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The Best Workout Split for Building Muscle

Gaining muscle is a combination of training hard and smart. I can't teach you how to train hard as this is based purely on your motivation and desire to train. But I can educate you on how to devise a workout split that'll give you maximum gains and the biggest return from the time you spend in the gym.

Creating the perfect workout split often depends on your priorities. By this I mean which muscles you'd like to grow the most. If your aim is to have a well-rounded physique and have no desire to have 1 muscle group stand out, the following split is a solid one:

Note: this split assumes that the person has a life and thus wants to take the weekend off!

Back and biceps is listed on Monday because of 'international chest day' being on a Monday. This way you won't have to queue to use the bench press on your chest day; also helping you avoid the 'How long are you going to be on that?' conversation.

Back/biceps and chest/triceps are paired up in this way as your biceps are also worked during back exercises. And the same with your triceps on chest exercises.

Thus by training these 2 muscle groups on the same day, you can avoid overtraining.

For example, if you were to do back/triceps on Monday, then chest/biceps the day after. 24 hours may not be enough time for your biceps to recover...as they'll be worked again during back exercises such as pullups, lat pulldowns and different variations of rows.

Muscle Prioritization 

However if you did want a certain muscle group to really stand out, then you can modify your training split to suit this.

So, say you really wanted to bring up your back and chest, you can train both of these muscle groups together to give you a maximum pump in these 2 upper body muscle groups. Getting a bigger pump like this will stretch the muscle fascia in your chest/biceps, promoting further muscle growth.

Fascia is tissue around the muscle that can inhibit muscle growth due to it being very tough. Thus when the muscle tries to expand, the fascia acts as friction.


By training chest and triceps, as opposed to chest and back, you'll only be getting half the pump in your upper body region. Thus your muscle fascia will only be stretched half as much. So training your chest/triceps one day and back/biceps the other wouldn't be optimal if you wanted huge lats and a chest of a silverback.


In terms of exercises for building mass it's always best to stick to compound ones, as these release the most testosterone and growth hormone.

Bodyweight exercises are powerful for building muscle as you're forced to work multiple muscles at the same time, hence how these exercises are harder to perform. Squats, pull ups and dips are 3 great exercises that don't require dumbbells and thus can be performed in the comfort of your own home. Bodyweight squats can be done practically anywhere, pull up bars are extremely cheap and easy to install inside your house. Also dips can be done by holding onto the side of your bed or a chair.

Gymnasts are prime examples of how you can naturally build an extremely muscular physique from compound exercises.

Your workout split is a key component in making big gains, but it's also important to point out that your diet and supplement stack will also determine how jacked you get.

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