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Jason Cohen Interview

Article care of Don Lemmon

Q: Jason, I really do not know alot about you but from what I know, you are a heck of a great guy! Thanks for doing the interview.
A: The one thing I constantly hear from people is what a nice guy I am.  I think that in general bodybuilders tend to put themselves above other people and really come off looking cocky.  I am always there to help out other people and I really care about the progress other people make.  It makes me feel good to watch another persons self esteem go up because they feel good about the way they look.  I want people to know that I am very approachable and down to earth.

Q: What company are you currently with?
A: I am endorsing a product line by Performance Biomedical Laboratories.

Q: Which of their products do you actually use?
A: I use all of the PBL products.  I really like the Thermogenic Activator Plus because it is the only product I have ever used that increases my metabolism and enables me to increase my core body temperature throughout the day.  PBL uses a thermonutrient called Bioperine in their formula which really gets the other ingredients kicking!  I really suggest you try it.  I also started using PBL's hGH-PH Complex.  I am loving the results so far. This product is an effervescent GH stimulator with the four prohormones thrown in.  The one thing I have noticed that no other product has ever done for me is that it really thinned my skin out.  I am more vascular and ripped now than I have ever been.  If you are interested in trying either of these products see our site.

Q: You were hard to catch. What have you been up to?
A: I travel quite a bit.  I do seminars all over the country at different gyms and openings for nutrition stores.  I just got back from competing in the Jr. Nationals in San Antonio Texas and had to fly out to California the following weekend for a photo shoot.  Sometimes it gets hectic, but I enjoy the opportunities I have been presented with.

Q: Are you satisfied with your physical appearance or are there other heights you intend upon reaching?
A: I am very happy about the level I have been able to take my physique to today.  One of my biggest accomplishments was recently placing in the top ten at the Jr. Nationals.  It was a big accomplishment for me because I competed in a non-drug tested show completely natural.  It was a nice feeling to be complimented by other competitors back stage about my condition who knew I was natural.

Q: I saw some pics from that show. You looked great. Congrats.
A: I was able to take my body fat down to 3.5% and I stood on stage at around 185 pounds.  My photos from this show were the best I have taken yet.

Q: Jason, you're a pretty impressive gentleman. Tell me, what's a real day in the life of a person like yourself like?
A: It seems like there is no such thing as a typical day anymore.  My days usually depend on whether or not I will be traveling to do a photo shoot or an appearance out of town.  I usually wake up and do my cardio training first thing in the morning (more so pre-contest).  I get to the office by about 8:45 AM and check my e-mail.  I usually answer 15 to 20 e-mails from people wanting training information or who see my e-mail address in the bodybuilding magazines.  I also get a lot of e-mail from my web page (www.performancebiolabs.com/jason).  I have definitely been spending more time with my fitness career than I have with my law career lately. I still, however, spend a lot of time working on legal related matters.  It is a tough balancing act. Believe me, the law career pays more than the fitness career! I usually hit the gym by 6:00 PM.  If I have to I will go back to the office after I am done training.  The one promise I made to myself was that no matter how busy I got my training wouldn't suffer.  So far, I have been able to train hard and run two successful businesses.

Q: When did you pick up on taking care of the way you look and why?
A: I have always been into taking care of myself.  I was a highly recruited high school wrestler and  was into working out from the time I was 14 years old.  I immediately became passionate about working out.  Once I was finished wrestling I continued to train my body.

Q: Be honest, what have been your hardest moments in getting your body the way it is and have you had trouble maintaining it? Everyone here thinks you've always looked this way!
A: I'll tell you one thing, I haven't always looked the way I do today.  It's funny I just made an appearance on the Jenny Jones Show (don't laugh, it was me and nine other very popular personalities in the fitness community).  The topic was "From Geek To Shiek."  I weighed 128 lbs. when I graduated high school.  I weigh close to 200lbs today!  You have to have a tremendous amount of discipline in your life to eat clean and train hard everyday.  Bodybuilding has given me some great opportunities that have made all the hard work pay off for me.  I think one of the hardest moments for me to date was a photo shoot I did in California last summer.  I did a shoot with another bodybuilder and a fitness model on Zuma Beach for one of the popular muscle magazines.  The other male bodybuilder was not a natural bodybuilder like myself.  For about 4 hours I sat and watched snap after snap with the other bodybuilder and the fitness girl while I was used sparingly.  The funny thing was the other guy was not even supposed to be at the shoot.   I really fealt, at that moment, that I was being overlooked because I am a natural bodybuilder.

Q: People like freaks bro. Comic book personalities. It's tough being REAL. I noticed you offer products on your page. What could you say to me, the guy who thinks he has all the answers to buy into you?
A: As I stated earlier, I am a pro natural bodybuilder.  These days there is some really good science going into modern supplementation.  I have made some tremendous progress using some of the newer supplements on the market.  I company which I am very impressed with is called Performance Biomedical Laboratories.  These guys are doing research on real bodybuilders (not mice) and publishing the research!  You can read some of the research on their website (www.performancebiolabs.com).  I am currently using Norandrostene, 19-Nordiol, 5-Androdiol, AAS, Thermogenic Activator Plus and Liquid Muscle.  I just got done participating in a study with PBL on growth hormone stimulators.  I tested a product called hGH-PH Complex.  I think this stuff will be the next big product.  I got great results and my blood test results showed a 52% increase in IGF-1 levels!

Q: What is upon the immediate horizon for you?
A: I haven't made my plans yet for my next competition.  I am leaning on doing the Junior Nationals and Team Universe.  I am very interested in the prospect of bodybuilding becoming an Olympic sport.  I am worried that the "politics" involved in the sport of bodybuilding will get in the way of having the best guys chosen to represent the U.S.A.  As for now, I will concentrate on my training, modeling and oh yea my law firm.

Q: Where do you project yourself in 5 years?
A: In 5 years I hope to be successful in my bodybuilding business and be a happy person.  It upsets me to hear how many unhappy people are out there.  A guy in the gym said to my buddy that I was a damn good bodybuilder and really good guy as well.  In the end, I would rather be known as just a good guy.

Q: Ok, name drop, who do you know that's on a program like what you do or maybe some one you know that's on something different and what do they and or you do? ----Anyone famous!?
A: I love to try new approaches to putting on muscle.  I generally stay within the basic framework of my diet all year around.  John Parillo uses some pretty similar nutition theories as I do.  I hear of people doing some crazy diets - high fat, food group diets, zero carb diets.  They always end up going back to what is proven to work. Your stuff is real sensible though.

Q: If there was one person in the World you could be OTHER than yourself, who would it be and why? They have to be still alive. Ok, someone from this century, alive or dead.....
A: I hate to be "unoriginal" but Arnold really is an amazing guy.  People forget that Arnold was an immigrant who barely spoke English.  His accomplishments are amazing when you think of the obstacles immigrants must overcome these days.  Arnold publicly credits all of his success to the discipline that bodybuilding has taught him.  In addition, everything Arnold does he does with perfection.  He does not believe in doing something half-assed.  I am the same way.

Q: Next, tell me what your daily eating habits and schedules are.
A: Wow, here is an opportunity for me to get some of the readers to check out my web page.  I have all of my training and nutrition philosophies on my web site.  If you would like to check it out go to www.performancebiolabs.com/jason. There are some very useful articles on trainig you may want to read.

Q: Finally, one simple thing you do while exercising that no one else you know does, that you believe will turn all our progress around for the better and we dont even realize it. The readers want to know!
A: One thing I do that I really don't see enough people doing is turning up their intensity levels.  If you want to continue to grow, you really have to give it all you got when you are training.  You have to work through pain barriers. Another thing I do is add a lot of variety to my routines.  I make them grueling and different every workout.  I believe that your body adapts quickly to the same old routine.  Change at least one of the following in every workout:  reps (high or low or both), rep tempo, order of exercises, actual exercises.  Also, adding variation makes working out more interesting.

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