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Nelson Montana Interview

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DON: What is your age, weight, height, body fat percentage: Now, at it's best, at it's worst.... And what were your last two training sessions like as well as your last couple days of eating if you wouldn't mind.
NELSON: I'm 45.  5'11"  190 pounds with  8 % BF. I never do the same training session twice.  I tend to eat what I'm in the mood for. As unfashionable as it may be, I believe in following one's instincts in that regard. Of course, one must learn to develop good instincts. But I follow mine.

DON: This is so true. Let me ask you, what is a good pre and post workout meal plan?
NELSON: As far as a pre meal, again it depends on what my body is craving.  I don't buy into the  concept of training on an empty stomach to release Growth Hormone. Even if it's true, the amount would be negligible and isn't enough to stimulate additional muscle growth of any consequence. People also say you should eat immediately after a workout but the body allows for a LOT of leeway. If you have protein in your system from BEFORE the workout, it will use that. If you eat 2 hours after a workout it will use that too. Precision timing is not a very big factor. I know people who treat every calorie like it's a quantum physics calculation.  And they look like crap! Your genetics determine how well you process macro nutrients. Your instinct tells you what, when and how much.

DON: And habits I would assume come into play. How long after a session should you wait to eat then or are you saying it doesn't matter? And, are you saying carbs are best here? I agree whole heartedly with eating protein PRIOR to..... But does this mean you eat... wait a minute. Well, how long prior to the workout do you eat then? It's funny because physiologically, exercise on a full gut (i.e. swimming) isn't sensible. But then a lot of people workout immediately following their meals and they are just RIPPED. What EXACTLY do you do? Or is this another, gauged by feel thing?
NELSON: The bottom line on eating.... never get hungry - never get full.

DON: If there was one thing you could change about main stream fitness, what would it be and what ARE you trying to  'revelate'?
NELSON: The one thing I'm working on changing is to get people to stop researching things to death and just do something! Take action!  I believe that too much emphasis is placed on "scientific theory" and not enough on practical "real life" results.

DON: Have you ever tried any of the fads? Zone, Atkin's etc.? What is your take?
NELSON: All of those diets are repackaged versions  of stuff that's been around for decades. My dad was a pro boxer (ranked 4th in the world) and when he needed to make the weight class the advice was "lay off the starches." So it was steak and salad.  Now it's called the "zone, high fat, cyclo ketogenic, ABCD body opus up your butt diet". What baloney! It's just common sense. But any "extreme" diet is impractical in the long run.

DON: I agree again. How funny. I had an article lambasting these systems circulating myself. My father followed the same programming. Steak, salad, coffee. This was back in the 50's he was doing this. Anything that depletes you too extreme. Whether that depletion be fat or carbs, its still a depletion. I would love to hear about your father and who he fought!
NELSON: My Dad went under the name of Rocco Rossano (sounds like a fighter, doesn't it?)  His record was 89-4.  His most famous fight was his loss to Kid Gavilan who went on to become the welterweight champion.  It was the only time he was ever knocked out.  That was his last fight.

DON: May 28, 1948 in NYC. That's when they fought. I am a boxing fan. Was strength and conditioning coach for Ring Stars in Vegas for a short while. Tell me, what do you feel are the most essential supplements? The best for weight gain w/o getting fat and the ones for fat loss while preserving muscle?
NELSON: It depends on what you need and what you're trying to accomplish. A vit/min cap each day is the simplest thing in the world to take for insurance purposes. Creatine works depending your weight. Tribulus works. Some of the more old fashioned (and consequently dismissed) supplements like desiccated liver are actually very good. As far as gaining lean body mass, the only thing to do is to increase calories. That means food.  Any MRP is just  food.

DON: Do you mean eat food instead of meal replacements or do you mean meal replacements ARE food? Whose do you use?
NELSON: No but when it comes to MRPs I just go with what tastes best.

DON: Good escape. Laughs. I recently tried the ****** or whatever it is called. Was real let down. The ads and ******, the man behind the stuff all lied. It's so sugary I bloated like a balloon in moments. And so did everyone else who I gave the rest of the packets to. Everybody binges or has one food or meal that does them in EVERY TIME. There is also a part of their body they hate or even an exercise they despise and either still do, or avoid like the plague.
NELSON: Abs are the most unsatisfying to work. That's why I don't treat them as an afterthought.  I work them like any other body part - on their own day, and  hard!

DON: Interesting. How do you split your body up then and what is your idea of rest and recovery session to session.
NELSON: My workout program:

Day One: Back and Bi's

Day Two: Chest and Triceps

Day Three: Off/Rest Day

Day Four: Legs

Day Five: Off/Rest Day

Day Six: Shoulders and Traps/Neck

Day Seven: Abs and Calves

DON: I find that fascinating. What progress has this split brought you or are you simply maintaining these days?
NELSON: The workout schedule just makes sense to me.  When you work back, you're working bi's, so I can go right into my biceps workout without a warm-up. It's an all "pulling" workout.  The same thing with chest and tri's except that they both "push."  With this method, I keep all the body parts separate from each other and I don't over train a particular muscle group.   In this way, I wind up working the entire body once a week. But I'll occasionally skip a day here and there if I feel I need the rest. And I do NO AEROBICS

DON: I limit my aerobics, but "none"? Why? I mean I do 12 minutes after each session with weights to flush my body of exercise debris, but NONE at all? Then again I usually skip mine too.
NELSON: Aerobics don't work.  They just use up carbs.  As soon as you eat carbs, you're back to square one.  Intense aerobics such as running causes free radical damage, ankle, knee and back trauma, and burns muscle tissue. My heart gets plenty of work from my higher rep days.  I limit my aerobics to walks through Central Park.

DON: Binge food? I asked about your binge foods.
NELSON: I don't binge. Favorite bad food though?  Italian bread and Coca-Cola!

DON: Together? Would that be Co-coa Cola Reg-U-LAAR? (Laughs, it's an inside joke, a friend of mine went to France and... nevermind).... I grab for those WOW Doritos. It never digests (coated with plastic) but I love that taste. Dr Pepper is my thing. Here's a question. What do you eat the day of a bodybuilding show or a photo shoot to look pumped and great but not flat and deflated? How about the pump up backstage? What about that?
NELSON: Again, since the body is always in a state of flux it's impossible to predict exactly how it will react. This why after all these years pro bodybuilders still "miss the mark" the day of the show. Eat a small meal. Sip water. That's the best advice I can give. Try and get drastic with crab loading or sodium loading or using diuretics and there's a good chance it'll backfire.

DON: Interesting again. There's no magic. Just timing and practice as an individual. What is the key to your success?
NELSON: Always look for the logic in any given situation and you'll never be far from the truth. People adopt concepts based solely on what information they "inherited." It's like religion. Some people think that whichever one they were born into is the one that's right for everyone. It's easier, I suppose, than seeking logic. But logic is undeniable. (Unless, of course, you're irrational which includes about 75% of the human race.)

DON: And Mike Mentzer. Actually I like Mike. I was misread once discussing him. Oh well, too late. Seriously, that's a great interpretation. Have you had any professional consultation with a top level athletes or butted heads with anyone we would know by name? What was it about?
NELSON: I've butt heads with almost everyone in this industry. *****, who works for ***** was very cool in telling me he enjoyed my work even though ***** would like to see me dead!

DON: Not the first time I heard this. Why are they like this?
NELSON: You were correct in that the powers that be don't really want knowledgeable people around. They want "stars" They don't need the truth. They need to fill an agenda. It would be unprofessional of me to name names but I've told some pretty big shot scientists that I thought they were totally wrong. And they still are. I will not endorse a product I don't believe in. That's what I like about working at TESTOSTERONE. They give me free reign with my work and they make me comfortable. You just have to know when and where to compromise.

DON: Is there anything you think we haven't touched upon here yet? Here's a question. What was the last movie you saw and last album or compact disc or audio cassette  you bought?
NELSON: It's funny that you ask about movies and CD's.  I've worked most of my life as a musician and I also work as an actor.  I have over a thousand albums but I don't remember the last time I bought a new one. (Whatever it was, it was probably something older).  I like all types of music from Sinatra to Iron Maiden to Ludwig Von Beethoven.  My favorite artist is John Coltrane.  My favorite band is the Beatles.  I prefer American films from the 1930's and 1940's but  I do like Woody Allen's work.  Saw the movie "Antz" last night.  I liked it! Please forgive any spelling errors. My proof reader (my wife) isn't home.

DON: Any children?
NELSON: I'm on my second marriage.  The first was a big mistake. My first marriage produced my son, the greatest thing in my life.

DON: I have really enjoyed talking with you. You're bright and insightful. What is your educational background?
NELSON: For what it's worth I have an IQ of 170.  I think an IQ just tells you how good you are at taking an IQ test. I could have scored even higher if I understood basic algebra.  But I hated it.  I never finished high school.

DON: That's amazing really.
NELSON: It seems like you and I are pretty much on the same wave length but it may not be that big of a coincidence.  Anyone who's been around for awhile and has decent judgment will come to similar conclusions.  The greatest task is getting past all the rhetoric and misinformation.

DON: I agree but then again, it's not the position of the laborer or secretary to know what's best for their bodies. That is where we come in. So let's continue to inform these great readers of what is really "The Truth". Thanks Nelson. I'd like to do this again sometime.
NELSON: Thanks for your time as well.

DON: All in all, before we close, how are things going for you?
NELSON: Things are going very well on this end. When it rains, it pours.  I've been busy writing, playing and even doing more acting. It gets hectic, but I like it that way. The toughest part is maintaining a clean diet. It's funny. Since I'm hypoglycemic, I MUST adhere to your "no two crab meals in a row" concept. Otherwise, my insulin levels get wacky.

DON: When will Testosterone become a hard copy, store issue, magazine?
NELSON: Testosterone has decided to remain a web site for the time being. We have over 22,000 subscribers and get over a million hits a month. Do we get attacked?  Constantly!  But that goes with the territory. That's show biz. Can't have it everybody's way I guess.

DON: Acting. You do soaps. Who is your agent? How often do you work?
NELSON: As far as soap work out here, well, I don't have an agent. I just send out a picture and get called now and then. It's all about the right look anyway. I believe only a handful of actors can really stretch. (I can not and will not ever be cast to play a 60 year old black women) Everybody's a type. I was on Guiding Light and I do All my Children about once or twice a month. But like I said, it's just bit stuff. Walk ons etc. I am supposed to read for a principle part on the show. We'll see.

DON: I turned down a soap because of the script. How do you feel about that stance?
NELSON: I really wouldn't care if the scripts suck, as long as they pay well. Actors with a lot of clout take shitty parts to keep working so what's left over for ME? I try and be more discriminating when it comes to playing music. I've earned that. But, sometimes you have to play crap or with lousy players. Whattaya gonna do? That's reality.

DON: Well, maybe we will be writing for the same site soon. Depends on TC's reaction to my submission.
NELSON: I'll mention to TC that you're interested. BTW Try to be a irreverent as possible. T-mag readers are, on the whole, knowledgeable and cynical. Nobody reads T for basic "fitness" info. Be as radical as you want. The more renegade, the better!

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