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Marla Duncan Biography

Article care of marladuncan.com

Born: July 19/Cancer Baby

 Height: 5’6”

Weight: 130 lbs.

Eyes: Hazel

Hair: Blonde and I pay good money for it!!

Measurements: 36-24-36

Hometown: all over Northern CA!





My story:

                  Marla Duncan Pic

           Many years ago, :) I was born at Travis Air Force Base in Fairfield, California to my Dad, an Air Force Pilot and my Mom, a homemaker. After my birth was my younger brothers to make three boys and one girl to my family. I spent the next many years living in various different towns mainly in northern California with one 3 year jaunt to Guam and 5 years spent in Eugene, Oregon where I went to junior high and high school. In 12 years of schooling because of my fathers occupation I ended up attending 13 different schools so needless to say I grew to be a very independent person. I was very close with my younger brother and had spent more years with him as a young girl playing boys games rather than girls creating the tomboy I still am today. Both of my parents are of European decent with my Moms side of the family showing roots to the infamous Jesse James and the Mayflower excursion from England. On my fathers side is a strong showing of German and English blood (probably where the muscles came from as well!!) My entertainment career started when I was just 5 years old. For three years I performed live singing and dance routines as part of a dance studio. My largest crowd at age 6 was for 2000 at a county fair!

At ten years old I begged my parents into buying my first horse and then spent 18 years showing, training and breeding them. For a very long time I was going to be a horse trainer and to this day I still own my Arabian gelding Prince Rahsunn who was the offspring of the very first Arabian horse I owned for 11 years. At some point during my 16th year I became very attracted to the weightlifting class at my High School and opted to try it instead of the jazzercise class all the other girls were taking. I became only the second female of the whole student body to lift weights and have done so ever since. Along with my equestrian endeavors I still pounded the steel but wanted to try modeling as well so in 1983 I began swimsuit modeling for Ujena, Swimsuit Illustrated etc..and gave several calendar girl pageants, beauty pageants and bikini competitions a try. Most of the time I did very well, and I always smoked the bikini contests because women did not lift weights then and the crowds/judges loved the look. Unfortunately, modeling I was always labeled the “muscular one” and just did not fit in until I was turned on to the Ms Fitness USA competition in 1989. I entered with only 2 weeks preparation and placed in the top 15 spots out of 60 women!. I knew this was for me so over the following year I competed in 7 fitness shows, one body building show and a calendar girl pageant. I came back to the Ms Fitness USA in 1990 to win the title. From then on its been a landslide of magazine covers all over the world, Playboy, guest appearances, radio and television talk shows, reproductions as art work with Boris Vallejo, Julie Bell and Dave Stevens, posters, calendars and even my very own video. I have a personal training business which allows me to do what I love most, helping others reach their health and fitness goals and I have God, all of you, my family and friends to thank for all that I have.

Whose knows maybe next I’ll pursue my next dream ambitions, movies and a talk show of my own!

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