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5 Tips to Burn More Fat

Almost everyone would like to be leaner, whether that's because you're obese or wanting to have ripped six pack abs. There are many benefits to losing weight, with the most obvious being - improving your appearance and overall health.

In this article we're going to give you 5 tips to help you burn more fat.

  1. Eat in a calorie deficit
  2. Use supplements
  3. Limit sugar intake
  4. Drink more water
  5. Keep busy

Eat in a Calorie Deficit

The most important ingredient for fat loss is to eat less calories than you body burns in a day. This is called a calorie deficit. So, by using a BMR calculator to calculate your calorie needs, you can subtract 500-1,000 from this to ensure fat loss. A calorie deficit of 500 is optimal to retain muscle mass, whilst a more aggressive deficit is more suited to faster overall weight loss (compromising some muscle).

This is the most important factor in any diet. If the diet works, it will include a person being in a calorie deficit.

Use Supplements

More people than ever are buying steroids online to help them burn fat (example: https://buyanavar.today). However, you don't need to use harmful steroids to reduce your waistline. Natural and FDA approved fat burners are also effective at speeding up your metabolism (indirectly helping you burn more fat).

Note: if you're sensitive to stimulants (like caffeine), you may want to opt for a non-stimulant fat burner. Some users complain of insomnia, anxiety and depression when using fat burners due this stimulation of the central nervous system. However, other people also do not experience such side effects.

Supplements are not essential when trying to lose weight, but they can accelerate results.

Limit Sugar Intake

Sugar is the lowest calorie macro-nutrient with protein. So, why should you cut it out of your diet if you want to lose weight?

Because it's addictive.

When you eat sugary snacks your blood sugar levels will plummet. This naturally makes you more hungry and creates a 'less full' feeling in your body. In turn, this increases the chances of you overeating and not hitting your calorie deficit goals. The key is to stick to foods which'll keep your blood sugar levels stable and keep you fuller for longer. Eating unrefined carb sources and adopting a high protein diet will do just that.

Drink More Water

Research has shown that water has mild stimulant effects, meaning it can spike your metabolism. Also drinking large amounts of water can make you feel full, reducing urges to snack or eat when you shouldn't be.

Water will also keep your body hydrated, increasing your health and boosting your concentration/efficiency throughout the day.

Keep Busy

Keeping busy is one of the best ways to lose weight. Mothers who are super busy with children rarely ever over-eat. It's once the kids go to bed and they've got some free-time that they're prone to binge-eating. Thus the trick when dieting is to make sure you've NOT got lots of spare time of doing nothing. Everyone needs a rest mentally and physically, but if you have too much - this can result in 'boredom eating'.

Taking up new hobbies is also a good idea if your schedule allows it - especially active hobbies where you're constantly moving. This will enable you to burn more calories and prevent you from procrastinating at home after work.


Losing weight is all about having a plan - then having the dedication to stick to that plan for several months. We hope the tips in this article will help you burn even more fat by helping you to work smart, as well as hard.

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