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Protein Dense Meals For Busy Schedules

You've probably heard that protein is an important daily food to ingest. Putting on your weekly menu a couple of high-protein meals is an excellent approach to make it simpler to eat enough protein daily, no matter what the day throws at you.

Although the total requirement for protein varies greatly across individuals, according to the Reference Daily Intake (RDI), an acceptable daily ingestion amount is 0.8 grams of protein per kg of body weight. For example, it is about 54 grams of protein every day for a person of 150 pounds or 68 kg.

It is also vital to remember that specialists recommend that with each meal it is ideal to eat a certain amount of protein, rather than put it all on in one place. An even more effective way to make sure you're getting enough protein is by simply just keeping protein-rich snacks handy.  Eating proteins all day long can help maintain a consistent level of energy. Moreover, by adding a number of protein-rich meals to your diet, you obtain other significant vitamins and nutrients at the same time, such as getting omega 3 fatty acids from fish and good, healthy fiber from beans.

This article will provide 4 protein-dense meals that are easy to make. 

1. Boiled eggs and cottage cheese

This meal is an excellent choice if you're not someone who is particularly fond of eating meats for your protein intake and instead seeks light food for the stomach. A decent meal would have an egg or two hard-boiled and add some cottage cheese, cucumbers, carrots, almonds, and any kind of fruit of the season. I like Corrie Cooks as a website that provides recipes for hard-boiled eggs and similar foods.

The eggs, nuts, and cottage cheese are the protein providers in this dish. Half a cup of cottage cheese has 16 grams of protein - the same amount of protein that is available in 2 chicken breasts. These three foods full of protein ensure a modest portion keeps you just as satiated as a huge meal would.

2. Chia pudding

This breakfast was incredibly trendy last summer, similar to overnight oats. And many of us are over having basic Greek yogurt with fruit as a meal. Chia Pudding is a great alternative to that, plus, it is much more filling and nutrient-dense. This meal has so many ways you can flavor it, so many variations that you can probably eat it with different tastes every day of the week. Chia seeds offer an easy method to incorporate plenty of protein, fiber, and healthy fats into your meal.

One thing to keep in mind is that this meal needs to sit overnight in the refrigerator. All it takes is to mix together a half-cup (or quarter cup) of chia seeds and a cup of milk and let it sit overnight in the refrigerator. You can add fruit, nuts, and aromas to the overnight oats as well as wheat.

According to Cleaveland Clinic, chia seeds provide omega-3 fats that improve the health of the heart and the health of the joints. They help memory and will balance your blood sugar as well. Since they are rich in antioxidants, potent nutrients, and minerals, such as potassium, iron, and calcium these puddings will make such a difference to your health.

3. Tuna burgers

These tuna burgers are a great change from the usual beef burgers, they are also a healthier and lower fat alternative. Tuna is a popular fish kind. Canned tuna makes up 53% of global sales values and fresh and frozen tuna makes 41% of the global sales values. It can be eaten both raw and cooked. It is usually eaten raw in Asian culinary such as sushi however a great western meal made with tuna is these burgers. 

Tunas are a wonderful source of diverse nutrients and include omega-3 fats, like other fish. Other than being a major source of protein they also are a source of B12, folates, and B complexes that improve the metabolism and increases the functions of organs. Their large amounts of magnesium and phosphorus aid in supporting our bone health. That makes this food great for people looking to build muscle, bone health, and the younger generations who are still developing their bone health and bone strength.

4. Black bean and corn salad

This no-cook recipe is great for those hot summer days after a nice run, a swim, or after a workout. Many people look straight towards meat in order to get their protein however, the myth that you can't get protein from non-animal products is a lie. You can easily get as much protein with a vegetarian diet or from non-aminal produce.

Half a cup of black beans gives you 8 grams of protein. For people that are trying to lose weight, non-animal protein is a great option because the calories in vegetable proteins are much lower than in meat.  This meal is also something you can meal prep which is super helpful if you aren't fond of cooking in the middle of your busy schedule.

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