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Pre Contest Bodybuilding

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Pre Contest Prep

How To Prepare For A Bodybuilding Contest

Preparing for a bodybuilding show is a whole hell of a lot more than simply being the biggest guy on stage. That particular element is only important after you have achieved every thing else.

I have been to a lot of body building shows and far too many times I see competitors that just don't look like they prepared at all. Now, I understand that not everyone wants to make a career of this sport and that's fine. But if you are going to invest the time and money into it, you might as well go full throttle and WIN!

What usually keeps a competitor from winning is:

What we do:
Our Bodybuilding Contest Preperation Videos, make sure you are absolutely prepared for your event and do whatever it takes to make sure you appear to the best of your potential.

First, you will learn excatly how to do each mandatory pose and how to make you own winning posing routine.

Learn Contest Prep wich includes posing, diet and training.

and much more!

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