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L-Glutamine Benefits

L-Glutamine Information

L-Glutamine is a synthetically manufactured free form of the amino acid glutamine, which is present in the body and contributes significantly in muscle metabolism. This powerful amino acid works inside the liver to produce Glutathione, another amino acid that is a major free radical fighter in your body.

L-Glutamine is known as brain fuel, and is converted into glutamic acid which is necessary for brain function. This amino acid is found in numerous plants and animals, but cooking destroys the benefits.

Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid found in muscle tissue.

Benefits of L-Glutamine for Athletes & Bodybuilders

There are numerous benefits athletes and bodybuilders derive from L-Glutamine. This essential amino acid helps prevent catabolizing (muscle breakdown) and helps produce new muscle tissue through protein synthesis.

L-Glutamine is also beneficial in boosting the body's production of growth hormones, and it improves mental sharpness. Athletes and bodybuilders should consider taking L-Glutamine supplements because intense workouts quickly deplete the body's supply.

Another benefit of L-Glutamine is its effect on the immune system. It is one of the building blocks of the immune system. Athletes put added stress on their bodies with intense workouts, and are more susceptible to illness. Taking supplements helps to lower your risk of illness, so that you don't miss your workouts and your body stays healthy and strong.

L-Glutamine Bodybuilding

L-Glutamine has a muscle sparing effect after intense workouts or physical stress. This amino acid accounts for approximately 60% of the amino acids that are in the skeletal muscles. Following a hard workout, L-Glutamine levels are reduced to nearly half.

Using supplements is essential when bodybuilding to help reduce the amount of muscle deterioration caused by other tissues robbing glutamine stored in the muscle cells. Bodybuilders will also find that taking L-Glutamine before a competition may help tip the fat/muscle loss ratio in your favor.

L-Glutamine Supplement

L-Glutamine cannot be manufactured in the body, and must be ingested through the food you eat or supplements.

People who are extremely active such as athletes or anyone who endures intense workouts should consider taking L-Glutamine supplements to replace the amino acids that are lost in the muscle tissue during these intense workouts.

You can find these supplements in many health food and nutritional stores, and they are widely available online.

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