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Squat Sponge
Squat Barbell Pad

The Squat Sponge Barbell Cushion Pad has been designed by a guy who loves to do Squats. No matter how big and strong you are or plan on being, man, woman or beast, the Squat Sponge will engage your core to give a more effective squat workout.

The device enhances and allows for proper form for squats and lunges and provides additional comfort for the upper and lower back and abdomen area during said exercises for supporting a barbell during said back or front squat and lunge exercises. Molded thick foam of varying degrees of open and close cell foam; thickness and density with a grooved center.

The Squat Sponge fits firmly on the bar and does not move side to side like the inferior products that use Velcro in a Nylon shell; which typical barbell pad is 14” to 16” long in a nylon shell, 2.5”diameter &.5” thick . The Squat Sponge is designed with high-density thick foam, which provides supreme cushion (even with very heavy weights) where the body contact with the barbell for the upper back shoulders to provide maximum cervical vertebrae (neck) support. It is simple, but clearly superior. man, woman or beast you need the Squat Sponge Pad

Squat Sponge 18” long, 3.5”diameter &1.25” thick Olympic Barbell Pad

Can be purchased from Amazon. COM/squat sponge.

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