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Calculators to assess your fitness level, determine appropriate workout
intensity levels and decide whether you might just be overdoing it a bit too much.

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Body Size Calculator

Measure your genetical potential for building muscle, be realistic about your
training and be saved from big disappointments. In the world of bodybuilding
proportion is everything. It is clear to see that skipping a body part is not
an option. Every part must be trained. Here is a proportion calcular to learn
your ideal proportions and see how you measure up. Women may have to adjust
measurements in the area of hips, waist, and chest depending on build.

Body Size Calculator
Wrist Size:

Your ideal body measurements are:

Chest Size:     Forearm Size: 

Waist Size:     Thigh Size:   

Hip Size:       Calve Size:   

Bicep Size:     Neck Size:    

Body Health Calculator includes the following health & fitness calculations:

Blood Pressure
Body Mass Index
Heartrate Zones
Ideal Weight
Measure Heartrate
Optimum Weight
Percent Body Fat (Circumference)
Percent Body Fat (YMCA)
Risk of Chronic Disease

Choose one of the nine calculators from the drop-down list. Click the Help
button to display information on using the displayed calculator.


Body Health Calculator

Body Health Calculator

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