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10 Reasons to Add Resistance Bands to Your Training Routine

Resistance Bands Benefits

The health benefits of exercise are well known. Everyone should exercise regularly. With this article we wanted to talk about resistance bands. We want to share with you 10 reasons you should add resistance bands to your training regime.

1. Cost-Effective Workout Option

Resistance bands offer a cost-effective workout option.

If you buy a set of resistance bands, you'll find that they are incredibly cost-effective. They're such a flexible workout option that suit those of all fitness levels. 

Here's an example of some cost-effective, quality resistance bands - https://victoremgear.com/products/hip-circle

2. Suitable for All Fitness Levels

Resistance bands are work for all fitness levels.

Whether you are just starting out or whether you are an elite athlete, there are resistance bands to suit your fitness level. This is because resistance bands are made at different levels of resistance - from light resistance through to heavy resistance.

As you're starting out you might want to start at a lighter resistance. As your strength increases you'll upgrade to stronger resistance bands. 

3. Adapt and Enhance Exercises 

Resistance bands adapt and enhance exercises you already know.

Let's talk about some of the most beneficial exercises. Let's talk about squats. Adding resistance bands to your squats enhance your squats and increase the benefits.

Use resistance bands to replace weights for exercises like bicep curls.

4. Whole-Body Workout

Resistance bands provide a whole-body workout.

Almost any exercise can be enhanced with resistance bands. Resistance bands can help provide a whole-body workout. Some examples of the exercises you can do include squats, glute bridges, hip raises, leg raises, etc. 

5. Easy to Store

Resistance bands don't require storage space.

People are increasingly living in smaller areas around the world. Most homes don't have space for heavy weights or a full home gym and not everyone has access to a cost-effective gym.

With a right resistance band set you can still get an effective whole body workout and, best of all, once you are done, you can just stick your resistance bands back in the closet.

6. Great for Traveling 

Exercise bands are great when traveling.

If you travel regularly for work you know the pressure of trying to fit in a workout while you are on the road. Not every hotel has a gym and, even if they do, the equipment often isn't great.

Also, you might find it's not suitable to go for a run nearby to your hotel. Sticking a set of resistance bands in your suitcase can help you make sure you get can get in a full-body workout from your hotel room. 

7. Add Variety to Workouts

Resistance bands can add variety to your workouts.

Are your workout routines starting to bore you? Are you tired of going to the gym day after day and doing the same thing? Have you reached a plateau?

Resistance bands may help resolve your problems. You can add resistance bands to your weights routines for variety. Or, you can do a full-body resistance band workout outside of the gym.

8. Lower the Chance of Injury

A resistance band workout can lessen your chance of injury.

Resistance band training can provide results similar to those from weight training but it lessens the strain on your joints and this can lessen your chance of injury. So, you can achieve the same results without worrying about injuring your muscles or joints.

Resistance bands are also a great recovery tool if you have been injured and you want to start workout out and build strength before you pick up the barbell or dumbbells again. If muscle or joint pain is a problem, get yourself a set of resistance bands and find out just how much you change! 

9. Enhance Weight Workouts

Banded workouts can enhance your weighted workouts.

Resistance Bands work great on their own but they can also enhance a weight workout. Combining a weighted squat with a resistance band around your quads can enhance the results you achieve - a better workout with quicker results. 

10. Increase the Range of Results 

Using bands can increase the range of results you see from your workouts.

As you are working through a weights exercise your muscles go through an arc. Adding resistance bands to a workout makes your muscles work harder through a wider range of the arc.

Let's take a bicep curl with dumbbells for example. At the start of the arc, the weights provide the most resistance. As you move through the arc the resistance of the weights lessens. If you have a resistance band and you are now feeling resistance at the top of the arc you will feel your muscles working for longer - this increases the range of work and enhances your results from an exercise.

This works similarly with your whole body - squats and glute bridges for example. 

Resistance bands can enhance any workout and are a useful addition to any gym bag or home gym. Don't waste any more time! Step up your workout routines today. 

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