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Bethany Carter Howlett Interview

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DON: What other interview, besides this one of course, are you most proud of? Any recent ones?
BETH: I am most proud of the interview that I did for Muscle and Fitness' premier collegiate athletes issue in late 1997. I believe that an educated mind is everything, and once it is accompanied by a healthy body, the combination is unbeatable. The most recent interview was done for George Mason University which is where I just completed my master's degree in molecular biology. It was done for the campus radio station and paper and talked of balancing an education with athletics.

DON: Was fitness your first choice in this field? Got any funny stories?
BETH: I was a national level bodybuilder who was well on the way to becoming a professional. At 20 years of age I stood 5'6 and 163 lbs. (shredded) competition weight-----185 lbs. in the off-season. I had won the D.C. Regional show, the Virginia State show, Collegiate Nationals, and even placed in the top five at the 1998 NPC Junior Nationals! I had to lose allot of the that muscle to trim down to a streamlined fitness physique of 138 lbs. I also broke my left lower leg on March first of this year practicing my routine, and was in a full leg cast for sixteen weeks! I did not miss one workout though, and even maintained my diet through the whole ordeal.

DON: That sounds like the worst thing that could happen. What is the best so far?
BETH: The best experience in the fitness world was obviously winning my pro card. The worst was breaking my leg doing a trick that I had been doing for years---a lay-out step-out. I was a gymnast for thirteen years and never had one injury---I could not believe what had happened.

DON: Who actually constructs your routines?
BETH: Fortunately for myself, I have always had proper guidance from professionals when it comes to my training and diet. My boyfriend King Kamali, who is a professional bodybuilder himself, has always helped me from my very first show until now. I am also fortunate enough to have the help of Chad Nicholls.

DON: What is the current routine now that you are doing fitness, not bodybuilding and what has changed?
BETH: My favorite exercise routines are my quad and hamstring workouts----done separately. When I was a bodybuilder, I loved to blast them. Now that I am fitness I have to do tons of supersets and very high repetitions with moderate weight. This way I do not become too muscular. I have to do full upper body workouts--meaning the entire upper body---in a circuit fashion so
as not to become too muscular once again. My last session consisted of a total body workout in a circuit-like fashion with abs following the weights and an hour of cardio following abs. I get very muscular, very fast, so I must watch how and when I train with weights. Gymnastic keeps my upper body tight and in shape also----which is done three times per week.

DON: What was the last movie you saw, video you rented, CD you bought, concert you went to and last facny meal you ate?
BETH: The last movie I saw was The Cell--because Kim C. has a part in it. The last video that I rented was Blade because I loved the soundtrack. The last CD that I bought was a New York DJ mix because I used part of it in my fitness routine. The last concert that I saw was Prince, and the last fancy meal that I ate was with King and Nasser at Matteo's in Hawaii when we all three were guest posing.

DON: What supplements work?
BETH: A simple vitmain, a mineral, good fats and protein powder are all must haves!

DON: What got you into this? Why did you start paying attention to diet?
BETH: I was a gymnast for thirteen years. Upon receiving an academic and a vocal scholarship to UVA, I was forced to quit since the University did not have a gymnastics team. I soon discovered the gym and began lifting, and quickly saw results, which started me on the competitive path. I have always paid attention to my diet---between gymnastics, bodybuilding, and fitness, I have never had a choice!

DON: What's your crowning achievement? Who has or hasn't cheered you along?
BETH: My one crowning achievement would have to be ----well a few---all of my degrees (4), and my pro card, as well as my own business. All of my friends and family and of course, King, have always cheered me on. A few negative people had doubted me but I obviously proved ALL of them wrong!

DON: What is your day job? Any interesting jobs before this one?
BETH: I am a business owner: Better Bodies By Bethany, Inc. It is a personal training that goes into people's private homes. I have owned this business for two years now. My first and last job working for someone elae was as a mananger of a G.N.C. for three
years. I also sing professional opera at various functions: weddings, funerals, etc.--or the National Anthemn at various events.

DON: Anything you want to promote?
BETH: I would like to plug my website: www.bethanyhowlett.com . It is unique because it contains over 120 pages of information ranging from diet to supplementation to training. There are over 200 pictures, and one can purchase autographed photos. You can also download diets and training regimens. A members pay section will be up in about three weeks as well.

DON: Your favorite good and bad foods are what?
BETH: My favorite diet food is egg white omletttes, and my favorite cheat food is chocolate frozen yogurt.

DON: What's on the horizon?
BETH: Look for me to make my pro debut with a BANG! I will come in at my best with an amazing routine! I promise!

DON: How does a fitness babe meet a man?
BETH: I met King Kamali in a nightclub in D.C. He came up to me and asked me to join him for breakfast and I said no! I later met up with him through mutual friends and we began dating.

DON: Who are you?
BETH: I am my own boss----that is the best way to have it---I am a control freak---I have to be in control!

DON: Tell me about this extensive schooling you have.
BETH: I tied for valedictorian of my high school with a 4.40 G.P.A. and graduated at age sixteen. I went to UVA and then transferred to Georgetown where I finished my B.S. in molecular biology, my B.A. in music with a specialization in opera performance, and a minor in Spanish. I then completed my M.S. in molecular biology from George Mason University and am now earning a certificate which will allow me to teach biology on a secondary school level---just as a back-up. I hope to be in medical, pharmacology, or physical therapy school by next Fall. I also have tons of personal training certifications and such. I love the human body and working with people--which is why I own a personal training business and am looking to go into the healthcare field.

DON: What exercise equipment do you prefer and what is the most frequently asked question you get these days?
BETH: I am constantly asked the question: Do you workout? And I prefer Cybex and Hammerstrength exercise equipment.

DON: Drum roll... You favorite 5 websites are...
BETH: My top five favorite websites are:
1. of course, yours---DonLemmon.com! 2. of course: www.kingkamali.com 3. of course, mine www.bethanyhowlett.com 4. www.iwon.com cause I like to read the news on the web and 5. www.ifbb.com

DON: How cool to mention me. For bodybuilders, is yours or King's more appropriate?
BETH: Please visit www.kingkamali.com for great bodybuilding tips and info.

DON: What makes you cringe, what makes you smile?
BETH: Jealousy and negativity both make me cringe, while seeing my clients achieve their goals makes me smile!

DON: You seem well rounded intellectually speaking, yet also talented. What are your goals for the future?
BETH: I hope to become a very successful fitness pro and positive role model for the sport. I also hope to earn my M.D. status as well as own a few gyms one day---with King Kamali of course. I also hope to release a music CD----either opera or jazz or both. And of course do some modeling and acting.

DON: Now that you are a pro, what needs changed in the sport?
BETH: In the fitness industry a lot needs to be changed, but mainly the fact that they need to document certain fitness guidelines that they expect and desire and judge the shows accordingly.

DON: Thanks Beth!
BETH: Take care!
God Bless and Good Health, Bethany Carter Howlett

See more of Beth at www.bethanyhowlett.com

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