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Muscle Volumizer
The Best Muscle Building Supplement Stack

Learn The Jealously-Guarded Secret Used By Top Bodybuilders and Fitness Models To Build Muscle Mass In Record Time...

Muscle Volumizing

Muscle Building Supplement Stack

People Are Gaining Up To 20 Solid Pounds In Only 8 Weeks,
Using Our New Muscle Voluming Program!

Do you ever feel like you are just pounding your head against a brick wall, trying your hardest to gain fat free muscle and not seeing results?

Do you look around your gym at the "big guys" and get mad at how somehow they gained and you haven't? Some of them may have cheated and used steroids, it's not fair! You don't want to break the law and risk your health by going on the juice.

But some guys got plenty big without drugs, yet you are training your ass off and not making the progress that you want so bad. It's ok to get pissed off, to want to scream...

Why Are They Gaining And I'm Not???

If this is the case with you, and the sad part is so many of us feel this way, then this information may be just what you have been looking for.

Our new "Muscle Volumizing" training and supplement stack is getting amazing results with all that have tried it. These are the best results in terms of fat free muscle gains, that we have ever witnessed in so short a time.

Even the slowest of slow gainers are getting big on this program, and they are getting ripped too, because they are gaining lean body mass!

And their strength gains were just as impressive, literally going through the roof!!!

How does it all work? Well, let me fill you in...

The Muscle Volumizer Workout

First and most importantly there is the training program, the Muscle Volumizing Routine is a serious program that will increase your strength by leaps and bounds. And it will also give you size gains like you have never seen, the pumps you will get will make you feel like your muscles are going to burst.

This routine alone will force your body to new growth, but wait there's more...

The Muscle Volumizer Supplement Stack

Pumped Extreme - For increased creatine levels in the muscle which help optimize energy turnover so that you have more energy for high intensity exercise, better pumps and faster recovery, during and after workouts. Pumped Extreme also includes 3 other potent cell Volumizers: L-Taurine, Alpha Lipoic Acid and Vanadyl Sulfate.

Nitrobol - The only way to significantly stimulate your natural anabolic drive without steroids is to flood your system with a highly efficient supply of protein and amino acids. Without enough of these building blocks, you could not add even another ounce of new muscle mass. Nitrobol is one of the best protein supplements ever because it has a "Net Nitrogen Utilization" (NNU) of 99%. That means that 99% of what you take in is utilized by your body! Compare that to whey protein, which yields a NNU of only 12%! Nitrobol is pre-digested and fully absorbed in less than 19 minutes. This means the muscle-building aminos get to your muscle cells FAST to induce and support muscle hypertrophy (growth). Regular dietary protein takes up to 3 to 4 hours to be digested.

Ecdy-Bolin - Works by increasing nitrogen retention and increasing protein synthesis at the cellular level (for this reason we strongly recommend that you increase your daily dietary intake of protein while using this product). It has been scientifically proven, without a doubt, that increased nitrogen retention and resistance training will stimulate muscle growth and burn fat as much as 20 times more effective than without the increase in nitrogen retention caused by Ecdy-Bolin supplementation.

You will get a full 2 months supply of all these supplements at a huge discount over the retail price. You'll get 2 bottles of Pumped Extreme, 3 bottles of Nitrobol and 3 bottles of Ecdy-Bolin.

When you take all three of these supplements, you will get a synergistic effect, which will build and volumize your muscles so fast that it is scary. People at the gym will be shocked and will accuse you of using steroids!

With all this talk of cell volumizing you may think that you will look big and smooth, but the truth is that any water is pulled inside the muscles not between the muscles and the skin. And this makes you get bigger and more defined.

This program could change your life forever, we strongly urge you to seize this chance to make your best gains ever over the next 8 weeks.

But wait there's more...

You Will Also Get Some Very Important Bonuses Absolutely FREE!

For the people that are ready to "go for it" right now, we are offering some great extras (over $60.00 in value) absolutely FREE!!!

Muscle Volumizing Course - Learn the secrets for obtaining maximum muscle size! Get your muscle growing again, proven techniques to build muscle mass fast, finally revealed. This course will literally force your muscles to new levels of size and strength!

The No-Cook Bodybuilding Diet - Learn how to eat a healthy bodybuilding diet without spending hours in the kitchen. Most bodybuilders understand what, when and how they’re supposed to eat, but what if you still can’t seem to pull your whole diet together? If you’re like me, the problem comes down to two major obstacles: a lack of time and the inability to cook. Fear not–good nutrition can come without hours of kitchen preparation and tediously planned out Tupperware meals. You can use a microwave, fast-food restaurants and meal-replacement products to help formulate a nutritionally sound and healthy bodybuilding diet. Eating clean doesn’t automatically mean bland, boring and inconvenient.

Cut Up Abs - This workout routine isolates each part of your abdominal area so that your stomach will be worked to the maximum in a minimum amount of time. Together with it's diet plan this program will get you awesome abs fast!

Now if you went and bought all these products separately (2 bottles of Pumped Extreme, 3 bottles of Nitrobol, 3 bottles of Ecdy-Bolin, The Muscle Volumizing Course, The No-Cook Bodybuilding Diet and Cut Up Abs) they would cost you $435.00

But while supplies last you can get all this and change your body and life forever...

... now for only $297.00, that's a saving of $138.00!

All orders are processed on our 100% secure and hacker free server!

YES! I want my muscles to explode with new growth! Please send my Muscle Volumizing Program and 2 month supply of supplements:

2 bottles of Pumped Extreme

3 bottles of Nitrobol

3 bottles of Ecdy-Bolin

I am ordering right away. Please send my FREE bonuses:

Muscle Volumizing Course

The No-Cook Bodybuilding Diet

Cut Up Abs

P.S. Don't wait and miss your chance to make the awesome gains, you've always wanted to make. We have a limited supply that will be sold on a first come first served basis!

To order by phone call:
1-800-635-8970 or 1-503-648-1898
10 AM to 6 PM PST

To order by mail, send check/money order payable to:
Paul Becker
PO Box 2471
Hillsboro, OR 97123

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