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Bodybuilding Newsletter Articles

Mike Mentzer Rep Speed We explore slow rep speed training, its benefits, and how to incorporate this technique into your workout routine.
How To Strengthen Joints A comprehensive guide on how to strengthen joints for weightlifting through targeted exercises.
Mobility Training For Beginners The benefits of mobility training, essential exercises, and guidelines for an effective mobility training program.
How To Relieve Joint Pain In this guide, we will explore effective strategies to relieve joint pain resulting from weightlifting.
Training One Day On One Day Off Exploring its potential benefits, drawbacks, and the science behind its effectiveness.
Does Fasted Cardio Burn More Fat Explore the concept of fasted cardio and whether it truly leads to increased fat burning compared to cardio performed after eating.
Combining High and Low Reps Both approaches have their own benefits, but what if you could combine the two for even greater results?
Full vs Partial Range of Motion Let's uncover the truth behind full vs. partial range of motion for muscle growth.
How To Stop Gaining Weight After Losing It Effective strategies to prevent weight regain after successfully shedding those extra pounds.
How Much Rest Between Sets For Strength And Hypertrophy The amount of rest you take between sets can significantly impact your progress in the gym.
Shoulder Health Exercises A variety of shoulder health exercises that can help enhance strength and mobility.
Full Body Dumbbell Workout To improve their overall strength, muscle tone, and cardiovascular fitness.
Muscle Pain and Soreness When any workout or specific exercise causes you pain, pay attention.
Building Legs Without Squats Can you still build massive legs without the squat?
100 Grams Of Carbs A Day The benefits of consuming 100 grams of carbs a day for bodybuilding and weight loss.
Mike Mentzer Chest Workout Exploring his recommended exercises, techniques, and principles.
Mike Mentzer Bicep Workout Routine High-intensity bicep workout routine using his recommended bicep exercises.
Mike Mentzer Leg Workout Including the exercises he recommended and the training principles he applied.
Mike Mentzer Shoulder Workout Focuses on intensity, efficiency, and maximum muscle fiber recruitment.
Mike Mentzer Back Workout Only a few intense sets and you're on your way to thicker and wider back!
High Intensity Bodyweight Exercises When combined with high intensity training principles, bodyweight exercises can help you achieve remarkable results.
Mike Mentzer Consolidation Program The ultimate workout plan designed specifically for hardgainers.
Muscle Recovery vs Systemic Recovery Recovery plays a crucial role in the pursuit of bodybuilding goals.
Am I Overtraining or Undertraining Striking the perfect balance between overtraining and undertraining.
Mike Mentzer Exercises He concluded that the following exercises were the best for each muscle group.
Rep Ranges for Different Muscle Groups Did you know that different muscle groups actually respond better to different rep ranges?
Mike Mentzer Triceps Workout How his training philosophy can be applied for optimal tricep development.
High Intensity Full Body Workouts 3 Days A Week The benefits a 3-day a week full-body HIT routine for optimal results.
High Intensity Bodyweight Training How to perform intense workouts without the need for any external weights.
Mike Mentzer 2 Way Split This was in fact his most productive workout routine.
High Intensity Kettlebell Workout High-intensity training with kettlebells can take your workouts to a new level.
Mike Mentzer Intensity Techniques How they can be incorporated into your workout routine.
More Is Not Always Better For Bodybuilding Things that could be costing you in terms of energy, money and time.
The Top 5 Most Common Training Mistakes The good news is that they can be avoided.
How To Build Super Strength Tips Strength is the basis for mass. As you get stronger, you get bigger.
Top Bodyweight Exercises Some of the most basic exercises have worked for centuries, and will never stop working.
Sleep And Muscle Gain Changing your sleep habits may give you the immediate boost you've been looking for.
Abs Without Sit Ups Or Crunches Killer abs workouts you need to be in the know about.
Get Big Arms with Planned Overtraining If you're looking to build big arms, then you need to focus on high-volume arm workouts.
Foods That Build Muscle And Burn Fat Find out more about these superfoods that can help you reach your fitness goals.
How To Make Squats More Effective Are you looking for the best squat technique to build big quads?
Rep Ranges for Different Goals in the Gym How each rep range can be optimized to help individuals achieve their desired outcomes.
Ellington Darden 30-10-30 Workout Controlled tempo and prolonged time under tension for strength, hypertrophy, and overall fitness.
Super Slow Exercise Protocol This unique exercise method is gaining popularity as the fastest way to get in shape.
Reach Your Fitness Goals Follow and practice these 10 tips and you will be that much closer to your goals!
Reps vs Weight for Building Muscle Should you do more reps or use more weight to build muscle mass?
Arthur Jones Workout Routine It was way back in 1970 when Arthur Jones from Nautilus released his "Ideal Workout".
Importance of Muscle Strength Training Muscle is important for both men and women, for any fitness goal.
6 Week Muscle Building Program for Fast Lean Gains You can quickly build some extra muscle mass and get in shape fast.
5 Day Workout Program For Beginners to Intermediate How to get the most out of your 5 day a week workout plan.
1 Week Workout Plan For Beginners A great workout plan starts with choosing the right exercises and routines.
Low Carb Diet For Muscle Gain And Fat Loss Carbohydrate cycling is very popular among bodybuilders.
How To Know If You Are Overtraining Use the following signs to avoid further damage to your body.
Food Combining Diet For Bodybuilding It is based on research which indicates that different foods have different digestive processes.
Should You Eat After 7pm Does eating after 7pm make you gain weight?
The Zig Zag Diet The human metabolism has a tendency to quickly adjust to a given amount of calories.
Mike Mentzer Training For Naturals The pros and cons of Mike Mentzer's training program for natural bodybuilders.
Reasons Why to Use Free Weights Hundreds of people ask the same question everyday – which is more effective at building muscle?
What To Do In Between Sets At The Gym The best things to do in between sets to make the most of your workout.
Rest Days vs Workout Days For Bodybuilding Deciding when to workout and when to rest can be tricky.
Is High Intensity Training Dangerous The potential risks of high intensity training and safely guidelines.
Tim Ferriss Workout vs Boise Experiment What is the best high intensity training workout routine?
High Intensity Training Results How 2 bloggers built insane muscle in only 9 workouts over 60 days.
How Did Mike Mentzer Train His approach to bodybuilding was revolutionary and was far ahead of its time.
Time Under Tension For Building Muscle If you want to build more muscle, you should be paying attention to your time under tension.
Tips For Fat Loss The top five ways you can lose fat, and fast.
Vitamins To Stay Healthy It's important that you get these essential vitamins.
How To Overcome Exercise Fatigue Find out the root causes and best steps to over coming it.
Anti-Inflammatory Herbs and Spices The top 6 herbs and spices that an athlete can use to heal faster.
Bodybuilding Workout Tips and Tricks You can use right away to get the most results out of your efforts.
Does Intermittent Fasting Really Work Here's how intermittent fasting worked for me.
Turning Fat Into Muscle See a decrease in body fat while your muscles increase in size.
Squat to Press Exercise and Workout Get a total body workout done in no time.
Designing a Bodybuilding Workout Routine How to design a workout routine to fit your body type, goals, etc.
Trap Bar Deadlift Workout Routine The Trap Bar I believe it truly is the best way to perform deadlifts.
New Year Fat Loss Plan Permanent fat loss is absolutely possible with a little planning.
High Intensity Training To Build Muscle Here are five ways that old-school HIT can help YOU build a more massive physique.
How Much Muscle Can You Gain How massive can you get using high intensity training?
Interval Workout Variations What to do when your interval training is getting stale?
Best Pre Workout Meals for Muscle Gain May be the one thing that is stopping you from getting one step closer to your goals.
Time Block Training Time Blocks can be effectively used for improving performance.
Muscle Building Techniques Learn the hottest techniques to build muscle and strength for serious bodybuilders.
Basic Bodybuilding Training Program This is a great split training program for natural bodybuilding.
Sprinting Program for Six Pack Abs Sprinting is a highly effective way of decreasing body-fat and getting 6 Pack abs.
Build muscle with BODYWEIGHT training Vitally important bodyweight workout principals to help to ensure muscle growth.
Increase Bench press With Push Ups Can you really increase your bench press with bodyweight exercises?
Abs Before or After Your Workout Should you work your abs at the beginning or end of your workout?
Best Fuel for Muscles Which type of fuel is best for growing big muscles - carbohydrates or fats?
Lactic Acid in Muscles Good or Bad Does lactic acid hurt or help your performance?
What is a Calorie Just what exactly is a calorie, anyway?
High Intensity Sets Will help you achieve your maximum potential in muscle mass.
Benefits of Split Training The 3 main benefits of doing it and I will provide a sample workout schedule.
Bicycle Crunches Good or Bad How to do them and a few different variations of doing them.
How Much Protein to Get Bigger How much protein do you really need to get bigger muscles?
How to be a Bodybuilder My personal take on what you need to do in order to be a real bodybuilder.
Six Pack Abs Myths Many people still fall for a six-common myths about getting a six pack.
Vince Gironda Training Philosophy Sets, reps, how many exercises, rest between sets, etc.
Green Smoothie Benefits They supply a natural source of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.
High Intensity Training Benefits Five ways that HIT is better than other routines.
Arm Building Tips Everyone wants big biceps and huge triceps that stretch their shirtsleeves.
Power Rack Training Will help you become very heavily muscled and exceptionally strong in a very short while.
Bodyweight Leg Workout Try this extreme 300 bodyweight leg workout routine.
Strength Training Advice The best strength training advice is to know thyself!
Lose Fat and Gain Muscle at the Same Time Is it really possible to lose fat and gain muscle at the same time?
What Is The Best Equipment To Build Muscle At Home You don't need any fancy machines to get the bodybuilding job done.
HIIT for Fat Loss Do High Intensity Interval Training to lose fat and finally get fit!
Warming Up and Stretching Are certainly neglected principles in strength training.
Bodybuilding Rest and Sleep Are essential to building large, powerful muscles.
How Many Reps To Build Muscle What is the best rep range for maximum gains?
Six Pack Shortcuts Here are 4 six-pack shortcuts that can give you ripped abs fast.
Multi-Poundage System The multi poundage bodybuilding system gives excellent results.
How To Burn More Fat Learn how to boost the amount of fat you burn from exercise.
Muscle Building Diet Plan One of the major causes of failure is not having a proper diet plan for building muscle mass.
Post Workout Nutrition How to make the most of your post workout nutrition.
Hit All Ab Muscles These forgotten muscles are vital for a perfect six pack.
Complete Shoulder Workout For Mass The deltoid has 3 heads, each needs to be trained properly.
Muscle Gain Diet Mistakes There are a number of reasons you're having a hard time gaining muscle or getting ripped.
Time Under Tension vs Reps We take another look at simply counting repetitions to measure performance.
HIIT Treadmill Workout Bodybuilding Are you looking to lose fat fast, using the treadmill?
Bodybuilding and Self Esteem You need a strong will and positive attitude to succeed.
Carbohydrates and Bodybuilding Everything you need to know about carbohydrates.
Does Super Slow Training Work Will super slow reps help you get bigger and stronger?
10 Rules for Bodybuilding Success The important rules that are crucial for success in bodybuilding.
Losing Belly Fat Tips Losing belly fat is an achievable goal for most people even if you hate exercise.
Workout Routine for Strength and Size For rugged strength and muscle size try this novel split routine.
Tim Ferriss Best Exercises The 10 exercises that helped Ferriss go from “Geek to Freak” in no time flat.
How to Maximize Your Cardio Workout Maximize your cardio workouts by knowing your goals.
Natural Bodybuilding Training It comes down to the basics and consistency.
How Much Cardio To Get Ripped What is the correct amount of cardio?
Am I Overtraining My Arms Is this workout mistake killing your arm size?
Why You Need Strong Abs Here are three reasons you NEED strong abs to build your best body.
How Many Meals to Build Muscle Just how many meals should you eat each day for muscle growth?
Strength Training Benefits Not only physical but mental and emotional as well.
High Intensity Training Principles H.I.T. uses brief and infrequent, but very intense, workouts.
How Hard Should You Workout To Gain Muscle You must force your muscles to perform maximum efforts.
Single Set vs Multiple Set Training Scientific studies on which method better for building muscle.
How Big Can My Arms Get Here are some general rules-of-thumb that can give you a good idea.
How to Eat for Muscle Building Guiding principles that can help you hone in on your best diet.
Secret Ab Exercises These four little-used abs exercises can help you build a ripped six pack.
How to Workout at Different Ages You can adapt your training to fit your current age and condition.
Healthy High Calorie Foods for Muscle Gain There are certain high-fat, high-calorie foods that are actually good for you.
Benefits of a Workout Journal A training journal can take the guesswork out of building your physique.
How to Time Meals for Muscle Gain Can meal timing really help you build more muscle?
Best Time to Workout Arms Here is the best times to train your biceps and triceps.
Fear of Failure in Weight Loss and Fitness Learn how you can overcome fear to get in the best shape of your life.
High Intensity Workouts for Muscle Building How to do HIT without getting burned out or losing motivation.
Upper or Lower Abs First Does exercise order matter for getting ripped abs?
How Much Rest Between Sets How long should you rest between sets to build muscle with HIT?
Calories and Fat Loss What does science say about calories and fat loss?
Build Muscle in 30 Minutes Can you really get big muscles in just minutes a day?
How Many Reps For Abs How many reps should you do to get a six pack?
Types of High Intensity Training Three of the different types of HIT that build muscle fast.
Natural Bodybuilding Before and After Learn how I went from fat to ripped at 58 years old.
Beginner Bodybuilding Workout We recommend that you try this 12 beginner bodybuilding plan.
Warm Up Exercises for Bodybuilding Warm up exercises are crucial for anyone out there.
Cardio or Not for Bodybuilding If you want bigger muscles, should you cut out cardio?
Is CrossFit Dangerous? Is there any evidence that CrossFit can lead to injuries, or worse?
CrossFit Home Workouts Here's what you need to do CrossFit at home.
High Intensity Arm Workout How to use high-intensity training to build big arms.
How to Start CrossFit Simple steps you can take to get your CrossFit program started, the right way.
High Intensity Training Techniques The best techniques to increase your workout intensity.
Bulgarian Workout Routine You can pack on muscle faster that you ever imagined before.
How Often Should You Work Out Here is how to determine how often you should work out when using HIT.
Water and Salt Health Benefits How much water and salt does your body need each day?
Workout Recovery Tips These 4 tricks will help you recover faster from your workouts.
How Abs Function Here's what you need to know about your abs muscles to build a six pack.
Can You Workout Too Hard Could you be doing more harm than good by pushing the limits all the time?
How To Measure Fat Percentage If you want to measure the percent of body fat, then there are several methods for doing this.
Making Workouts Fun Here is what you could do in order to make your workouts more fun.
Push Up Jacks - A Must Try Exercise They are great exercise for working your core as well as getting cardio in.
Strength Training While Traveling Here are some tips to getting a good workout no matter where you are.
High Intensity Interval Training Bodybuilding Benefits What are the benefits of HIIT for bodybuilding and fitness?
High Intensity Training Workouts Learn the high intensity training principles of old school bodybuilding workout routines.
Simple Way to Count Calories You don't have to count calories all the time in order to make your physique goals.
Chocolate Milk Bodybuilding Does chocolate milk after a workout help recovery?
Bodybuilding Fat Loss Tips You are better off with a plan or a guide that tells you the truth.
Benefits of Jumping Rope I went and bought a jump rope at the store and come to some very quick conclusions.
Training for Fat Loss What should lifters do when they need to lose fat?
Variable Split Training Break out of your old boring routine to make better gains in less time.
Test For Overtraining How you can use this simple daily test to avoid overtraining.
Healthy Foods That Aren't Healthy Foods that you THINK are healthy but are actually pretty bad for you.
Break Through Training Plateau Use these tips on how to break through training plateaus.
Good Carbs vs Bad Carbs Clear up the difference about the good carbohydrates vs bad carbohydrates battle.
Time Saving Workout Tips 14 time saving training tips while lifting weights in the gym.
The Perks of An Anti-Stress Diet Stress can easily be overcome by following an anti stress diet plan.
Steps to Get a Six Pack Follow this three-step process, and you'll be well on your way to a set of awesome abs.
Reasons to Take Protein Powder Here are 5 reasons you should be taking protein supplements right now.
Scientific Studies on Protein Powder What do scientific studies REALLY say about protein?
Homemade Weight Gainer Shakes With homemade shakes you can control the variables much more accurately.
Lose Fat Without Losing Muscles 5 key things that we can do to burn the fat and preserve the muscle.
Macronutrients and Calories How do protein, carbohydrates, and fats compare in terms of calories?
Jump Squats Benefits Great for helping strengthen, tone, and increase lean muscle on your legs.
How Much Protein to Lose Fat Here is a quick guide to why and how much protein you need to lose fat.
Tricep Dip Variations and Workout The ins and outs of tricep dips and a workout that will have you extremely sore.
Paleo Bodybuilding Did our cavemen predecessors REALLY eat like the modern paleo diet would indicate?
High Intensity Training Ab Workouts You might be surprised at just how simple effective ab building can be!
Hanging Leg Raises Variations of them to really blast your abs.
V Ups Core Exercise Everyone wants a strong good looking core right?
Side Lunges for Bodybuilding Differnet variations of side lunges and a workout routine.
What is the Best Body Part Split Split training vs full body workouts for building muscle.
Dumbbell Snatch Workout Will activate many muscles during the exercise.
Slim Waist Bodybuilding How does one go about creating a slimmer waist?
Box Jumps Workout A quick box jumps workout routine for bodybuilding for you to try.
Mind to Muscle Connection Anyone with the right amount of focus and effort can improve this ability.
Should You Workout while Sick Many people are not sure if the should be working out while sick.
How to Achieve Your Fitness Goals There are 4 stages to achieving a goal.
Goblet Squat Good or Bad What is a goblet squat and if you should try them?
Fasting Before Exercise Does fasting before exercising help burn more fat?
Do Bodyweight Workouts Work Bodyweight workouts are more effective long term than weight lifting.
Intermittent Fasting Review Is intermittent fasting good or bad?
Muscle Atrophy Bodybuilding Learn how to how to avoid muscle atrophy to keep your gains.
Resistance Band Training Review How effective is resistance band training?
Home Pull Up Workout Want a fast and furious pull up workout in less than 15 minutes?
Home Chest and Back Workout Want a quick workout that uses both bodyweight and dumbbells?
How To Build Muscle At Home How to adapt the bodyweight exercises for the purpose of building muscle size.
Nutrition for Fat Loss Follow the advice outlined here you will lose fat and remain healthy.
Nutrition for Muscle Gain Proper diet is essential for gaining muscle.
Nutrition for Life Put down a solid nutrition foundation for a healthy life.
Motivational Quotes for Bodybuilding Here are some great quotes and motivational phrases.
Is a Weight Lifting Belt Necessary? The disadvantages and advantages of training with a weight belt.
Bad Protein Sources Here are four protein sources that you should avoid if you want to get bigger.
Protein Before or After Workout Protein timing is a topic that always spurs debate among bodybuilders.
Does Sugar Make You Fat You might have heard that eating fat doesn't make you fat but does sugar?
High Intensity Training Methods Here are 10 high-intensity training tricks to build bigger muscles.
Maximize Calories Burned Ways to boost the number of calories you burn on a daily basis.
High Intensity Training Warm Up Can you skip warming up for high-intensity training?
Thyroid Boosting Foods Here are some foods that can help you boost your thyroid.
Best Rep Range for Bodybuilding It's always been a topic of debate among gym-goers.
Low Calorie Snack Ideas Good low-calorie snacks can help get you over the diet hump.
How Many Sets Should You Do Is it better to perform one set per exercise or multiple sets per exercise?
Bicep Building Tricks You can build an impressive biceps using this little known trick.
Walking Calories Burned Just how many calories can walking burn, anyway?
Lift To Get Ripped How should you lift if you're trying to get ripped?
Lose Fat Without Starving Here are four tips to help you lose fat without starving.
High Intensity Training vs Cardio Is high-intensity training really "more aerobic than aerobics"?
Can Stress Make You Fat Too much stress can stop your fitness goals in their tracks.
Ways to Build Bigger Arms Here are 5 high intensity ways to build bigger arms.
Do You Need Cardio For Abs Do you really need cardio to get ripped six pack abs?
High Intensity Shoulder Workout Build wider shoulders with these 4 high intensity training tips.
Bodybuilding Nutrition Facts Sound nutrition involves providing the body with the required nutrients in appropriate amounts.
High Intensity Leg Workout Here are five high-intensity tips to help you get your pins big and ripped.
Can Your Diet Be Making You Fatter Learn why extreme diet could actually be making you weigh more.
High Intensity Chest Workout These 5 overlooked HIT methods will make your chest swell.
High Intensity Calf Workout 5 ways to turn your calves into cows with high-tntensity training.
High Intensity Back Training Your back training comes down to basically two goals, get wider and get thicker.
Intense Forearm Workout Here's a high-intensity training forearm workout routine to help you build freaky forearms.
Get Ripped Healthy These 3 fat-loss rules will keep you healthy while you get ripped.
Arm Building Techniques This one arm building technique is vital to your gains.
Review of the Paleo Diet for Bodybuilding Can the Paleo Diet help us build lean muscle tissue.
Bodybuilding Only Free Weights Can your build muscle using just free weights?
Do Fad Diets Work Fad diets have become a huge industry. But, do fad diets actually work?
Best Triceps Exercises Make sure to include these 3 best triceps exercises for mass in your routine.
Best Biceps Exercises Here are 5 of the best exercises for building your biceps mass.
Essential Fatty Acids Benefits Did you know that some fats are essential for maintaining your health and gaining lean mass?
Why Workouts Stop Working Learn why your workouts stop working and what to do to get your muscles growing again.
How to Make Your Diet Easier Here's a cool trick to make your diet easier.
Ab Training Mistakes Are you making this deadly mistake with your ab training?
Designing the Perfect Workout Here are some tips to help you build YOUR perfect HIT workout.
Lower Abdominal Exercises Here are the 3 best exercises for your lower abs.
Upper Abdominal Exercises Here are 3 of the best exercises for your upper abs.
Diet vs Exercise Bodybuilding Should I diet or exercise more in order to get ripped?
Functional Bicep Workout Knowing biceps function can help you build big arms.
Bodybuilders Fat Loss Secrets This one diet change is the secret to losing fat.
Workout Legs to Build Arms, Do squats! Can you really build big arms by training your legs hard?
No Gym Workout Bodybuilding No gym? No problem! Try this no gym workout routine.
Eating Clean to Gain Muscle Is it really necessary or even helpful to ALWAYS eat clean if muscle mass is your main goal?
Best Calorie Ratio for Fat Loss What is the best caloric ratio of protein-to-carbohydrates-to-fats for losing fat?
Big Arms Without Direct Work Some old-school trainers will insist that direct arm work is mostly a waste of time.
Should You Do Cardio for Fat Loss How effective is cardio for fat loss?
Advanced Arm Training Try these 5 advanced arm-training techniques for building your guns.
Fat Loss Mistakes There is one time that most people get wrong for fat loss.
Food that Burns Fat Is there really a food that burns fat at night while you sleep?
Caffeine and Testosterone Levels Does coffee affect your testosterone levels?
Mini Fast Benefits for Bodybuilding Does fasting help you build muscle and lose fat?
Genetics vs Hard Work Bodybuilding Can hard work beat out great genetics?
How to Shop Healthy at Grocery Store You need to eat correctly if you want the hard work that you put in at the gym to work.
Pre Party Pump Workout Flood those muscles with blood and they'll look and feel almost double the size.
Swimming for Fat Loss Swimming is a wonderful way to tone the body and get in shape with very little pressure on the joints.
Naturally Increase Testosterone How do you get the testosterone flowing and your muscles growing?
Food Intake Meal Planning for Bodybuilding Food intake is the most important factor when trying to trying to gain or lose body weight.
Eating to Stay Healthy for Bodybuilding Eat to stay healthy so they can keep making progress in the gym.
Training the Different Muscle Fiber Types The training methods that activate each type of muscle fiber.
Muscle Building Meals Recipes A good muscle building meal should center on macronutrients.
Healthy Diet Plan for Bodybuilding Implement these techniques into your daily life.
Protecting the Lower Back Learn how to protect your lower back during exercise.
Slow Tempo Weight Training Is it really the best lifting tempo for muscle hypertrophy?
Ketosis Diet Pros and Cons Should you use a ketosis diet for bodybuilding?
Analyze Your Workout If you don't know why you do something, maybe you need to change it.
Positive Nitrogen Balance How nitrogen balance affects your ability to build muscle.
10 Ways to Improve Your Diet Learn about improving your diet for fitness and bodybuilding.
How to Improve Resistance Training Here are 10 methods to improve your resistance training workouts.
Do I Have Orthorexia Nervosa Is following a strict healthy diet really an eating disorder?
Are Rest Days Really Necessary How important are rest days for building muscle?
Lean Muscle Mass Workout Routine Hits the goal of building lean muscle mass naturally.
Lean Muscle Mass Diet The correct diet for building lean muscle mass while trimming fat.
Bodybuilding Creating an Illusion of Size How to look like you've gained 10 pounds of muscle.
How to Get Veins in Your Arms Getting your veins to show in your arms is the product of two different elements.
The Real Secret to Arm Size Yes, there really is a secret to building bigger arms.
How Much Protein to Build Muscle How much protein should you eat to build muscle?
Gym Motivation How to keep motivated at the gym.
Not Gaining Muscle Mass? The #1 reason you're not gaining muscle.
Hunger vs Appetite What is the difference between hunger and appetite?
Training Sore Muscles Should you train when still sore?
Periodization Workout Routine Periodization is the change required for continued growth.
Homemade Pre Workout Drink Recipe Not only works great, but also tastes awesome.
Diet vs Exercise for Fat Loss Both diet and exercise will burn off body fat. Which is better?
Arnold Workout Techniques Arnold knew that your body gets used to any routine.
Fresh Foods vs Frozen or Canned Are fresh foods are healthier for the body than frozen or canned?
Massage for Bodybuilding Massage for muscle recovery and growth.
The Most Annoying People in the Gym There are different types of annoying people found at any gym.
Good Versus Bad Exercises for Bodybuilding Just because you doing some exercise does not always mean it's good for you.
8 Sets of 3 Reps Workout Program High set low rep training works because it targets Type IIB fibers.
Strength Building Workout Routine Without getting stronger your muscles will not grow.
Paleo Diet Good or Bad The paleo diet is centered on eating meats and avoiding grains and starches.
Why has My Fat Loss Stopped It happens for a number of reasons as this article explains.
Keys to a Successful Workout Regime There are a few important points that you should remember.
Maximum Voluntary Isometric Contraction Is it good for building muscle?
Overhead Squat Benefits Just some of the benefits will be to increase your mobility, stability and strength.
Eccentric Training Routine Doing eccentrics is the best way to ensure constant tension throughout the movement.
20 Rep Workouts Do 20 reps with your 10 rep max!
Best Exercise for Bicep Peak Focusing specifically on isolating the long head will get better results in developing the peak.
Squatting Every Day Your body has an uncanny ability to adapt and grow.
Wide Grip Upright Row for Shoulders Will give you the serious benefit to isolating your shoulders more effectively.
Slow Negatives for Hypertrophy Extensive research clearly shows slow negitives will increase muscle growth.
Pre Workout Checklist Preparing for a hard workout session is like preparing for battle.
Diet Soda - Good or Bad for Bodybuilding and Fitness Does diet soda help you or harm You?
Maximum Effort Training Has been researched and tested to be one of the fastest ways to build muscle.
Maximum Pump Workout How to get a maximum muscle pump.
Build Muscle with Isometrics How to build muscle without moving a muscle.
Working Out While Still Sore Should you train when still sore?
How Much Carbs do You Need to Build Muscle Carbs are the premium source of fuel for hard workouts.
How to Keep Your Waist Small while Bulking You have to go about it the right way.
How Much ya Bench? Check out these tips on how to improve your bench press.
Arm Wrestler Exercises The best exercises to improve arm wrestling.
Maximize Arm Growth Your arms don't need more training, they simply need better training.
Intense Arm Workout for Mass Try this all-out, gun-to-the-head style of working out.
What To Eat After A Workout Your post-workout meal is without a doubt the most important meal that you eat the whole day.
Rep Range Variation for Hypertrophy Training in the higher and the lower rep ranges is important.
High Frequency Workout Plan More frequently is a great way to bring about muscle growth.
Why High Intensity Training is the Best It's the best approach for building your body.
30 Minute Bodybuilding Workouts Have you bought into the idea that the more you train, the better?
Foundation Muscle Building Building the right foundation for bodybuilding.
Hand Gripper Workout Routine You can work the gripper for both speed and endurance.
Secret to Getting Abs Try this quick intense abdominal workout.
How to Make Biceps Pop Here is a routine that will get your biceps popping out.
10 Minute Workout Try this ten minute upper body workout.
Bodybuilding Over 50 Workout Routine Here is my current workout I do at 55 years old.
Bodybuilding Diet Without Counting Calories Learn how to eat less without really eating less.
Building Muscle Health Benefits What are the health benefits of weight training?
How to Improve Your Workouts Metabolic conditioning is the key to better workouts.
Healthy Eating on the Road Learn how to eat healthy even when traveling.
Bodybuilder Whole Body Exercise Try this one exercise that works the whole body.
Bodybuilding Fat Loss Plateau Why did my fat loss stop?
Cardio for Building Muscle and Losing Fat What's the best form of cardio for bodybuilding?
Refeed Days for Fat Loss What is a re-feed day or days?
Shoulder Workout All 3 Heads Learn how to achieve 3D delts.
Bulking Up Fat Gain Friends don't let Friends "Bulk"!
Barbell or Dumbbell Training Dumbbells, barbells training which is better?
Weightlifting Heart Benefits Studies done on the benefits of training with weights for the heart.
3 Sets 50 Reps The basic requirements for this 50 Rep Madness.
Probiotics Health and Fitness Benefits Why you should take a Probiotic supplement.
Do Digestive Enzymes Help in Muscle Building How much protein are you absorbing?
How to Beat Carbohydrate Addiction Use these steps to start controlling your carbohydrate addiction.
Can You Eat Cake & Ice-cream and Still Lose Fat The simple answer to that question is yes.
Lose Fat Without Cutting Calories 6 things you can do to lose fat WITHOUT counting calories.
Hyperplasia Workout Routine Hyperplasia is what happens when muscle cells split.
Knee Pain from Squats; Recovery and Treatment Squats should hurt your muscles not your knees.
How to Stop Elbow Pain when Lifting Weights The problem is overuse of exactly the same angle.
How to Fix Shoulder Pain from Bench Press Bench-pressing inflames the tendons on your deltoid.
Overload and Force Your Muscles to Grow You have to overload the muscles to make them grow.
Most Important Fat Loss Tips There are a few important lessons that can be learned here.
High Sets vs Low Sets How many sets you perform plays a big role in how you affect your body.
Old School Calf Training Steve Davis had a fantastic physique, one of his strongest points was his calves.
How to Lose Stubborn Fat Fast 5 fat loss strategies which are fairly easy to implement.
Slow vs Fast Fat Loss Why you should lose fat fast...not slow...
Does The Pizza Diet Work An all pizza diet plan? Really?
How to Cheat and Still Lose Weight The key to success in fat-loss comes from controlling your cheats.
What To Eat For Low Body-Fat Getting down to 5% body-fat is certainly not easy.
The Quickest Way to Lose Fat The dynamic that builds up muscle at the same time burns off fat.
Fat vs Carbohydrates Is it better to eat fat or carbs?
Pec Deck Exercise Benefits Feel the power of the pec deck pump!
Adding Reps vs Adding Weight Is it better to do more reps or add more weight?
Rep Ranges for Hypertrophy Different resistance ranges produce different qualities.
Scientific Workout Routine The most powerful tool you can use for dramatically improving your training.
Muscle Glycogen Supercompensation Protocol The goal is to force the muscles to hold more glycogen.
Shortcuts for Muscle Building Here are a few you can put to work right away.
Do You Need to Use Protein Powders Do you need protein supplements or is food enough?
Why You Should Not Take Steroids I have never taken steroids, and why you shouldn't either.
Trap Bar Deadlift Benefits Puts less stress on your spine and lets you to lift extremely heavy.
High Density Training Workouts You can target areas of your body for density training.
How to Bench Press the Right Way The bench press is a main training exercise for the chest.
Best Exercises for Strength and Size Here are five of the very best bodybuilding exercises.
Calf Training Myths Do you really need to hit the calves from all angles?
Breathing Pullover Exercise Benefits Do you want a bigger chest? Who doesn't.
Super High Rep Training Jack the repetition range up to 20, 30 or even 50 reps per set.
No Cardio Workout Plan A great muscle building, fat burning and cardiovascular workout.
Eccentric Training Workouts Why should you use eccentric training?
Calculating Your Macros for More Muscle How to get the right amount of macro nutrients.
Quick Fat Loss Tricks There are certain things you can do to carve fat off quickly.
How to Lose Fat and Gain Lean Muscle Heavy duty weightlifting and a smart diet approach.
The Most Important Weightlifting Exercises What are the top gun exercises?
Straight Barbell vs EZ Curl Bar The EZ curl bar has some real benefits.
Arnold Terminator Workout Come with me if you want to lift!
Bodybuilding Fat Loss Workouts The most effective fat loss workouts are multi-dimensional.
Achieving Optimum Health Tips to increase your health and the chances that you live longer.
Metabolic Workout Program Take your metabolic workout on the road.
Fun Yet Hard Workout This workout is tough, but different enough to be fun.
Foods that Burn Fat and Build Muscle Not always tasty foods but they are necessary and vital foods.
Chin Ups Compound Exercise The chin-up works many different muscles.
Bring on the Pain Workout You have to test your limits and break your barriers.
Push Beyond Your Comfort Zone You have to hit the body with something new and unexpected.
Building Your Lats A Smart Approach If you want a broad back, you have to target your lats.
Fat Burning Cardio Duration How long should you do cardio for fat loss?
Explosive Training for Muscle Mass Provides an entirely new avenue for more muscle growth.
Morning Workout for Fat Loss The early bird gets the worm and the early trainee gets the fat loss.
Leg Extensions before Squats A great way you can add a new dimension to the squat.
Cluster Training Workouts for Hypertrophy A derivative of the old rest pause training style.
How to Change Your Body Fat Set Point You need to target the hormones involved to attack fat.
Advanced Bodyweight Exercises For a great workout when you can't get to the gym.
All You Need to Know about Cardio It benefits your body by improving the recovery process.
How to Do High Intensity Training the Right Way You will see results like you've never seen before.
20 Minute Bodybuilding Workout No time to workout? Try this!
Results with just One Set Is it possible to get results with just one set?
Benefits of Eating Raw Foods What are the benefits of raw foods for bodybuilding, health and fitness?
Single Limb Workouts What is the benefit of single limb exercises?
Too Much Talking at the Gym Shut up and lift with me!
How Muscle Memory Works A powerful side effect from training that most people are unaware of.
What to Do Between Sets Is your time between sets totally downtime?
Low Carb vs No Carb Diet Which is better the low carb diet or the no carb diet?
Core Stability Training The key stabilising muscles are abdominala, low back and buttocks.
Best Exercise for Big Biceps The common exercise is the curl, but there is a more basic move for biceps.

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