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Eddie Robinson Interview

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Nadia Lemmon asks: Who was the first person to tell you getting into bodybuilding was a crazy idea?
Eddie Robinson replies: Really, It was the opposite. People were telling me that I should get into bodybuilding.

Nadia Lemmon asks: In my opinion, you are sort of the Dorian Yates of your era. What directed your attention to the industry itself as a profession and how did you originally see your part in it?
Eddie Robinson replies: Back in 89 Lee Haney was the man to beat. The big guys then were tipping the scale at 245 on the high end. today's body builder is well over 245 on stage these days. What really Directed me into this profession was the love I have for lifting and being able to make a good living at it.

Nadia Lemmon asks: Your 5 favorite websites are:
Eddie Robinson replies: I really don't have any favorite web sites, and really only get online to answer my fans questions in my members section of my website.

Nadia Lemmon asks: Got a secret you want to share? Tell us something nobody knows but only because they haven't asked.
Eddie Robinson replies: I have tattoos all over my private parts.

Nadia Lemmon asks: I think an honest biography from a real bodybuilder would be a hot item. What's your craziest experience while just out looking for a good time in the sport or maybe witnessed happen but didn't participate in?
Eddie Robinson replies: I really never have been able to look for a good time being married, However I always enjoy the nude photos my female fans send to my P.O. box.

Nadia Lemmon asks: Laughs. Anything embarrassing ever happen when you were trying to look cool? What?
Eddie Robinson replies: I never really had anything happen that was embarrassing trying to be cool, However I remember walking out on stage in the Olympia with my left nut hanging out of my trunks. I guess that was about the only thing that was embarrassing.

Nadia Lemmon asks: Your biggest lie ever is:
Eddie Robinson replies: I didn't eat it!

Nadia Lemmon asks: What's the grossest thing you ever ate? Was it because some one said "Hey, taste this!" Did you get even?
Eddie Robinson replies: The grossest thing that I have ever eaten was a jar of Mayo. I was getting ready for a show and on the last week I was craving a cheat, since the only thing I had in the house at that time was a jar of Mayo, and I ate the whole thing. Wasn't gross then but sure the hell is now.

Nadia Lemmon asks: What's the hardest and yet easiest part of getting into the sport?
Eddie Robinson replies: The hardest is getting you pro card, and the pressure to stay at the top of the game, yet the easiest is getting that big check for smiling for the camera.

Nadia Lemmon asks: Ellington Darden claimed you made a lot of progress and built most of your back using an Arthur Jones workout. Is this true? What do you think of Jones and Nautilus?
Eddie Robinson replies: Ellington Darden is Smoking Crack. The training that I did with him and Nautilus was a joke, let me Put it this way, I was training 3 days a week full body each day for one hour, What do you think? However, I do have a lot of respect for Arthur Jones and he does have a lot of great training theories.

Nadia Lemmon asks: I have been asked that 1000 times. Is professional bodybuilding healthy? I guess that is the answer right there. Thank you for the frankness. Tell me, what is your most frequently asked question and what question makes you crazy, but you somehow manage to remain composed when asked?
Eddie Robinson replies: is the sport healthy? Used to be! Most frequent asked question is if I do muscle worshiping? I still don't know what the hell that means, And yes it is driving me crazy, because I have been offered Big $$$ for it? I think it is Gay related. And no, I'm not gay!! However I would like to know what muscle worshiping is? Is it when someone looks at you and pounds their PUD? That's all I can figure out, and if thats the case yes, I do muscle worship, Go to www.eddierobinson.org and buy a photo! or enter my members and get some full blown nude shots and worship, worship, worship, Just don't tell me about it!

Nadia Lemmon asks: Is there a job or a gig that you were offered but passed up in the past that we would find interesting?
Eddie Robinson replies: Playgirl had offered me to do another spread but with full frontal pictorial. I passed on that! My woman wants me to keep one thing out of the publications & thats for her eyes ONLY!

Nadia Lemmon asks: How does it make you feel to see people less talented or not in as good of shape as you are handed something overnight? Does it give the wrong impression to those on the outside looking in?
Eddie Robinson replies: that is something you have to get used to in this sport. Politics play a big role. And yes it gives those the wrong impression for those who are looking in.

Nadia Lemmon asks: Your crowning achievement in life is or will hopefully be what?
Eddie Robinson replies: being the best father that I can rasing my son Seth and Doughtier cara, to keep getting stronger and stronger in my faith with God. Landing a great contract for my Production company doing infomercials and commercials, managing/promoting athletes, and to spend the rest of my life happy hand in hand with the woman I love.

Nadia Lemmon asks: Tell me a joke:
Eddie Robinson replies:

Nadia Lemmon asks: Favorite music album of the year so far and what music do you listen to most?
Eddie Robinson replies: Usher, U got it Bad!

Nadia Lemmon asks: Besides that, what is your favorite probably regarded to as BAD music or an album no one else likes but you love anyhow? You know, something a bit embarrassing but you just don't care!
Eddie Robinson replies: ???? Dont have any!

Nadia Lemmon asks: Tell me something about the industry you are in that people tend to forget.... and something they do not realize....
Eddie Robinson replies: The IFBB cares nothing about the Athletes health or well being, they are only interested in filling their pockets. No testing will ever be done because they only want to market freaks, and if you are not willing to play the game they will replace you in a drop of a hat for someone who will!

Nadia Lemmon asks: What was the best and worst part of the WBF? The costumes? Weider seeking revenge?
Eddie Robinson replies: The best was the big contracts, and being treated as a real athlete. The worst was it folded, and being black balled for leaving the IFBB.

Nadia Lemmon asks: Who is the most intriguing person in your business?
Eddie Robinson replies: I would have to say Joe Weider.

Nadia Lemmon asks: Tell me the last good movie you can remember in a long time that you saw in theaters, and the last video you rented:
Eddie Robinson replies: Dont really know, been a long time since I have been in a theater. The last video I rented was Rat Race. Peed my pants twice.

Nadia Lemmon asks: I think I saw on your site you were Christian. What do you think of the song King of Kings over at www.mp3.com/white_diamond ? Can you take a listen and let me know?
Eddie Robinson replies: Could not Open?

Nadia Lemmon asks: How often do you see concerts and what was the last one you attended?
Eddie Robinson replies: Not much.. Last one was AC/DC

Nadia Lemmon asks: The TV show you most watch is:
Eddie Robinson replies: CNN, ESPN, VH1

Nadia Lemmon asks: Tell me what you ate yesterday (or today for that matter):
Eddie Robinson replies: 10 egg whites, 1/2 chicken and rice, turkey sand, popsicle, Mac& Cheese, Tuna & pasta, and a Corona W/lime

Nadia Lemmon asks: What type of aerobic/cardio schedule do you keep? Do you go for speed, time or distance?
Eddie Robinson replies: 30 min a day, 5 days a week stair master. I go for the burn...

Nadia Lemmon asks: The worst pickup line you ever heard was:
Eddie Robinson replies: I know milk does the body good, But just how much milk you been drinking?

Nadia Lemmon asks: If you were anyone else who would you be (even just for a day, a good day) or who did you emulate growing up? Do you still emulate or try to be like that person now?
Eddie Robinson replies: For a day I would like to be the invisible man, Why Payback time..

Nadia Lemmon asks: What did we forget?
Eddie Robinson replies: To plug my website. And to join my members only and see my 12 year pictorials, and 75 covers. along with contest diet info, training and nutrition.

All Inquiries: www.eddierobinson.org

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