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Timing Exercise and Eating

Many people say that timing is everything. This is especially true for exercise workouts and eating meals. Proper timing of workouts and meals can enhance performance and results while avoiding undesirable consequences.

After a person eats a meal, the body diverts blood to the internal organs of the digestive system in order to process the food which has just been eaten. When a person participates in a vigorous exercise workout, the body diverts blood to the working muscles involved in a specific activity. If exercise is performed too soon after eating, your body will prematurely take away blood from your digestive system. This often results in abdominal cramps and nausea.

There are several guidelines to keep in mind when timing your workouts and meals. Usually, you can do a light to moderate workout after waiting one hour after a meal. For a strenuous or long duration workouts, it is best to wait three hours after consuming food. You should avoid skipping meals or exercising if you feel hungry.

To maintain optimal workout performance, avoid intense exercise if you have not eaten for more than four hours. A light snack or energy bar can be consumed before any type of workout, especially if you feel hungry or have not eaten in over four hours.

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