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Do you want to blow away your best bench press ever?

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Imagine the satisfaction and rush of fresh enthusiasm you'll get when you have added up to 75 lbs to your best bench press record, and don't forget about all the muscle growth that will go along with your new-found power!!!

This revolutionary program will show you how to unlock your potential in the ultimate upper body strength and muscle building exercise. It is a simple to follow step-by-step program that shows you how to blast you bench pressing power to new heights!

Thousands have already used these "cutting-edge" techniques to propel thier benching power to all-time highs!!! Isn't it time you learned these theories and started seeing your benching strength increase every week?

Declare War on Your Bench Press

Learn the exact blueprint (workout schedule) for upping the gain factor in bench pressing. From the beginner, intermediate to most advanced powerlifter/bodybuilder.

Learn how to acquire state-of-the-art bench pressing style. If you ever have the opportunity to see a world-caliber power lifting champion in action, you will notice that he doesn't just walk up to the bench, collapse on it, grab the bar, and attempt to bench a world record weight. It is a thoughtful precision technique coupled with drilling on the mechanics of the bench press that have allowed them to set the standard for 21st- century championship bench pressing. We explain in detail the perfect benching technique, and this alone could add 20 lbs on your best lift right away.

This digital book covers everything from training, gaining muscular size and bulk, overcoming injuries, genetics, plateaus, adversity, cardio and nutrition.

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How to increase your bench press, learn about the different grips such as close grip, wide grip, reverse grip, and other variations like decline, incline, dumbbell, etc. We also cover correct workout technique including bands or chains using a shirt vs raw and tips on how to improve bench press max by taking advantage assistance exercises or doing a pyramid routine. You can also learn the average by age and weight for both men and women or find your own max using our calculator or chart.

How to bench press your bodyweight, How to bench press more than body weight, How to bench press double your bodyweight.

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