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Min Kim Interview

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This is my buddy Min Kim. She and I are talk-a-holics on the telephone. She is a family oriented woman who lives for her daughter and fitness. I wish her all the luck in the world and am taking her up on the invite when we go to Florida this year! Yeah! East Coast sun! Whoo! Hoo! When I say there are role models in the fitness industry, you are about to read on one right here. Having seen the ups and downs in both the industry and the real world, Min Kim is not just a survivor but a winner in all she does. I would suggest when you are done, going over to her site and getting a load of what all she is about. It certainly doesn't hurt that she looks so good but it is all the better to see pics of her little girl! So anyhow, to clarify what IFBB is one more time, it stands for International Federation Of Body Building and it is the cream of the crop in that sport.

DON: You're on my web site and a good hint of what a fitness babe is supposed to be like. Are you excited? Is this more exciting than being on the cover of a major magazine?
MIN: To be very honest, I am always happy when I see my self getting more exposure. I have to say that it is very nice to be on the cover of a major magazine. Though, being on your web-site is most exciting because you get thousands of hits each day, and the exposure I will receive is more broad based then in strictly a fitness based magazine. I would like to appeal not only to the more hard-core fitness enthusiasts but to the mainstream public also. Working together with friends is always exciting.

DON: What can you tell me about your body that you think most people do not realize.
MIN: Most people do not realize that I am barely 5'00'' tall. When I am photographed, I am either on stage or at a photo shoot, for both of which I have dieted and am usually very lean. Also, I am almost always in heels, therefore giving me a much taller appearance. When I meet anybody for the first time, they invariably say, "I thought you were taller".

DON: Tell me the most exotic location you ever shot at. The most fun you had on a shoot. And also without naming names here, the worst experience you have ever had in modeling.
MIN: The most exotic location I ever did a photo shoot at was Puerto Rico. The most fun I ever had photo shooting was when I shot with my girlfriend Stacy. The worst photo shooting experience I ever had, was a shooting I did in the Everglades. I had a body perfume lotion on, and I got mosquito bitten all over! The welts lasted for weeks!

DON: I saw you on another website or something about you doing a movie. Can you tell me about that?
MIN: The name of the movie is called "Mass Squad II". It is my very first movie. It is about forty minutes long and I play a secret agent with martial art skills and psychic powers. Laughs. I had a lot of action scenes and it was a lot of fun kicking all the villain's butts. I must say, that it was a very exciting experience shooting this. You can check it out on: www.awefilms.com

DON: Diet. Tell me about the different fad diets you have tried.
MIN: I have never tried any fad diets. What I do to lose extra pounds before my contests or photo shoots, is to cut down on my carbohydrates and increase my water intake. I also step up the cardio vascular portion of my training routine a little but not much.

DON: Do you power lift?
MIN: Laughs! No, I have never power lifted, but I have always wanted to give it a try, because I know that I am a very strong girl.

DON: What can you bench?
MIN: I have never lifted to the max, but I would guess I could bench between 130 to 150lbs.

DON: That's awesome for such a little woman! Wow! What can you dead lift?
MIN: Again I don't lift that way so it is very hard to say. In past I have dead lifted, between 75 to 100 lbs. for reps.

DON: Again, very cool. What different routines have you tried? Split routines, full body workouts, and what really showed the best results?
MIN: In the past, I have tried lifting very heavy but soon realized how fast my body reacts to the heavy weights. So I decided to stop, otherwise, I would look very bulky. After all I am only five feet tall and weigh under 115lbs.

DON: So what do you do now?
MIN: Now, I lift moderate weights with very high reps so that I can achieve a more slender look. For me, split routines seem to works the best for me so that I can target specific body parts.

DON: What kind of split though? Everyone does theirs different.
MIN: Here are my training splits:

Day 1 - Hamstrings, Inner Thighs, and Gluteus

Day 2 - Back, Biceps, and Abdominals

Day 3 - REST!! Sometimes I rest every other day or more though, depends on my feelings.

Day 4 - Chest and Triceps

Day 5 - Quadriceps and Abdominals


Day 7 - Hamstrings, Inner Thighs, and Gluteus

I "Cardio Train", everyday if I feel like it for about 20 minutes or half hour. (Gymnastics, biking, stepper, walking or cross training) I am a big believer in stretching between sets and warming up for 10 minutes before working out too. I spend about 15  minutes stretching every session. I find it very relaxing, and it also prevents me from getting injured I think.

DON: What is your dream?
MIN: My dreams are ever changing, because every time I accomplish one, I move on to another. I believe in taking one thing at a time. One of my dreams is to be a fitness role model for inner city children, single mothers, and all the Asian people. Especially motivating them to live healthy and fit lifestyles, spiritually, physically, and mentally. I really feel like God put me on this planet to help others, and I always look forward to doing so. If you give as much as you can to help others today, you will receive much more in return, in the future. "Trust me"

DON: Career wise, family.....
MIN: As for my career, I am a full-time mother, personal trainer, fitness model, and IFBB professional fitness competitor. I am also currently trying to break into entertainment. As for my family, I have a beautiful, intelligent eleven-year-old daughter named Sasha. She keeps me very busy. I would like to get married one day and have more children.

DON: Home, car......
MIN: I now live in Miami Beach Florida. It is very beautiful here and the weather is always sunny and warm. The car I have now is a white 1998 C Class Mercedes Benz Sedan. Fortunately for me, my boyfriend drives my dream car, a Jaguar XK8 Convertible!

DON: Last CD bought, video rented, book read, movie saw and junk food eaten?
MIN: I am a member of the Columbia House Music Club so I am always purchasing CD's. I love spiritual and meditation music. They help me relax. I also buy CD's for my daughter like The Backstreet Boys and Brittney Spears. The last videotape I watched was "Bowfnger", starring Eddie Murphy and Steve Martin. It was hilarious! My favorite book is the Holy Bible, believe it or not. I also like other books, most of which have to do with spiritual things. The last movie I went to see was "DEUCE BIGALOW". It was so funny that I was crying. As far as the junk food goes, I am sometimes am eating something I should not be eating. Early in the morning, when I am packing my daughters lunch for school and might have the goodies in my hand, I on occasion I end up putting few things in my mouth. My favorite junk food is McDonald's French-Fries, brownies, and chocolate chip cookies!

DON: Tell me something about you that I do not already know and why you feel it's important everyone knows this about you.
MIN: What a lot of people do not know about me is how spiritual and down to earth I am. I do not like to be judgmental about people. I let God be the judge. I respect people for who and what they are and what they represent.

DON: That's cool. I know I get flack for fitness models on my site from religious groups and they should follow suit. I do not display nudity here! Laughs. What was childhood like for you?
MIN: I know. I know. I had a really rough life growing up as a child, because my family was very poor. I am a single mother who has been through physical abuse at the hand of my daughter's father, leaving me to raise my daughter all by myself. I worked as a cashier and manager in a deli, as a check cashing store counter girl, and I even cleaned houses for a while. I think it is very important that people know this about me, because it can give them hope, that no matter how bad things may be or may look now, there is always a way out, to make things better. After all, life is what you make out of it. If your not careful, it will pass you by, in a blink of an eye.

DON: True. What supplements do you use?
MIN: I am a big believer of taking a multi-vitamin and minerals every morning. I take fat burners four weeks prior to getting ready for my contests and photo shoots. I also drink protein shakes but not before a show when I am watching sugar. As for more "hard-core" supplements, I never found a real need to take them. I won't completely denounce them, but in my book, "less is more".

DON: Well, time to go! Let's continue this later!
MIN: Mr.Don Lemmon, it was great talking to you as usual!

Visit Min Kim at www.geocities.com/Colosseum/Pressbox/6584/

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