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Theresa Hessler Biography

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Birthday:              July 19, 1969  Baltimore, Maryland
Nationality:     German/Polish
Height:            5'7"
Hair:                Blonde

DEGREES: I graduated with my bachelor?s degree in Accounting from the University of Baltimore, December 1997. I have plans to continue my education, but I have remained undecided what I ultimately want to do when I grow up.

I have been working as a legal assistant for the past ten years, but I?m not sure I want to go to law school. I most recently started my own personal training business which has done extremely well. It's a good feeling to share my fitness knowledge to help others achieve their goals. I am training a few women who will be competing in upcoming fitness competitions and I'm excited to see the end result.

I have been involved with fitness since I was a young girl. I quickly gained the reputation of a tomboy. TV was boring for me, it still is, so I played every sport I could. In my freshman year of high school, I made varsity track. I have been weight training since I was 16.

Theresa's accomplishments include:

-1998 IFBB Czech Pro Fitness - 
  6th place
-1998 IFBB Fitness International - 
  6th   place
-1998 IFBB Pro Fitness of France - 
  7th   place
-1997 IFBB Jan Tana Pro Fitness
  Classic -  1st place
-1997 IFBB Italian Pro Fitness - 
  1st place
-1997 IFBB Midwest Pro Fitness
  Classic - 3rd place
-1997 IFBB Czech Republic Pro
  Classic - 3rd place
-1997 IFBB Fitness International - 
  6th  place
-1997 IFBB Fitness Olympia -
   8th place
-1996 IFBB Jan Tana Pro Fitness
   Challenge - 1st place
-1996 IFBB Florida Fitness
   Championships - 3rd place
-1996 IFBB Fitness Olympia -
   6th place
-1996 IFBB World Professional
  Fitness Championships - 7th
-1995 NPC National Women's
  Fitness Championships - 
  3rd place
-1995 NPC Maryland Women's
  Fitness Championships - 
  1st place
-1995 Best Body on the Beach:
  Ocean City, Maryland - 1st place
-1995 Best Body on the Beach:
  Roehobeth Beach, Delaware - 
  1st place
-1994 Ms. Volleyball Blast - 
  1st place
-1993 Best Body on the Beach:
  Ocean City, Maryland - 1st place

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