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Fred Hatfield Dr Squat Interview

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For those of you thank do not know who Dr Fred Hatfield is, he is a legend in the fitness and bodybuilding industry. Oh, wait. He was the first man on Earth to record a 1000 pound squat! I suppose that makes him a power lifter. I wasn't head first into the world of weightlifting although I had been training for 4 years when I discovered Dr Squat. It was an article about SQUATTING. One MUST squat to SUCCEED he preached. At an alter of chalk I prayed to the Lord above to allow me one more rep then I had already performed and one more than the last set. I am not sure if God was granting success or not but it wasn't until that article that I even cared about squatting. I then saw the man on television doing an interview for WBF TV. I loved it. Couldn't shake it. Next, I saw he had his own certification program for trainers. I HAD to have it... And each program he set up after that. He was the editor of Muscle and Fitness for years and, well, see his sites. He is THE MAN!.

DON: What's it like being a genius?
DR HATFIELD: Yikes, Don! "Genius?"

DON: What led you to becoming a Dr?
DR HATFIELD: As I furthered my education, the doors were opened for me. I was given the opportunity to teach while studying for both my masters and doctorate.

DON: What led you to becoming a power lifter?
DR HATFIELD: I was a gymnast and Olympic lifter, and going nowhere in either. I decided to try this relatively new sport called power lifting, and found that I was pretty good at it. I still describe myself as an Olympic lifter, however.

DON: What compelled you to become a writer?
DR HATFIELD: I knew things, and was rapidly learning new things, about training that no one had said before, and I felt compelled to say them. Over the years, as I acquired greater insight, I wrote more. I may never have the time to finish this work. I never aspired to be a writer, and still don't.

DON: What compelled you to start a certification program?
DR HATFIELD: My partner and I listened to a fella on TV who was training an actress. His drivel was so repugnant that the idea of educating him, and others like him, seemed a worthwhile endeavor at the time. It was certainly needed! We were the first ever to offer a certification in fitness training, by the way.

DON: What is it about your supplement line that makes it so brilliant?
DR HATFIELD: It isn't brilliant by today's standards. When I designed the line, it was avant garde. It's still on scientifically "solid" ground. I was never able to justify putting supplements on the market that I knew were sub-par or potentially dangerous.

DON: What is it about your equipment line that sets it apart form the rest?
DR HATFIELD: Ah! So you know about Sport Strength! For the life of me, I can't understand the equipment industry! It's an example of the tail wagging the dog! These marketing and welding bozos are telling US how to train! How can that be!!!! Now, I don't blame them for taking advantage of us (collectively speaking). That's good business! But it's unconscionable to me that we, as a group of professionals, aren't telling THEM how to build good equipment! So, I'm a voice in the wilderness again it seems. My equipment is designed for the human body. I cannot imagine ever lying on a flat bench to do an exercise ever again. Or forcing my joints through unnatural planes of movement. I own 5 pieces of equipment. I have the finest sports training gym ever conceived.

DON: How did you and Dr Sal Arria join forces?
DR HATFIELD: He was my chiropractor during my lifting career. We became friends. We've traveled the world together.

DON: If there was one thing about nutrition you think is most overlooked, what would it be and why?
DR HATFIELD: Two things are systematically overlooked. First, no one has ever taken the time to teach people how to count calories (i.e., portion control). The second overlooked item is that losing fat requires a negative calorie intake while gaining muscle requires a positive one.

DON: I find a lot of writings where you all but out right attack Arthur Jones of Nautilus and then others where you tend to agree with him. How did the feud begin and why?
DR HATFIELD: There is no feud! Arthur used to say things that simply weren't true! I called him on such things. He also says things that are right on the money, and I praise him for those things. The alleged "feud" was because of how Arthur attacked me, which (of course) obliged me to counterattack.

DON: Besides Tom Platz and Bill Pearl whom you have been friends with forever, are your favorite bodybuilders?
DR HATFIELD: Grimek. Of course.

DON: What of the World's Strongest Man competitions? Do you think it is safe for power lifters or bodybuilders to even attempt? How can one train to toss telephone poles or carry a school yard of children in a circle?
DR HATFIELD: Such competitions are fun and popular because they involve feats of strength which normal folks relate to easily. To see a one inch steel bar bending over a man's back is so beyond the comprehension of an average guy that it has little meaning to him. However, it's easy to relate personally to someone lifting a refrigerator or pulling a giant truck. I think that everyone ought to do the strongman competition! Everyone!

DON: Women's bodybuilding. The fitness competitor of today is more muscular than the Olympia women of the 80's. The current Ms Olympia bodybuilders today are bigger and leaner than most men at the highest of amateur levels. Where is it all headed?
DR HATFIELD: The men that they are bigger than ought to be ashamed of themselves. Period. I have no problem with muscular women. I do have a problem with women chemically created with male hormones, however. But that's a personal prejudice.

DON: Every personal trainer touts themselves as 'the definitive source' for training and nutrition. I absolutely love the writings of the ISSA but what can we do to get people to realize, knowledge is never definitive. It is ongoing.
DR HATFIELD: You make two observations with this "question." I agree with both observations. Here's what to do... Keep teaching the truth. Yes, even truth changes over time (earth's nature changes while only laws stay stable). Just as Jesus said in the Bible, "My sheep will hear my voice."

DON: Sal Arria has called me and discussed my nutrition program stating he fully believes food separation is incredible for producing results. Why is it then the ISSA stands by a low fat approach but preaches higher fat?
DR HATFIELD: The 1:2:3 approach is easy for people to remember, it is easy for most people to implement, and (importantly) it is healthy. I do not regard 1:2:3 (one part fat, 2 parts protein and 3 parts carbs) as "low" fat or "high" fat. It'd be high fat for a competing bodybuilder, but low fat for the average slob. As for food separation, there are a lot of dietary manipulation methods that are quite fruitful in promoting health and wellness. The reason (I believe) is that the human body is wonderfully adaptable to almost any sort of dietary approach. The Kapuku Papuan of New Guinea are people just like the Aleuts of Alaska are. Scandinavians are people just like middle easterners. But their diets are substantially different. As a species, we survive and in fact THRIVE on almost anything edible.

DON: True, but some survive longer and healthier pending. You helped create the Anabolic Diet. Where did it go wrong or right? Mike Quinn claims today it ruined his metabolism. You and I both know that's not true. Why does this diet work or fail when even followed as strict as possible?
DR HATFIELD: Read the answer to above. I love Mike. But I suspect that he did not follow it to the letter according to how Dr. DiPasquale and I designed it. The system was in its infancy back then. DiPasquale has made adjustments to the diet that appear to make it more effective.

DON: The ISSA has so many programs I do not even know where to begin. I have taken a few of them. Step one I feel is BOTH the trainers course and the nutrition course. How many are there and how many are in the works?
DR HATFIELD: Sal and I believe that there is no end to the health and fitness related CEU courses we can offer, particularly online. We'd LOVE for you to prepare one for us, by the way!

DON: I have reviewed many programs, yours are the most enjoyable. I felt before that many made you feel like you HAD to learn something which my mind always rejected. You however tapped into the psyche by means of literary expression. Are you a comic book fan?

DON: Where can we get copies of the old WBF television series? How about the contest videos?
DR HATFIELD: They should be hot collectors items you know! I don't know for sure. Try writing to Vince in Stamford.

DON: If you could change something about bodybuilding as a sport and something else about the way fitness is presented to the public, what would they be?
DR HATFIELD: For bodybuilding, the muscle head image. Unfortunately, all too many among us go out of our way (it seems) to justify the negative stereotype. For fitness, the notion that it can be had through a pill, an occasional walk in the park or through other physically non challenging endeavors.

DON: Tell me the last CD you bought, book you read, movie you saw, video you rented and television show besides the news or educational programming you watched most regularly.....
DR HATFIELD: Ummmm. Rented Stigmata two nights ago. Cute. I don't watch much TV these days, and each time I do I am reminded why. Books... been reading the Bible a lot lately. I finally found someone who is able to interpret it! Cool.

DON: What did you think I was going to ask?
DR HATFIELD: When I was making my comeback.

DON: Is there an archive of all your writings we could access?
DR HATFIELD: www.drsquat.com is all I have for the moment. It's soon to be expanded.

DON: Have you put any thought into recreating your ab bench to have a lever arm at chest level instead of the pulleys you strap and hold over your shoulders?
DR HATFIELD: I like your idea for the bench...

DON: What equipment would you suggest if a gym isn't willing to pick up your line?
DR HATFIELD: Equipment.... ummmmm.... take your pick! I have no suggestions.

DON: Folks, Frederick C. Hatfield, Ph.D., is the President of the International Sports Sciences Association and can also be found at www.sportsci.org.
DR HATFIELD: Don, I am still on the line.....

Visit Dr Fred Hatfield at www.issaonline.com

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