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Cynthia Bridges Biography

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-IFBB Pro fitness competitor and model  
-Three time winner, Womens Strength 
-IFBB  North American Champion

From an early age the value of making fitness a priority was instilled in me. I basically grew up in a gym as I was a nationally competitive gymnast in my early years (age 9-20). This childhood lifestyle taught me a great deal of discipline that I have found very useful in my adult life.

The extensive training and nutritional demands prepared me for a bodybuilding and fitness lifestyle which began in 1982. I was competitive in bodybuilding from 1982 to 1986 capturing local titles in Hawaii and Maui. From there it was motherhood turning "Best Abdominals" into biggest with two pregnancies five years apart resulting in a beautiful boy and girl. Training was tough when my children were very young (now ages 8 & 13), but I still managed to get to the gym even if it meant bringing baby from station to station or feeding between sets. Now my children are growing up in a gym also and receiving the benefits of a healthy life style.

"My maturity combined with my extensive fitness experience  and professional background would make me an ideal   representative for a fitness or nutrition company or product"

In 1997, I wanted to step-up my level of fitness, so I decided to compete again. This time in the fitness arena using the many years of experience I had obtained through gymnastics and bodybuilding. I wanted to be one of the best in the fitness industry even though I knew that I would be generally 10-15 years older than my fellow competitors. Mothernature has been good to me thus far or maybe it has been the years of leading a fit and healthy lifestyle that has allowed me to obtain my first of many goals, which was my IFBB Pro card that I earned at the 1999 IFBB North American Championships.

My career outside of the gym over the last two decades has been in a professional capacity in customer service related fields such as banking. Throughout these years, I obtained excellent leadership and "people skills" which I now apply to something I have great passion for, which is my own successful personal training business. I have gained national recognition and have now become a role model for others. My maturity combined with my extensive fitness experience and professional background would make me an ideal representative for a fitness or nutrition company or product.

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