fingers are crossed. Tell me when this is posted! Let me know, por favor. I'm all about Spanish. Smiles

DON: Finally (I hate to end this) but finally, your top ten favorite boxers are:
BRIDGETT: Top 10 of all time... I totally suck at this. I will say that Sugar Ray Robinson was IT!! WOW. Roberto Duran was great in his day.  As well as Marvelous Marvin Haglar, Sugar Ray Leonard, Tommy Hearns, Ali, Rocky Marciano, Jack Dempsey, Willie Pep, Sugar Shane Mosley, Floyd Mayweather Jr., Ricardo Finito Lopez, Oscar Delahoya (although that fight w/ Trinidad stunk the joint out), I like Eric Morales, Roy Jones Jr., and there are many many more.  I can't place them in order.  I'm sorry I suck at top 10 stuff!

DON: I guess so. That was 15 not 10! Besides all them, who is really responsible for you doing what you do?
BRIDGETT: Besides all that, the guys on my team are the bomb!!! Alejandro Cobra Gonzalez, Isidro Chino Garcia, Jesse Magana, Salvador Casillas, Marino Gonzalez, and so I'm in good company, and they all totally help me rock and roll in that ring!

DON: Did you ever have a REAL fight with a man and what happened?
BRIDGETT: Did I ever have a real fight with a man? YIKES...  I should probably keep this on the down-low, or at least in the past where it probably belongs or back in the midwest region instead of going global on this baby, but oh well, here goes. I beat the crapola out of my ex-fiance.  It was not pretty.  That  day the locks were changed on what used to be "our" apartment and all of my stuff was left sitting outside.  YIKES.  His nose is still how shall I say... not the same.  This happened at a gig he was playing (he was in a band) in front of a bunch of people too. I am not proud of this and I don't believe in females fighting men in sanctioned boxing either. It proves nothing in my opinion.  That would be like me fighting Johnny Tapia...NOT.  Please, a man has a man's strength.  I could spank less qualified men, or men that weighed less than me, sure, but what the heck would that prove. I fight women in a professional sport. That's the way it will remain.  Shame on that lady that fought that midget too. That makes a carnival act out of what I do for a living. That silly rabbit, tricks are for kids.

DON: Why are you doing this? What was the start of your martial arts and how did it evolve into a profession?
BRIDGETT: Laughs. I like it. It is a part of me. I started in the martial arts when I was 15 yrs. old.  That is my backbone.  I love what it has bestowed in me.  That is my foundation.  I am a first degree black belt in 2 styles and I have an honorary first degree black belt in a third.  I was rated #1 in forms and kata for years as a junior then as an adult.  I competed from white to black belt.  Those are some of my favorite memories.  The martial arts brought me out of my shell back then. Getting my black belt was one of my biggest challenges, and I am proud of that. It lead me to professional kickboxing and I held 5 titles in that exciting sport before I branched into boxing.  Boxing is where it's at.

DON: How about a street fight?
BRIDGETT: I don't fight on the street.  I avoid conflict in that arena.  I will say this. If someone would try to hurt someone I love, or me; then I would fight in a heartbeat.  And on the street, anything goes.  I may not start that fight, but I'll certainly end it.

DON: Maybe you were born to fight. What cant I be taught no matter how much I want to learn it?
BRIDGETT: One thing a fighter can't be taught... is "heart." You either have that or you don't.  "Heart" is probably the biggest thing I have going for me as a fighter.  Oh, and a pretty good chin.

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