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Kre Alkalyn Creatine Supplement

Pumped Extreme Kre-Alkalyn Complex

WARNING: Don't buy ANY
Creatine supplements until you read this...

"What You Don't Know
About Creatine Can Hurt You!"

Have you tried creatine and didn't get the massive muscle gains you expected?

Has powdered creatine upset your stomach, given you diarrhea, etc?

The most likely reson for this is that stomach acid destroys creatine, it has been estimated that as much as 66% of the creatine you take is never absorbed. So, once creatine hits the acid in your stomach, the amount that is getting to your muscles is a lot less then you think you are getting.

The biggest problem with creatine monohydrate has been, to be effective, it must first get into muscle. To do this it must pass through the stomach, enter the bloodstream, and be taken up by the muscle cell.

Many have tryed to get around this problem by taking mega-doses of creatine. They took too much, thinking that if a little bit was good then a lot would be better. These high doses do not translate into higher creatine levels in your muscle. Instead, they may be the very cause of the side effects, including intestinal cramping, diarrhea, increased urination, and dehydration. When these high doses of powder enter the stomach they draw water from the body, causing the intestines to contract.

Next people mixed their creatine with grape juice to try to get better results, but since juice is also acidic it destroys some of the creatine. Companies have attempted to develop new ways to deliver creatine to the body, such as adding sugar, which enters the blood stream faster than any other carbohydrate. Insulin drives creatine from the blood into the muscle. In order to get insulin levels up you must eat some carbohydrates. However, this stimulates stomach acid which destroys the creatine. Plus the super high amounts of sugar used by some companies can add unwanted fat to your waist line.

The problem is that all creatine powders and even liquids must pass through stomach acid and lose most of their potency and lead to unwanted side affects, stomach aches, etc. Plus some of them have as much as 75 grams of sugar per dose, that much sugar can lead to health problems and getting fat.

When creatine supplements were tested after activation with fluid, a disturbing discovery was made. It was found that almost immediately after adding water to creatine monohydrate that the majority of it rapidly converted to the toxic by-product creatinine. This held true no matter how "unique" the formulation was claimed to be, or the purity of the assayed dry creatine content.

In the past, some companies pointed to the virtual lack of creatinine in their powders, calling them "creatinine free". What was not considered is that the tests were conducted with dry creatine monohydrate. Once fluid is introduced, creatinine conversion occurs.

A number of negative side-effects can arise from increased creatinine levels, among them; stomach cramps and bloating, diarrhea, indemia, water retention, dehydration, headaches, liver and kidney problems and creatinine poisoning. These side-effects are caused by the body's internal self-defense mechanism reacting to save itself from the ingested toxins by diluting it with water.

How do you bypass this problem? Kre-Alkalyn® Creatine - Awarded U.S. Patent #6,399,661 for the successful and novel method of keeping creatine monohydrate stable and completely free of toxic conversion. With this new patent process the main problem with all existing creatine supplements, the inability to deliver concentrated amounts of creatine without toxic conversion, was solved. Since Kre-Alkalyn® Buffered Creatine is free of unwanted creatinine conversion following liquid activation, it puts an end to the days of having to saturate your body with huge ten to twenty gram amounts of creatine monohydrate to get the desired strength, endurance and muscle building effects. More concisely, Kre-Alkalyn® allows you to safely consume creatine, to full and most potent effect, with only a fraction of previous dosages.

Introducing The World's Only
100% Absorption Creatine for Maximum Results!
Mixed With Potent Cell Volumizers!
Patented Buffered Creatine
Monohydrate Kre-Alkalyn® PUMPED EXTREME!

pumped extreme kre-alkalyn complex

Truly Huge Supplements PUMPED EXTREME Kre-Alkalyn® Complex features the patented Kre-Alkalyn® in a pharmaceutical delivery system providing maximum stability and absorption. Creatine Monohydrate has been proven through a decade and more of research to enhance strength, endurance, and subsequent athletic performance. The disadvantage of traditional Creatine Monohydrate is the extremely short term, rapid conversion into the bi-product Creatinine which when exposed to liquid, results in subsequent poor absorption into the bloodstream.

Since the first creatine product was introduced, we have seen many different delivery systems, all of which claim to be the best. All of these methods were established to increase the amount of creatine your body will absorb before the creatine is converted to Creatinine. However, what you are not being told is that you're actually only absorbing 20-30% of the creatine before it is converted to Creatinine. Kre-Alkalyn® PUMPED EXTREME, which is PH buffered for maximum absorption and stability, solves this dilemma.

Available for the first time, Kre-Alkalyn® PUMPED EXTREME offers the athlete a Creatine formula which is 100% stable and will not break down into Creatinine. This allows the Creatine to be absorbed more efficiently into the bloodstream. Kre-Alkalyn® PUMPED EXTREME allows an athlete to take far less product while experiencing even more explosive results.

Pumped Extreme Benefits

How To Use It

The best way to use Kre-Alkalyn® PUMPED EXTREME is to take it just prior to your workout. It should not cause an upset stomach or any other gastric discomfort associated with ordinary creatine products. It usually takes about ten days of use to see desired results, but you may see a noticeable difference literally overnight.

What Other People Are Saying About It

We let some of our trainees try this product and they all came back very exited. They noticed increases in energy, endurance and strength after taking just one serving. They also reported quicker recovery time, reduced muscle soreness and quicker gains in strength and lean muscle. The immediate absorption allowed them to have super intense workouts anytime they wanted, without one report of negative side effects.

Here's what they had to say:

This is one kick ass supplement. I have been getting crazy pumps and strength gains and I have only been on it for 8 days so far. Will defiantly tell my friends at the gym about PUMPED EXTREME.

Mark Kerfoot of Altus, Oklahoma

I decided to try your product "Pumped Extreme", and in 7 to 9 days your product kicked in and man what a difference. Your product made me feel like I did while I was competing, hard, dense and very vascular. The pumps are amazing just like you said. I love this product and have been telling everybody about it. Thanks for a no B.S. product that works.

Frank Perri of Lansdown, PA

What Are The Ingredients

Each 3 cap serving contains:

So stop gagging down suposed "high-tech" sugar filled creatine drinks, and just take 3 of these bad boys a day and see what Creatine really can do for your strength and muscle size!

As with all Creatine products, maintain an adequate state of hydration during its use.

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kre alkalyn creatine

Kre-Alkalyn® is a registered trademark of All American Pharmaceutical® and Natural Foods Corp. Kre-Alkalyn® is a US-patented Product (US patent #6,399,661). International and additional US patents pending. All rights reserved.

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