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Natural Female Bodybuilding

natural female bodybuilding

Women are rebelling against the waif figure of recent years! No longer is the bone-thin, malnourished presence of a woman an attractive image. Now, women are discovering the beauty and the benefits of natural female bodybuilding. Serious weight training among women is nothing new, but is only now gaining public popularity and drawing more and more women into the sport.

Here are some natural female bodybuilding tips including workouts, diets and supplements.

Female bodybuilders need to work harder than male bodybuilders. A female can train with the same intensity as a man without getting the same results. They do not produce the required testosterone on a daily basis to develop muscle, which means that any progressive resistance that they achieve from hard training requires much more effort than with men.

Natural female bodybuilders do not compete under the same rules when gaining muscle and presenting their physiques at a bodybuilding competitions. A man can put on as much muscle as he likes and in most cases the more the better. But in female bodybuilding the competitor is obliged to present a "muscular, yet feminine shape."

The problem is that "feminine" is a very subjective term and will mean something different to every person; female bodybuilding relies on the competitors' ability to present the most muscular, yet feminine physique they can. How a female applies these rules will change from one competitor to another.

Women have an added problem when it comes to losing body-fat and showing these hard-earned muscles onstage. Because a woman's body is designed for reproduction it will hold 6% to 11% more body fat than a male body. The estrogen hormone that creates a female also makes it more difficult to lose body-fat, getting below 11% body-fat for a woman takes loads of discipline, dedication and practice.

Whether you are a woman who already concentrates on fat loss and building more muscle mass, or if you are just beginning to discover what the world of female bodybuilding has to offer you and your health, we have the weight lifting supplements, muscle building and fat loss products to give your workout efforts a boost and help you achieve all of your fitness goals.

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