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Testosterone and Hair Loss

If you are like a lot of guys that work out hard every day, looking your best is one of the main reasons you put in the time and effort in the gym. Unfortunately for a lot of us, the higher levels of testosterone associated with bodybuilding and strenuous athletic activity also often come with an unwanted side effect for athletic men, hair loss. Men who work out consistently tend to notice earlier and more extreme hair loss than couch potatoes or guys that live a more sedentary lifestyle. Unfortunately for us, the basic underlying cause of this hair loss comes from the actual hormone responsible for our masculinity, testosterone.

The cause of this type of hair loss isnít actually your testosterone itself, but rather a chemical byproduct of it called dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Nearly half of all adult men have a specific inherited gene that makes them more at risk of losing their hair because too much of the testosterone in their body is getting converted to DHT. This is why men who are losing their hair often have fathers and grandfathers who also premature hair loss. If you want to do something about hair loss before it becomes a problem, and take steps to save your hairline before it is too late, the key is to stop this DHT conversion before it happens. This is why it is critical to stop DHT in its tracks before your hair is gone permanently.

An entire hair loss industry has grown because men want to do something about their lost hair. Unfortunately many men wait until after their hair loss has become advanced to start doing anything about it, and most of them spend their time, money, and effort on covering up or slowing their rate of hair loss later on, rather than preventing hair loss in the first place. Most of the money spent is done after hair loss has already become a serious problem. While prescription drugs or surgery can mask the problem, targeting the source of male hair loss with safe and natural methods to prevent DHT conversion in the first place is the most effective way to stop hair loss before it becomes a serious problem. These natural methods are also the best way to recover from the effects of hair that has already begun thinning and falling out, but has not yet become irreversible.

Procerin for Men is an all-natural hair loss treatment designed specifically for the main cause of male hair loss, DHT. Procerin is a safe and effective way to save your current hair, and start you on the path of regrowing your own hair back without d rugs or surgery. Procerin will NOT reduce testosterone levels, it only blocks the byproduct DHT that kills your hair follicles. Procerin will not hurt your athletic performance or strength levels, and has no side effects. Procerin has been shown in clinical studies to have over a 90% success rate in slowing, and even reversing, male hair loss. Procerin is backed by a 90 day money back offer, and is safe for usage for nearly all male adults. If you are serious about keeping the hair you have, and getting back the hair youíve already lost, try Procerin today risk free.

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