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Laura Mak Interview

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DON LEMMON ASKS: Who was the first person to tell you getting into your industry was a crazy idea?
LAURA MAK SAID: My parents. They thought because of my bowed legs that I would never place well in the physique rounds. Not until after I competed in a few shows did they realize that I wasnt penalized for a genetic trait that I cant change. They are also my biggest fans too, especially now!!

DON LEMMON ASKS: What directed your attention to the industry itself as a profession and how did you originally see your part in it?
LAURA MAK SAID: I was attracted to it because of the routine round. I didnt have to share the spotlight with anyone and I could perform whatever I wanted however I wanted. With having an elite level and collegiate gymnastics background with 15 years of dance and hip hop under my belt, I couldnt think of a better way to express talents.

DON LEMMON ASKS: Your 5 favorite websites are:
LAURA MAK SAID: lauramak.com; donlemmon.com; astrology.com; oxygenmag.com; and bodysport.com

DON LEMMON ASKS: Got a secret you want to share? Tell us something nobody knows but only because they havent asked.
LAURA MAK SAID: I am very close to my parents and last year was the toughest year for me because my dad's cancer became active and he was unable to go out in crowds cuz he couldnt fight any type of infections and two months later my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer and two weeks later had a masectomy. Both of them were going thru chemo at the same time! But the good news is my dad is in remission and my mom is a fighter!! On a lighter note, I was in the movie "American Anthem" back in 1985, with Janet Jones (Wayne Gretsky's wife) and Mitch Gaylord (US Olympic gymnast)

DON LEMMON ASKS: What's your craziest experience while just out looking for a good time in the sport or maybe witnessed happen but didn't participate in?
LAURA MAK SAID: I learned that a lot of the competitors are taking anti depressants.

DON LEMMON ASKS: Anything embarrassing ever happen when you were trying to look cool? What?
LAURA MAK SAID: During my first pro show I hit an oil patch and almost slide into a split when I was supposed to do a quick foot movement. I guess it wasnt too bad unless you knew my routine, but it sure was a "cover up" for me!! At least I didnt wipe out totally!

DON LEMMON ASKS: Your biggest lie ever is:
LAURA MAK SAID: It doesnt bother me that I havent competed in the Olympia yet. I have been knocking on the door for two years. I would like to open it this year!!

DON LEMMON ASKS: What's the grossest thing you ever ate? Was it because some one said "Hey, taste this!" Did you get even?
LAURA MAK SAID: I like to try new foods and all, but one time I tried this sushi that looked like peanut butter, it sure didnt taste like it! I cant even remember the name of it right now either. No, I didnt get even.

DON LEMMON ASKS: What's the hardest and yet easiest part of getting into the sport?
LAURA MAK SAID: The routine! Sometimes you dont know if the judges want a gymnastics routine or not. I mean we are not little 12 year old gymnasts so my philosophy is not to emulate one. I have recently added more since it seems to be what is the entertaining part of the routine. Just glad I have a background!

DON LEMMON ASKS: Your most frequent question is what and what question makes you crazy, but you somehow manage to remain composed when asked?
LAURA MAK SAID: "How did you get those legs?" is most frequently asked.
"How did you get so big?" I cant think of too many women, other than bodybuilders, that like to be referred to as "big". I prefer other words such as muscular, lean, hard, tight, strong, etc, anything but big or thick. So now I just fill in what I think the person is asking, and tell myself they really mean it in a positive manner.

DON LEMMON ASKS: Is there a job or a gig that you were offered but passed up in the past that we would find interesting?
LAURA MAK SAID: Wrestling. I have been approached about wrestling, it doesnt interest me

DON LEMMON ASKS: How does it make you feel to see people less talented or not in as good of shape as you are handed something overnight? Does it give the wrong impression to those on the outside looking in?
LAURA MAK SAID: There is politics in every type of job. There is some in fitness too. I dont think that the overnight thing happens that often. This sport looks more for longevity it seems.

DON LEMMON ASKS: Your crowning achievement will hopefully be what?
LAURA MAK SAID: Placing in the top 3 at the Fitness Olympia two years in a row

DON LEMMON ASKS: Tell me a joke:
Who's there?
Orange who?
Orange you glad I am a fitness competitor and not a comedian?!

DON LEMMON ASKS: Favorite music album of the year so far and what do you listen to most?
LAURA MAK SAID: I would have to say Destiny's Child. They have had a few of my favorite songs!! Survivor, Independent Women. Good themes that are powerful. Plus I like there clothes I listen to hip hop and R&B as well as New Age and Jazz. Pretty versatile, it depends if I am getting pumped up or trying to relax.

DON LEMMON ASKS: Besides that, what is your favorite probably regarded to as BAD music or an album no one else likes but you love anyhow? You know, something a bit embarrassing but you just don't care!
LAURA MAK SAID: George Michael!!! I used to think back in HS that I would go to London and be sitting outside at one of those cafes having coffee and George would see me and come sit down. It would be love at first sight and we would marry and live happily ever after! I still have almost all of his tapes/CDs!

DON LEMMON ASKS: Tell me something about the industry you are in people forget.... and something they do not realize....
LAURA MAK SAID: When we compete we make it look so easy, but the reality is it takes sooo much preparation and time to compete. Time for weights, cardio, nutrition, routine, elements, posing, etc. Most people getting started do not understand and think they can just get ready in a short period of time, after a few weeks they will quickly realize and have a whole new appreciation for the sport and its preparation.

DON LEMMON ASKS: Once that is off your chest, what other thing would you change about your industry if you could without hesitation?
LAURA MAK SAID: I would make a book that lists all the elements that can be in a routine and make sure all the judges have an idea of the different level of skills, presses and gymnastics. I would also limit the gymnastics moves and make requirements in the two minute routine. It seems that it would better suit the athletes if it was more objective and less subjective. It would make preparing to compete much easier and organized!

DON LEMMON ASKS: Who is the most intriguing person in your business?
LAURA MAK SAID: It is hard to pinpoint one person, each show has been great as far as getting to know more competitors, and the longer you compete the more and more you meet new people. I have really enjoyed the friendships that I have built from the industry, and that are continued with out the industry too

DON LEMMON ASKS: Tell me the last good movie you can remember in a long time that you saw in theaters, and the last video you rented:
LAURA MAK SAID: I am a hopeless romantic and the last theatre movie I saw was The Wedding Planner, and rental was Bring It On.

DON LEMMON ASKS:What is your favorite movie ever and video most watched?
LAURA MAK SAID: Favorite movie would be and most watched recently would be Charlies Angels - I liked the special effects

DON LEMMON ASKS: How often do you see concerts and what was the last one attended? Ever slept through one?
LAURA MAK SAID: Janet Jackson, The Velvet Rope tour!! Excellent, I am hoping to go see this one and Madonna's concert too! I love to watch the performers and steal new cool guy dance moves!!

DON LEMMON ASKS: The TV show you most watch is:
LAURA MAK SAID: Sex in the City

DON LEMMON ASKS: Tell me what you ate yesterday (or today for that matter):
LAURA MAK SAID: Protein drinks, 1/2c oatmeal, Spinach salad with chicken and soy nuts for crunch, green tea, protein pudding, 1/2 sweet potato chicken and brocolli mixed together, 2 rice cakes. Yum, getting ready for the Jan Tana in two weeks.

DON LEMMON ASKS: What type of aerobic schedule do you keep? Do you go for speed, time or distance?
LAURA MAK SAID: I go for time, I will do the treadmill on an incline, or the eliptical, or a recumbant bike. If I am not training for competition, I will take hip hop classes and keep up my endurance and have fun with out the pressure of performing perfectly!

DON LEMMON ASKS: What is your workout routine split i.e. weight training program consist of?
LAURA MAK SAID: Cardio in the am, Routine practice at noon, Weights in the afternoon, cardio in the pm

DON LEMMON ASKS: The worst pickup line you ever heard was:
LAURA MAK SAID: Do you work out?

DON LEMMON ASKS: And did that pickup line work? What one did?
LAURA MAK SAID: NO, I just say I have good genetics if the person is being really goofy! And then they look at me with amazement.

DON LEMMON ASKS: If you were anyone else who would you be (even just for a day, a good day) or who did you emulate growing up? Do you still emulate or try to be like them now?
LAURA MAK SAID: I really wouldnt want to be anyone else, but I would like to hang out with Madonna for the day and see how and where all her creative juices come from. She is such a success in her industry and reinventing herself. I also commend her physique especially after two children. I would emulate my dad growing up. He was a great public speaker and captured the attention of others. He has a very kind heart. He can find something to talk about with any type of person. When I was little I used to tell my friends that he was the smartest man on the earth, they would respond by asking why hasnt he won a Pulitzer Prize then? I said cuz he doesnt need that to prove he is smart, he just is being nice a letting someone else win it. It seemed logical at the time. I am very blessed to have two wonderful and loving parents who support me. The older I get, the more I realize how fortunate I am.

DON LEMMON ASKS: Are you sure that's all?
LAURA MAK SAID: OH!! I forgot to mention, most importantly!! I have a new clothing line cominng out at the Jan Tana, Aug 4th and will be on the site by then too. It is the Mak Attack Sexy Fitness wear. It is all very unique clothing made with the best quality of supplex material and bright colors too! Also I have my 2002 Mak Attack Sexy Fitness Calendar coming out which will have shots in swimsuits, lingiere, and with exotic cars and bikes!! It is a 13 month calendar! A portion of the procedes are going to the American Cancer Society in honor of my parents and finding a cure for cancer!! Please get your calendar!! It will be out by The Olympia, Oct 22 but I will be taking orders before then to reserve calendars for people.

See more of Laura Mak at www.lauramak.com

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