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Mitch Edmunds

Mitch Edmunds Before Explosive Growth Blend and Bodybuilding

Mitch After Using Explosive Growth Blend and Bodybuilding


GET Explosive Growth Blend™ For The Most Awesome Total Body Building Effects Ever Possible™ .

Explosive Growth Blend is for people who want to get bigger, leaner muscles like the Pros.

Explosive Growth Blend was originally developed by Sports Nutrition Pharmacy™ for natural bodybuilders to get results equal to or better than steroids, IGF, andro alternatives, and other anabolics, but naturally. Developed by Daniel Gastelu, International Sports Nutrition Expert, Author, and Director of nutritional sciences of the International Sports Sciences Association.

The result was a product so powerful that it had to be named Explosive Growth Blend.

It is more than a dozen of the most effective scientifically proven products packed into one potent muscle building formula, using our proprietary SynerBlend™ technology.

Sure, Explosive Growth Blend gives you the super-pump, but much, much more, including boosting all anabolic hormones and triggering the all important mTOR protein synthesis pathway. The 65.5 grams per day Explosive Growth Blend Proprietary Anabolic Complex will make your muscles grow at a faster rate than you ever experienced before, guaranteed.

When you compare Explosive Growth Blend’s MASSIVE FORMULA to the puny products you have been using, you will finally realize why you have not been getting the results you want; milligram amounts compared to 65.5 GRAMS.

Also, contains pure Whey Protein Isolate, RG-Creatine, BCAA’s, Arginine, growth hormone stimulators, anabolic cascade activators, Nitric Oxide stimulators, and more. The ingredients are carefully selected and tested Research Grade tm; which means: Pharmaceutical Quality + Clinically Verified Ingredients + Effective Dosages + Quality Manufactured + Professional Bodybuilder Tested.

Explosive Growth Blend is additionally topped off with research verified fat metabolizing ingredients to give you the best of both worlds; extreme muscle building and fat loss & definition; contains CLA, thermogenics, ALC, Carnitine and more.

FOR MEN OF MUSCLE ONLY: Explosive Growth Blend is designed for use by adult males only, who are at the intermediate to advanced level of muscle building, and also for male competitive strength athletes. It is not for the casual male weight lifter or females;

THIS STUFF REALLY ROCKS and is for serious muscle building men only.

Explosive Growth Blend is not available in stores, it is only available direct to you to ensure best quality and best price for best results.

Explosive Growth Blend is expensive, but worth it. If you ever wanted to experience extreme muscle building effects like the Pros, then give Explosive Growth Blend a try. Save over $140 when you order a 6 week cycle. Order EGB

Feel The Power of the blend for yourself!

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