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Heather Pariso Interview

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DON LEMMON ASKS: First of all, what have you been up to the past 6 months or even more recently if you want to discuss that instead?
HEATHER PARISO REPLIES: Well, I stumbled across a really cool horse 2 years ago and found out he liked turning and burning better than pleasure riding so I started learning the ropes of barrel racing and contesting in general and have been having an absolute ball. We actually ended up Year end high point this past fall, so the hubby and I had a boat load of trophies and goodies to take home. I also became president of our local saddle club and have been really trying to expand it to the max with more shows and clinics for equine people to enjoy. I decided in Feb 2003 to get back into modeling and give it one more last shot.. I really miss it to be honest and I miss the traveling. Not that I dont' love OH, just that I like leaving every now and then. I have some new modeling gigs in the works. I actually was selected for the Women That Rock Calendar and will be shooting for that in 4/03.

DON LEMMON ASKS: What would you say is the highlight of your career so far, your career goal and the coolest thing you've done the past 12 months? Do they compare?
HEATHER PARISO REPLIES: If we are talking horse career, I absolutely love working with the kids at the clinics and being a clinician.. If we are talking about the modeling, boy that's a toughie because I'm so proud of many of the magazines and calendars I've done it's hard to nail down one.. I had a really good time at the Hit The Beach calendar shoot down in Cancun,, that one really sticks out to me and I also look back at the days I did the Spring Break gig down in Daytona. I have so many memories from down there, between the Bike Events, Bikini Contests, all the wonderful friends I've made.. It's really hard to nail down one. In the past 12 months, the coolest thing I've done is the Sturgis Rally for Camel. We had an excellent time last year and I was able to get a day off and ride all over SD. We did Mt. Rushmore, Crazyhorse, and DeadWood, and it was just tremendous scenery all in all.

DON LEMMON ASKS: Who was the first person to tell you getting into this profession was a crazy idea?
HEATHER PARISO REPLIES: My father of course.. He hates uncharted territory, if he doesn't know the ins and outs of it, he's not comfortable with it.. I always got the speak, "Just go to college and be a vet, acountant, real estate agent, " ya da ya da

DON LEMMON ASKS: Have you made some good cyber friends at your website that you have yet to meet in person or people you know you wouldn't have gotten to if it weren't for the web?
HEATHER PARISO REPLIES: Oh definitely. I met Tricia Wilds back in 1999 and we have stayed in contact since. We had a blast in LV and in FL, and actually we are getting together again in a few weeks when I go to FL. Another one that I met and adore is Grace Grimes.. I haven't talked to her lately, "boy I need to email her" I have also made a great friend back in 98 named Jim Lewchuck who is a super photog, and will actually be hangin out and shooting with him with whilst I'm down there. And you of course,, gosh we started just emailing back in 97 when I first jumped on the web and realized we lived a few hours apart.. Hey I'm going to King's Island this year,, wanna go?

DON LEMMON ASKS: Funny how it usually works. We grow up wanting to be firefighters or nurses, then rock stars and actors, millionaires and then reality sits in. What's your story?
HEATHER PARISO REPLIES: Ya know,, I grew up wanting to be a horse trainer or vet and when I passed out when they were gelding a horse back in 10th grade, I knew that was outta the picture.. I just knew I wanted to be involved in the equine industry and luckily have been able to stay in it all these years. I know judge horse shows and I just love it. The modeling didn't come into play until my senior year and that's when I ended up in TEEN magazine.. I would have to say that's when the wheels really starting turning, but I didn't dive in head first until 96.. I was just treading along, working at a local garage and riding the horses after work. They taught me how to work on cars and still to this day, I fix em' :)

DON LEMMON ASKS: How many projects that we know of have you done that you wish you hadn't and how many projects are on a shelf somewhere that you wish weren't?
HEATHER PARISO REPLIES: I wish I would have allowed the Playboy Grapevine release back in 2000. I had begged and pleaded with Doug Stigliter to pull it due to my upcoming wedding and I wish to hell now I hadn't of.. That would have been able to up the anty for me and I just pissed it away, so that one I regret bigtime.. Um,, I honestly can't really think of any projects I wish I hadn't done. I mean, I was always pretty picky and nosy about the jobs I would do and so forth.

DON LEMMON ASKS: Any stories of the negatives aspects of your field that you want to divulge? Do not say no!
HEATHER PARISO REPLIES: Oh Don,, do you have a year??????? You know as well as I do, there are plenty of vultures out there. I really hate it when people come up to be about there modeling experience saying that they paid for classes, or paid for pictures.. It's a real problem here in OH, we have a bunch of crooked agencies in my opinion.. Thankfully I have no agencies to thank for my success, because I wouldn't have had any success if I would have waited for an agency to do it.. I took my matters into my own hands and freelanced.. Yeah, it's more work, but you are in control of your fate, not someone else. I also hear stories about industry people trying to have nookie with the models and stuff... Hey get references! I have never ever had that problem. If you ask around, people will divulge the truth.

DON LEMMON ASKS: What are your 5 favorite websites besides your own and mine?
HEATHER PARISO REPLIES: Wellll, I like IWON, cuz of the games and the fact you personalize it.. I also like SpeedHorse.com,keeps me up to speed on the horse world and All Recipes.com, I'm a closet cook by heart, and of course Ebay, god love that site! And last but not least, I go to Rebecca's Garden, since I'm a gardener.

DON LEMMON ASKS: Got a secret you want to share? Tell me something nobody knows about you, maybe it's not a secret, maybe it's not anything special, but something interesting about you that no one has ever asked you about until now.
HEATHER PARISO REPLIES: Okay, don't laugh.. I show flower specimens, baked goods, and flower arrangements at my county fair every fall. Yes, I'm a true geek or mrs. cleaver if you will, I enter about 5 different classes in the flower specimens on Monday, yes I have won the marigolds and mum division, and then I put in one of my famous muffin recipes on Tuesday morning, and then on Wed night I stay up till about 2 AM and Thursday morning I enter about 3 or 4 arrangements in the artistic division of the flower show , which I have won 2 different divisions and was in the running for Best of Show, so I'm a closet geek.. If the people out there actually passed by me at the post office, they would never recognize me.. I go into Wal Mart with my shitkickers on and yes, people catch a whiff and look at me funny.. Hey I gotta get groceries sometime HAHA

DON LEMMON ASKS: What's the craziest thing you have experienced in the industry to date or maybe something you witnessed and didn't participate in that would shock us, make us laugh or show us another side to things?
HEATHER PARISO REPLIES: Um, well I did witness something really shocking and I'm not sure how to say it, but on one of the modeling, 2 of the models started getting frisky with each other in the car and the first thing I said was "Get a room" Ya know, have some dignity man!

DON LEMMON ASKS: Anything embarrassing ever happen to YOU when YOU were trying to look cool? What?
HEATHER PARISO REPLIES: ah yeah. One time at bandcamp.... he he just kidding.. But seriously, I was dressed to the hilt down in Daytona one evening and I thought I would try to wear these heels (momentary labotomy) anyhow I see these guys that were well,,, hot. and I'm strutting past trying to look cool, when appartently sidewalk decided to change altitudes and needless to say I bit it on the pavement, whacked my chin,, oh yeah, it was really pretty let me tell ya. Heck I looked suburnt I was so darn red in the face..

DON LEMMON ASKS: The biggest lie about your industry ever is:
HEATHER PARISO REPLIES: It's easy to break into modeling if you're hot.. hah, yeah right. Even noticed really how many hot girls that are out there, that have the very same goal in mind? Alot, and you have to be aggresive and have a heck of backbone.

DON LEMMON ASKS: The biggest PLUS FACTOR about your industry ever is:
HEATHER PARISO REPLIES: The obvious perks are courtesy from nightclubs and other outings that know you. The other big perk is the traveling that it allows you to do.. I know people that spend thousands every year, traveling, and ours is paid for, its a tremendous opportunity, it really is and you have to thankful everyday for you to get.

DON LEMMON ASKS: Have the people around you changed since you got recognition for the things you've done? Maybe those who werent so supportive in the beginning, suddenly became supportive or possibly vice versa? They became less supportive?
HEATHER PARISO REPLIES: Nope, because around here, I'm just ole' heather, nothing special, just the wild and crazy girl in high school, that showed horses.. My parents are now very supportive which once I started doing well and making a income back in 97, they realized there might be a chance and to help me instead of hinder. My hubby has become less supportive since we had married back in 2000.. I don't blame him, he'd rather me be at home at night instead of in Florida, SD, TX, or wherever else I may end up.

DON LEMMON ASKS: What is your most frequently asked question and/or what question makes you crazy whenever someone asks but you somehow remain composed enough to answer?
HEATHER PARISO REPLIES: I know you're married but wanna go out with me anyhow? God that one drives me bonkers.. If you see a wedding ring on someone's finger, respect it..ya know? What are you really going to do with your life? Oh gosh, that one drives me nuts too, cuz the last time I checked, my bills were paid in full, I have a good piggy bank, and Im' happy,, gesh, I thought that was good enough for someone's life.

DON LEMMON ASKS: Some people think you when they see a person on TV or film or in a magazine that they appeared overnight. They do not realize the work it takes to get the smallest plug from the media or that meeting the right person just one time can open up 1000 doors. However, what is the deal with so many less than talented or seemingly deserving people handed a golden opportunity overnight these days? Are we really to believe Ben Affleck is a great actor? That Britney Spears is a vocalist?
HEATHER PARISO REPLIES: I see it more in singers than actors.. There are some groups,, I'm just like how???? How did they get here and who possibly is backing them financially.. I think there are some talented vocalists that aren't getting the break they need or the credit they deserve either.. Personally I like Ben Affleck. I think he's a pretty diverse actor, I think he looks great on screen in a multitude of parts, and also has something very believable about him..I think he gets into character pretty darn well. I don't know the guy, so I could be way wrong.

DON LEMMON ASKS: Tell me a joke!
HEATHER PARISO REPLIES: I gotta good one for you, that is clean but funny!!!!!!

This elderly lady went to the doctor for a checkup. Everything checked out fine. The old lady pulled the doctor to the side and said, "Doctor, I haven't had sex for years now, and I was wondering how I can increase my husband's sex drive."

The doctor smiled and said, "Have you tried to give him Viagra?"

The lady frowned. "Doctor, I can't even get him to take aspirin when he has a headache," she claimed.

"Well," the doctor continued, "let me suggest something. Crush the Viagra into a powder. When you are giving him coffee, stir it into the coffee and serve it. He won't notice a thing."

The old lady was delighted. She left the doctor's office quickly.

Weeks later the old lady returned. She was frowning and the doctor asked her what was wrong. She shook her head.

"How did it go?" the doctor asked.

"Terribly, doctor, terribly."

"Did it not work?"

"Yes," the old lady said, "It worked. I did as you said and he got up and ripped his clothes off right then and there and we made mad love on the table. It was the best sex that I'd had in 25 years."

"Then what is the problem, ma'am?"

"Well," she said. "I can't ever show my face in McDonald's again."

DON LEMMON ASKS: What is your favorite music album of the year so far and what music group or album do you listen to most often?
HEATHER PARISO REPLIES: Okay, I'm going to get stoned by the village when I say this.. I personally don't know what's been released this year so far, but in my CD player is a Nelly, Missy Elliot, and Hank Williams Jr. I know it's night and day, but I love all kinds of music

DON LEMMON ASKS: Tell me something about yourself you feel people tend to forget because you have a bit of recognition for what you do.... And maybe tell me something else they do not realize either....
HEATHER PARISO REPLIES: I'm still very human, I make mistakes, I try hard, and I will never snub anyone..I think all people are equal and deserve respect, I wasn't raised like that.. My parents would disown me if I were ever a snob. I love making people laugh, being a good ear for my friends, and really try to set a positive example for others.

DON LEMMON ASKS: Who is the most intriguing person in your business besides yourself? Why?
HEATHER PARISO REPLIES: I don't think I'm intriguing.. I'm different in many ways, but I think everyone has something unique about themselves. I think Shania Twain is pretty intriguing.. She just does her thing and doesn't care much what others in the industry think.. I like the fact she lives in Switzerland to conceal her identity and just goes about normal life.. It's wonderful and empowering in book.

DON LEMMON ASKS: Who should hang up their hat besides Don Lemmon? Why?
HEATHER PARISO REPLIES: Oh Don, the world would no where near as interesting if we took you out of it.. You have staying power my friend. Your tenascity, humor, and kind words will keep you around for many years. Well, I'm glad to see Britney Spears taking a break.. I don't think she should hang her hat up, but I think she just needs to go back home for awhile and sort things out.. Figure out where she started from and get her goals back in line again.. My daughter and I actually love Britney, but I just feel there was a little too much , a litte too soon.. She got thrown into the spotlight at an early age, and when you are growing up in front of the camera and you have thousands of opinions being thrown at you, it's very hard to keep that light at the end of the tunnel as to your goals and so forth. It goes back to who are your real friends and who are out to take a piece of you with them.

DON LEMMON ASKS: Tell me the last good mainstream movie you can remember seeing in a long time that was in theaters, and the last good video you rented:
HEATHER PARISO REPLIES: Actually I just watched Sum of All Fears and loved it.. I'm way behind on my movies.. I did watch Jason X, which is the most stupid movie I have ever seen in my god given life.. I'm a horror movie buff, but this was awful.. I did like Halloween Resurrection, though.. I'm going to watch the Ring hopefully this week

DON LEMMON ASKS: What is the TV show you watch the most? What one do you miss? From say childhood?
HEATHER PARISO REPLIES: The Shield.. I love it and wouldn't miss a Tuesday night episode for the world.. I turn my ringer off on my phone when it starts. I miss Dukes of Hazard.. I have great memories from that show, every friday night mom and dad would lay out a big blanket on the floor and me and my sis and mom would make brownies and order pizza, yep those were the good days :) Plus John Scheider was the hottie back then.

DON LEMMON ASKS: Ever had someone from school or an odd job back in the day try and track you down after realizing it was you doing what you do?
HEATHER PARISO REPLIES: no not actually..

DON LEMMON ASKS: If you were anyone else besides yourself, who would you be (even for just a day, on a good day) and who did you emulate growing up? Do you still emulate or try to be like them now?
HEATHER PARISO REPLIES: I'd be Kelly Yates, the world famous barrel racer, making a 14 second run.. If I died doing that, I would die happy. As far as modeling goes.. I always looked up to Paulina Porizkova. She was the only model that had the square jaw line like mine and I liked the way she posed in her pictures.

DON LEMMON ASKS: What did we forget?
HEATHER PARISO REPLIES: You forgot to ask me where I want to be in 30 years? I want to be with my horses of course, hopefully with a handfull of grandkids to play with , living the country life, and of course still entering my baked goods and flowers at the fair!

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