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Mike Mentzer Review

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High Intensity Training Review

I agree with Mike Mentzer's theory about the importance of adequate rest and keeping your workouts short to avoid over training. In the past, I was lifting weights for more than an hour per session for 5-6 days a week. I was trying to emulate Arnold Schwarzenegger's 6 days a week training routine. I thought by doing this routine I would get really ripped and massive. I got nowhere with this routine. I was always tired and my body constantly ached. These were sure signs of over training.

About two months ago, I decided to go in a different direction. Obviously, the 6 days a week routine was not working for me. I read about Mike Mentzer High Intensity Training and I decided to try his theory, which was more rest and shorter workouts, but with high intensity. My current routine is as follows:

Workout # 1:

Incline Bench
Lat Pulldowns
Lateral Raises

Workout # 2

Bench Press
Leg Extension
Leg Curls
Calf Raises

Workout #3

Barbell Curls
Close Grip Press

Workout # 4 Clean & Press
Bent over Rows
Leg Press
Cable Crossover

I get 3 days of rest between each workout. I don't do more than 3 sets per exercise. I have been following this routine for about a month. By taking longer rest and performing shorter workouts, I've seen an huge increase in strength. My reps and weight have skyrocketed!

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Mike Mentzer Review High Intensity Training Review

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