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Don Lemmon Reviews

Article care of Don Lemmon

The Don Lemmon Program was designed to accommodate the needs of everyone and is based on the results of over 2000 successful case studies! Men, women, and children ALL receive the benefits of this, the MOST comprehensive system of fat management available! Don's fitness and nutrition program is endorsed by:

Business Professionals, Actors, Musicians, Athletes, Chiropractors, Martial Artists, Models, Laborers, Law Enforcement Officers, Surgeons, Winners of most every major fitness event in the world, and THOUSANDS of other EVERYDAY PEOPLE, JUST LIKE US!

Don Lemmon Testimonials

"You would be crazy NOT to try working out on the system. For only two and a half workouts per week, you can have EXACTLY the body you want. Moreover each workout session only lasts EIGHTEEN MINUTES! Gone are the days of spending hours lifting weights and running in circles. This program is bare bones, in your face, no nonsense. NO KIDDING!

This is NOT your typical low fat "diet." This is NOT a "diet" which merely cuts your carbohydrate intake in half. It is NOT a "high fat" diet which virtually eliminates carbohydrates from your diet. It is NOT a high protein diet either. Forget everything those "other" diets have told you. Those "diets" do not efficiently nourish you. You SHOULD eat protein. You CAN have carbohydrates. You MUST have fat. But you CANNOT eat them with foods that interfere with the body's ability to digest them."
--Danny Wiegand, 1995 Jr. USA Champion--

"I do not trust anyone other than Don Lemmon with my exercise and nutrition recommendations. When I got on his diet, I just wouldn't get fat no matter how much I ate and was able to maintain or progress my appearance on what is considered by most people to be a sorry excuse of a workout schedule. I cannot believe how much of a difference combining foods correctly and exercising so minimally has made! I have a number of people on the show on his system as we speak! Don is off to doing some very big things!"
--Mark Mortimer, Daytime Soaps Star, NBC Television--

"While I have put on over forty pounds of muscle, my athletic ability and endurance, let alone my strength and size has increased so much I am blamed for using steroids on a daily basis! Who needs them when you got Don Lemmon's ! I beat men two to three times my size as it is!"
--TIGER, professional martial artist, actor. Author of MARTIAL KNOWLEDGE, and is the holder of one too many belts to list.--

"I believe enough in this system to endorse Don Lemmon's . I have worked with Don long enough to know he is right on the money with this."
--Dr. John DelliQuadri, Family Practitioner--

"Since meeting Mr. Lemmon I have been eating three times the food I normally would. I have lost over thirty pounds of fat and no longer take medication which I've been on for years as a diabetic. My husband and I just LOVE him! I have made more progress in the months with Don than I did the whole time I've been on any other program! And my stomach pains are gone!"
--Dr. Jean Williams, Professor, Youngstown State University--

"Here is a program worth endorsing! My boyfriend, Brian, and I are both extremely enthused that someone is finally going to tell it like it is for a change!"
--Michelle Ralabate Model, actress, fitness professional--

"I was nearly 300 pounds and literally carrying 100 pounds of excess fat when I met Don. He told me I could eat whatever I wanted. I told him I already did! He said 'Great!' Since then he taught me how to separate some foods from others and still eat whatever I wanted, no catches. I've lost 80 pounds of fat and eat more than ever! Infact, Larry Jr. sees Don too."
--Larry Wolfe, CEO, L.F.Wolfe Contracting, Hubbard, Ohio--

"Finally, I feel comfortable about the way I look in clothes, when I go out, when I look in the mirror"
--Kristi D. Masseuse, Medical Sec., Burbank CA--

"I entered a natural (drug free) body building contest last summer and even though the judges and promoter said I was listed on score cards as the winner, I was asked to leave. The competitors protested saying nobody could look that ripped without taking drugs! Well go get Don Lemmon's Know How then!"
--Tony F., Las Vegas, NV--

"My overall weight, while I won't tell you what it is, has only changed by 10 pounds but my clothes keep getting bigger and bigger! My mother says this is this best thing I've ever done! I actually wore a Jeannie costume at Halloween this year that shows off my stomach! I never thought I'd ever do that!"
--Amy L., student, YSU Ohio--

"I've lost so many inches, I'm almost embarrassed to say! I am wearing clothes I haven't worn since I weighed much less than I do now! I've dropped a tremendous amount of fat and toned up REAL nice...Ask my husband Bob!"
--Kathy F., Business Professional, Canfield OH-- (She's gonna kill me but she's dropped 50 pounds of fat, gained a dozen pounds of muscle, lost almost two dozen inches in size and is a total knockout! Ask her two GROWN CHILDREN about that! - Don)

"I have gained almost 30 pounds on the scale and dropped nearly a half a foot off my waistline. I eat what I want and only work out twice a week. Sometimes, less than that. I plan on gaining 30 more and judging by the success rate, there's nothing stopping me!"
--Robert D., High school student--

Don Lemmon's Nutritional and Exercise Know How

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