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Neglected Muscles

Neglected Muscles Bodybuilding

These Muscles Are The Most Neglected By Weightlifters

There are over 600 muscles in the human body, but even the most passionate weightlifters only focus on certain muscle groups to  build muscle and burn fat when training. Often, weightlifters, athletes, and exercise enthusiasts only train their abdominals, biceps, triceps, glutes, and quads as these areas show the most visible results of their hard work. But while it may seem like a good strategy to spend more time on these muscles, it can lead to neglect of other important muscle groups which can  result in pain and injury. Training all your muscle groups evenly can improve physical performance and reduce your risks of sustaining an injury, so for a symmetrical body and enhanced strength, train these often neglected muscles when you're in the gym. 

Trapezius muscles

Most weightlifters do push-ups, bench presses, and overhead dips when doing upper body workouts since these exercises develop the A-list muscles, such as the biceps and triceps. However, it's important not to neglect the muscles on your back, specifically the trapezius muscles, since a strong back allows you  to lift weights easily and have a wider range of movement while working out or doing everyday tasks. To build a bigger and stronger back, start by holding dumbbells in each hand and place them at your sides. Next, take even steps, making sure to keep your core and back engaged. You can also use a resistance band to do face pulls by setting your resistance band at about eye-level. Keep your elbows high as you pull the band towards your face. Also, don't forget to do neck strengthening exercises such as neck tilts and chin tucks  to maintain posture and prevent pain while working out your traps. Do these exercises before training your trapezius muscles to make breathing easier and relieve neck pain issues. 

Rotator cuff

Neglecting to properly train your rotator cuff, which is the group of muscles that stabilize your shoulder joints and helps you lift and rotate your arm, can result in pain and restricted range of motion. Most weightlifters only focus on the rotator cuff after they've injured this area, so it's important to strengthen it so you won't tear or damage these muscles. To train your rotator cuff, wrap a mini resistance band around your wrists, then bend your elbows and make sure that your forearms are in a straight line. Keep elbows at your sides as you move your palms away from each other, then bring them back to your original position. Apart from this simple workout, your can also strengthen your rotator cuff by doing 12 to 15 reps of plank taps.  

Calf muscles

If you've ever seen guys with bulging quads but skinny lower legs, it's clear that they're skipping their calf exercises. Training your calves not only gives you a more balanced or symmetrical body, but having strong lower legs also allows you to do dynamic movements when you're powerlifting. To strengthen your calves, do standing calf raises while on an elevated surface, such as the stairs, or do seated calf raises while holding weights on top of your thighs.

Working out these often-neglected muscles can result in a better weightlifting performance and a stronger body. Make sure to pay attention to these areas to reduce your risks of injury and gain an even physique.

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