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Pre Contest Pump up

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Bodybuilding Pre Contest Pump up Routine

Priming the Pre-Contest Pump

One of the most surprising things about pre-contest preparation is the pre-contest pump. Everyone from an intermediate level on up recognizes the physique looks much better pumped up. A good pump can add an inch or more to arm size, and increase the size of the muscles across the board. The surprising factor is the happenstance set up for the pre-contest pump. The available tools for getting this pump vary greatly. Some backstage areas have virtually no tools (weights, etc.) to enhance your pump up and some have everything you want. You have to be flexible and also know how to get a pump without any weights at all available.

Since a pumped body looks far better than a non-pumped physique, the pre-contest pump is vital. In fact a good pump can make all the difference between winning and coming in twelfth. So you absolutely want to get the pump of your life for your next contest, be it your first or your tenth.

Timing the pre-contest pump is critical as well. You donít want to start too soon and let the pump go flat before you go onstage. You also donít want to get called out too soon, before you are halfway into the pump. Being aware of when you will go on stage is very important. And you have to be flexible here as the timing can change. Know how long it takes you to get a good pump, and use that time frame to know when to start getting cranked up.

One good tool to carry in your training bag is a cable pulley system with multi-levels of cord strength. These cable bands can provide a super pump and work various muscle groups well.

Flexing your muscles also helps gets them pumped up, particularly if you do extreme flexing. But you donít want to go too far because acute flexing for an extended time period can give you cramps. So have a banana (for its potassium) in your training bag as well. Donít worry, it wonít spoil your waist.

One other nutritional element to use in conjunction with the pre-contest pump is dark cocoa. Use this in its non-sweetened, raw state, and mix it with hot water. You can add a small amount of honey to flavor it further. This drink will boost your pump due to the strong amount of magnesium in the cocoa, and your metabolism will receive a nice boost as well. This natural metabolic boost will last quite a while as well.

Building a great pre-contest pump can be decisive. Take all the necessary steps, including nutrition, to get the biggest possible pump at the right time.

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