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Weight Gain Program

Goal: Gain Weight

Exercise Program

  • Conduct intense weight-training exercise utilizing basic exercises such as the bench press, squat, rows, curls, etc. You should train 3-4 times per week for no more than 45-60 minutes each time.
  • Follow up any workout with a high calorie meal replacement (within 45 minutes).
  • Muscle Express is a complete weight training program designed to help you gain muscle mass fast.

Nutrition Program

  • Consume approximately 15-18 times your bodyweight in daily calories. So at a weight of 150 lbs you want to target approximately 2250-2700 calories total per day.
  • While different people respond differently to certain types of food, in general the best calorie breakdown for serious weight gain is approximately 50% carbohydrates, 30% protein, and 20% fat.
  • Break up your calorie consumption into 5 or 6 relatively equal sized meals.
  • Feed your body high quality protein throughout the day, at least every 3 hours, to help support muscle growth. You’ll want to take in at least 1-2 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight.
  • If after 2-3 weeks you find you’re not gaining weight, up your calories by 350-400 per day.
  • Good sources of protein include: eggs, fish, chicken & turkey, cottage cheese, beef & quality protein powders. Good sources of carbohydrate include: vegetables, fruits, beans, milk, whole grains (brown rice, oatmeal, whole grain pasta etc.). Good sources of fat include: nuts, seeds, olive oil, fatty fish (salmon, tuna), cheese, peanut butter, flax seeds and EFA supplements.
  • Drink one-half to one full gallon of water each day.

Supplement Program

  • Use a quality multi-vitamin / multi-mineral formula. One.
  • Use Creatine. I prefer Pumped Extreme, it is scientifically developed with ideal transport ingredients to insure optimum cell uptake.
  • Weight gain formulas are high calorie, nutrient packed shakes that can really add an extra 300-800 calories into your daily food intake.
  • Essential Fatty Acids! EFAs are wonderful, healthy fats that can help support your efforts tremendously. See the Total EFA.
  • Use Amino Acids if you have trouble consuming enough protein.
  • These are the basics, there are many more quality supplements available and as always I recommend that you visit this site frequently to stay in tune with all the latest information and research.

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Neither nor the authors of this publication assume any liability for the information contained herein. The Information contained herein reflects only the opinion of the author and is in no way to be considered medical advice. Specific medical advice should be obtained from a licensed health care practitioner. Consult your physician before you begin any nutrition, exercise, or dietary supplement program.

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