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Hard Gainer Reveals Secrets To Packing On Mass
"Are You Getting Bigger & Stronger Every Week?"

Have you been beating your brains out in the gym
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Dear Friend,

Do you work your butt off in the gym, work out regularly, eat right, maybe even spend a small fortune on those miraculous supplements advertised in the muscle magazines ...follow the current bodybuilding champ's training program that you read about in a magazine or maybe bought for big $$$ ...but you are still getting nowhere? Do people act surprised when they hear that you work out with weights?(It SHOULD be obvious to them). Well then you are, my friend, what is called a hard gainer, or as I like to say, a "Genetically Average Joe".

Don't Waste Ten Years And Lots Of Money Like I Did!!!

I understand your dilemma ...I lived it for ten years, spending a small fortune on all of the latest supplements advertised in the muscle mags ("a miraculous new supplement made from the bark of the Yadda Yadda tree in Brazil, and freezedried desiccated testicles from specially selected Argentinean bulls whose only diet was the bark of the famous Brazillian Yadda Yadda tree. Guarnteed to work just like steroids !!!"), buying every training manual written by the current steroid using champ... getting all the magazines every month, looking for the secret... and constantly working my butt off in the gym.

And the reward for all of this time, money, and effort? NOTHING!! I still was not any bigger or stronger!! I knew there had to be a way for a Genetically Average Joe to get bigger and stronger without destroying his health with steroids.

Then I Met A Bodybuilder Who Taught Me The Secrets To Getting HUGE!

In the gym one day, I happened to see a huge, muscular man who was doing squats with over 400 pounds!!! I had never seen this guy in the gym before. He was so huge that he was hard to miss!

I stood and watched in amazement while he finished his set. (I was still struggling to do 185 on squats!) After this "mountain of muscle" finished his set, I managed to work up the nerve to ask him a question. "How did you get so big and strong", I asked slightly afraid that he would get mad at me for interrupting his workout.

The big guy looked at me, smiled, and said, "Why do you want to know?"

At that point I unleashed my whole story on him of how I had been struggling for years, spending a small fortune on courses and exotic supplements, only to still have very little to show for my efforts.

The big guy quietly listened to me rattle on about my training and diet confusion for probably ten minutes. He listened intently, nodded his head and looked as if he really understood how I felt.

After I finally shut up and waited to hear his reply, the big guy just looked me in the eye for what seemed like an eternity of silence. With his blue eyes still piercing he said, "How bad do you want to learn how to get big?"

"Really bad", I replied, "but I don't want to damage my health with steroids."

"That's great", he said, "because I can show you how to get big & strong without steroids if you'll do everything that I teach you."

My Bodybuilding Mentor Showed Me The Jealously Guarded Secrets Of Getting Massive Fast!!

"Are you saying that you are going to train me and teach me how to get big?"

"I will not only train you, young man", he said, leaning in a little closer, "but I can show you some training and diet secrets that will put muscle on a skeleton!"

His rates as a personal trainer were very steep, I actually had to borrow money from some of my friends to pay him. But it was all well worth it, because...

I gained 25 pounds of muscle in eight weeks!

Over the next eight weeks, my new "muscle mentor" showed me the exact training program and diet that helped transform my physique and allowed me to gain 25 pounds of muscle!!! This training routine and diet were not like anything that I had ever read or heard about.

This guy's program was not easy, but, boy was it worth it! Not only were people making comments about how much bigger I was getting and how good I looked...I started to feel better about myself. I not only felt better because I now looked like a bodybuilder, but I also felt better because I had a personal victory. I learned how to overcome a struggle that had been holding back my progress for ten years!

A lot of guys in the gym noticed the dramatic change in my physique and started asking questions. Some even asked what kind of steroids I was taking!! I had to laugh at that! Most of the time I told these guys that I was training hard and eating right. Most of them never asked me again about my secret training and diet program...but a couple of them would not leave me alone. These few guys...these Genetically Average Joes wanted to get the same results that I had gotten. I understood their frustration, so I felt obligated to pass on these secrets that I had learned.

Here's why I am sharing this valuable SECRET bodybuilding wisdom.

Which brings me to why I wrote the book "The Bio-Genetic Muscle Gain Program." I couldn't disappoint these guys at the gym who had been struggling and not making any gains, just like I had done before I met my mentor. I had to share this program with them. So I wrote this book with the hope that I could save other hard gainers from wasting years of effort like I did.

"The Bio-Genetic Muscle Gain Program"contains:

Every hard training bodybuilder who is not making the kind of gains he desires needs this valuable knowledge. This system has literally transformed hundreds of Genetically Average Joes into huge, strong bodybuilders, so why continue to be average? Hundreds of average guys like yourself are taking advantage of this carefully guarded information every week and transforming their flat, skinny bodies into powerful, heavily-muscled, attention-getting physiques...so why don't you be the first at your gym to get a hold of these time-tested truths of muscle-building and finally start making the kind of gains you've been dreaming about?!!

Written by a hard-gainer who knows how to build muscle mass on hard-gainers...FAST!!!

Several years ago, if I would have known about the super-effectiveness of the The Bio-Genetic Muscle Gain Program, I would have gladly paid over $200.00 for this rapid results-producing course...and still considered it a bargain compared to all the money I wasted on those worthless "bomb & blast" courses from the "pumped full of pharmaceuticals" bodybuilding stars.

But this material is different! It's written by a fellow hard-gainer. Someone who understands the frustration you feel with your lack of progress...someone who knows how to pack beef on an average guy...and has carefully researched, tested, and prepared this bodybuilding package specifically for You, a genetically average guy who doesn't want to look average anymore!

I know that most hard-gainers would give their eye teeth to get their hands on this course and these priceless "growth secrets" would be a steal if priced at over $200 (even though it's a lot less than that!)...but I wanted to throw in all the tools that I could think of to help you in your quest for massive muscles.

That's why I am throwing in some very important bonuses absolutely FREE!


Your First Free bonus is a very unique muscle growth tracking system. Before you embark on any journey you have to know where you are starting from and where you want to go. That is what the Muscle Growth Tracker Software can help you do. With the help of a personal computer, the Muscle Growth Tracker Software will help you record the starting measurements of each muscle group, and your continuing growth and progress toward your muscle mass goals. This unique system usually sells for $19.95 but will be included with your The Bio-Genetic Muscle Gain Program order Free if you place your order now..


Have you been doing the same exercises, same weights, same sets, same reps month after month, year after year? That's because you didn't have a weight/rep goal planned for each exercise every training session. You just continue to spin your wheels, going nowhere. Your Free bonus #2 can help you overcome that! With the help, once again, of your personal computer, BodyMaxx Software can help you plan and organize your exercises, weights, and reps for every training session. You will be able to plan and track your workout progress from day to day, week to week, and use it as a motivational tool to keep you progressing!

How many times have you gone to the gym unorganized and said to yourself, "Hmmm, how much weight did I use on this exercise last time? Did I do 10 or 12 reps on this last workout?" How can you continue to gain when you don't keep track of what you did last week...then try to exceed it??!!BodyMaxx can be a handy tool to help keep your workouts progressing.

The registered version of BodyMaxx retails for $39.95 but a copy is yours Free as long as you order right away!


As if I wasn't throwing in enough Free gifts! If you place your order now, I'll also include the booklet, "10 Secrets For Packing On Muscle Mass FAST!". This special report ($19.95 value) reveals even more secrets from the hard-gainer training experts. I originally intended to offer the "10 Genetically Average Joe Secrets..." booklet as a follow-up to owners of the "...The Bio-Genetic Muscle Gain Program" but I felt that the information in the booklet was so important to your muscle building efforts that I wanted you to have it...Free if you act now!

You Can Be On Your Way To Making Great Gains In 7 Days Or Less!

Since I know that you will be anxious to start on your new program so you can start making gains...

The Bio-Genetic Muscle Gain Program manual and "10 Secrets" report are both PDF Books, also known as digital books. These are available for instant download as soon as you order!

Plus all 3 of these FREE gifts are yours NOW if you order your copy of "The Bio-Genetic Muscle Gain Program" right away.

This is limited time offer and I'm afraid that these priceless bonuses will go to the folks that place their order now rather then later...so act fast to receive these invaluable muscle-building tools.

I don't blame you if you're still skeptical.

Hey, I understand! I got suckered into buying a lot of worthless courses and training booklets, too, remember? But I am so sure that "The Bio-Genetic Muscle Gain Program" will produce great gains in muscle bulk and strength, that I am offering a full guarantee. Go through the entire program...follow it faithfully for the full 8 weeks, and if you can show me (on paper, of course) that you are not bigger and stronger, Contact me for a return authorization, and I will return every penny you invested in the course... no questions asked, no hard feelings...and you keep all 3 of the free bonuses as my gift for trying the system!!!

Please don't waste any more time following routines that aren't going to give you the muscle mass and strength you've always wanted. Order"The Bio-Genetic Muscle Gain Program"now, for only $37.00, and you can download the manual and all 3 FREE bonuses instantly and experience the results that you've been dreaming about!

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Here's to your bodybuilding success!

P.S. Is the bodybuilding program that you've been following giving you the gains you really want? Why waste any more time? Order "The Bio-Genetic Muscle Gain Program" and transform your physique in only two months! You've got nothing to lose...but a lot of new muscle to gain!

P.P.S. You may have been born with average genetics, but why continue to look average? You can try the program at No Risk. If after faithfully following the program, you can look me in the eye (on paper, of course)and tell me that you followed the program exactly as outlined for 8 weeks and didn't get bigger and stronger, you can send the book back and keep all of the FREE bonuses as my gift to you! How many of the champs back up their training courses like that?

Here is what others say:

"The program in the book, "The Bio-Genetic Muscle Gain Program" is unreal. I started the program weighing 152 and came out weighing 176 after only 8 weeks. There was an increase in strength that I used to dream of! I also gained the size to go along with my increase in strength. The other guys in the gym would watch me in awe as I kept coming back to the gym throwing more weight on the bar. All of the work in this program was worth doing. The gains I made showed me that! I recommend that all hard gainers, who want to get big, jump on this program as soon as possible." - Bill Ergenbright - U.S. Air Force, Germany

"I only stayed on The Bio-Genetic Muscle Gain Program for three weeks but I gained a solid 6 pounds of muscle in that time. I had my bodyfat tested to see if I had put on any fat and it came out at only 11.4%. Thanks for this great bulk-building program. It was worth every penny and I will be sure to tell other people about it." - Steve Zorn - Warsaw, IN

"I thoroughly enjoyed reading your book. You have kept the theme simple, and in this high tech age of pseudo-scientific training info., your book is a pleasure to read. I am sure many of your readers will make some great gains using the information provided." - Dennis B. Weis, former bodybuilding champion and co-author of Mass!, Raw Muscle, and Anabolic Muscle Mass, is a feature writer for such popular worldwide bodybuilding magazines as IronMan, MuscleMag International, and Powerlifting USA.

"There are many programs and they all claim to be the answer, but most produce more frustration than muscle. If you follow The Bio-Genetic Muscle Gain Program you will gain muscle-big time! I strongly urge you to try it." - Paul Becker - Professional Training and Fitness Consultant and Author of the book Truly Huge.



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