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Razor Bumps Bodybuilding

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How to Get Rid of Razor Bumps for Bodybuilders

Men and women bodybuilders need to shave everything to look their best onstage; any hair showing will only diminish the presentation and look unprofessional. A lot of hair on the body is called hirsutism and it has NOTHING to do with your Neanderthal DNA or that you're evolutionary challenged.

If you're a bodybuilder you need to get rid of body-hair, it's as simple as that. Both men and women who shave on a regular basis will know all about the frustrations of getting razor bumps. Razor bumps start because of hairs that are still inside your hair follicle, it then starts growing into your skin. These ingrown hairs then start to looking like angry red bumps that can often spoil that smart looking freshly shaven body.

Razor bumps are also called razor burns, caused by using an improper shaving tool or product. When your hairs get cut underneath your skin, they will tend to start growing by curling and bending back into the skin as they grow, forming unsightly painful bumps.

There are certain products that have been specifically developed and researched to solve this shaving dilemma that female and male bodybuilders go through. From pre and post hair removal products to natural healing ointments, can be found at www.dirtydogshavegear.com. But you'll also find a very good 20 second daily home treatment that will remove any bumps or rash you may develop from shaving and it also removes all ingrown hairs, can be found at www.bikinikitty.com.

At the Dirty Dogs website above you'll find pre and post hair removal kits for men that are designed to give men a smooth and effective body hair removal system, without any razor burns. The Bikini Kitty website listed above is specifically for women, removing hair for a smooth comfortable bikini shave.

Women's skin is usually a lot more gentle and often more sensitive than a man's. You will see products that combine important AHA and BHA enzymes in a Nightly Exfoliating Spray that will remove any and all dead skin overnight. With morning dry brushing any female bodybuilder will be easily be able to remove any dead skin, physically lift out any ingrown hairs and heal any bumps.

For a healthy vibrant and marble smooth skin you need daily hydration, for which they offer a Face and Body Smooth Lotion that effectively will stop you developing any in-grown hairs. If you're a bodybuilder, just an ounce of your prevention will be worth more than a pound of cure.

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